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/h/ 21432: Man, I don't speak nazi or anything but I just want...

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Man, I don't speak nazi or anything but I just wanted to tell you guys this was amazing work 10/10. God bless all of you. You should put up a porn kickstarter on that one site so people can throw money at the sequel. I know I would.

newbrushes Avatar

And we are able to use fucking threads which are already open for UAB, too.

keyuri85 Avatar

This visual novel IS something els. It touches on so many levels. I dont give a fuck about the Bernd lurker you play in this story (even though he is a funny character). The little girls are in the end the heroines for standing up against grownups with there need for being sexual beings. It is a great (and hot) fantasy. In reality it is ofcourse not so clean and cut. Only mentally ill pedos would see this novel as the truth while we more sensitive and humane pedos sees it for what it is: fantasy with alot of good points thrown in.

It got it all.

Amazing art, amazingly tightly produced music, amazingly written, filled with good satire and and overall a great social commentary.

I am also really intrigued with the end-credits track "Komm nach Unteralterbach!". How did the music producer/artist/programmer get such a sweet voice to sing a song for this game? Any awesome german dude that could translate the lyrics for me? Im a Swedfag who is trying to learn German and it would help. Thanks in advance.

1000/10 game. Would want to recomend to everyone I know, but sadly that would be suicide. It is frustrating indeed.

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With a voice altering tool - its totally sung by a guy. What are you, Mexican?!

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Old thread has post maximum.

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We are so delicious, and flat, flat, flat!
We are unstoppable, we in Unteralterbach
Small, delicious and flat, come, come, come to Unteralterbach
Come to Unteralterbach
There are many Lolis
And we play tingly games.

I cannot understand the last sentence, sorry anon

Btw, this channel is 90% Unteralterbach now the rest is dead.

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Why is it so obvious that it is sung by a guy? Could you spell out the exact cues that gives away the fact that it is made using voice altering? (besides the fact that not many females would agree on participating in a project like this)



baluli Avatar

I don't consider it beyond the realm of possibility that it was sung by a girl, I mean 4chan had those sexually explicit vocaroos that were obviously voiced by a girl with a child-like voice.

emileboudeling Avatar

Because of your stated reason and because it´s Germany, chicks here are boring, unloyal assholes.

grantrobinson Avatar

Anne Frank here.
The theme song was sung by an actual loli. A neighbor's daughter. She was ten at the time. I let her sing something completely different and then rearranged all the syllables, and made some pitch corrections.

>voice altering
No. No software in the world could change a guy's voice into that of a little girl. That's technically impossible.

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>The theme song was sung by an actual loli. A neighbor's daughter. She was ten at the time. I let her sing something completely different and then rearranged all the syllables, and made some pitch corrections.
Pretty sneaky, sis.

By the way, are you Fuchur on HentaiFoundry? If so I need a couple of days to straighten something out with my credit car but afterwards I'll wire a hundred freedombux to your paypal. Keep on rocking.

salleedesign Avatar

>are you Fuchur on HentaiFoundry?
>Keep on rocking.
Thanks. These days, I don't have nearly as much free time as I used to, but I still draw (child) porn whenever I can.

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Fuchur, wie stehst du eigentlich zu echter Käsepizza (bei der das Loli-Mädel zu nichts gezwungen wird)? Würde mich als Fan deiner Werke interessieren.

llun Avatar


(if that really id you...)

Where could we find some older stuff besides what is allready up on HentaiFoundry?

I am ofcourse also interested in what you have done professionally besides Unteralterbach, but that would be impossible for you to say anywhere.

Keep it up man! You have made a timeless masterpiece. Will donate once I have money to spare.

hampusmalmberg Avatar

Wie ich zu Herstellung, Verbreitung und Besitz stehe? Bei Käsepizza, in deren Herstellung Erwachsene in keiner Weise involviert waren? Soll ich die Frage so verstehen?
Kinder können sich mit ihren Webcams filmen, wie sie wollen. Das kann sowieso keiner kontrollieren. Aber die Aufnahmen zu verbreiten ist eine Ungerechtigkeit. Kinder machen täglich Dummheiten, die sie später bereuen. Sie haben keine Ahnung von der Welt und sind sich der Konsequenzen ihre Handlungen nicht voll bewusst. Das darf man nicht ausnutzen. Darum genießen Kinder diesen besonderen Schutz vom Staat. Und darum haben sie gleichzeitig auch nicht das Recht, wählen zu gehen, Verträge zu unterzeichnen, oder Auto zu fahren.
In allen Fällen, in denen außerdem Erwachsene in die Produktion von Käsepizza involviert sind, werden die Kinder mehr oder minder schwer von ihnen gelenkt. Der Erwachsene mit seinem ausgeprägten Sexualtrieb und seiner Erfahrung ist in jedem Fall der Initiator. Anders als in Unteralterbach, wo die Rollen bewusst vertauscht sind. In der Realität nutzt der Erwachsene die Kinder aus. Selbst wenn es ihnen vorübergehend gefallen sollte. So was kann niemand richtig finden.
Das ist alles, was mir jetzt dazu einfällt. Wenn die Antwort nicht drinsteckte, musst du die Frage vielleicht umformulieren. (Ich bin aber auch einfach gerade müde und kaputt.)
>Where could we find some older stuff besides what is allready up on HentaiFoundry?
People have been asking me this a lot. But I'm afraid that's all there is. ... Or let's say: that's all I can show you. I don't want to get myself in trouble. Sorry.

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Could I ask you a more interesting question? What music gear do you use? I am myself a musician and I am very interested to know your production approach. You really seem to master alot of styles flawlessly (if it all is original ofcourse). Is it mainly soundfonts and vst-instruments or are you jamming live intruments as well? What program do you use? Genuinely curious!

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Sorry wenn die Frage etwas unglücklich formuliert war, deine Antwort hat aber all meine Fragen geklärt. Danke. Stimme dir übrigens zu. Ich habe schon ein paar Mal erlebt, wie Spieler von Unteralterbach den Titel ernsthaft als eine Art Beleg für ihre eigenen kruden Theorien zum Thema kindlicher Sexualität (mit Beteiligung Erwachsener) bezeichnet haben... Ist aber nicht das erste Werk, welches gerne so missverstanden wird, dass es ins eigene Weltbild passt. In diesem Sinne, hoffentlich hört man noch öfters von dir. Großartige Arbeit, hat mir den Sommer versüßt.

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Where did my thread go?

vladyn Avatar

Just sent you the money bb. By the way, while I got you here do you mind if I ask you some questions?

What possessed you to make Unteralterbach? What gave you the idea and where did you draw inspiration from? I'm not trying to pitch you a softball or suck your dick either, I'm genuinely curious. How long did it take to make? What other visual novels have you played and did any of them influence the development of Unteralterbach? Also, do you agree with me that Annemarie is a seriously underrated loli and Kim a shit?

iamsteffen Avatar

Yeah, I'd keep quiet about sending people substantial amounts of money via paypal for porn. The artist has an email address, you know.

ajaxy_ru Avatar

>substantial amounts
It's a hundred a bucks. I don't think the NSA or the IRS give a shit.

devankoshal Avatar

Another Yank here, seriously good work! Your game is seriously top-notch. Fuck the people at 4chan's /vg/ who say it is second-rate just because it isn't japanese! Don't let anyone discourage you! I can't wait for the sequel!

Your game is indeed lolilicious! Also serious balls for portraying Muhammed as you did. Major respect for that!

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Uhh, voice-altering is entirely possible. I used a voice-altering program on online videogames like TF2 for a while to sound like a girl, so people would give me free shit. I don't see why it'd be impossible to alter someone's voice to sound like a little girl. Regardless, I still believe in you that the theme song was sung by a loli, and I appreciate the effort you put into that.

greenbes Avatar

Say "Oh no Bernd! It's to Big!"

BillSKenney Avatar

Falls du es wirklich bist (wie kannst du aus deiner Zelle schreiben) - mach endlich wieder Mali!

millinet Avatar

Ich hab das "bitte" vergessen.
Als es noch Mali gab hat es noch Spaß gemacht, jetzt hab ich das Gefühl, dass ich es nur noch mit Unteralter und Fandom-Pack zu tun habe. Und auf /b/ geht auch nicht viel.

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It's Anne Frank again.
Sure. I used Cubase 6.5 for the production of the Unteralterbach soundtrack. Most sampled instrument are from Steinberg's HalionOne VSTi. And for pretty much all of my synth sounds I used Synth1. (Yes, the free one.) Native Instruments Battery was used for the oriental drums, among others. Some solo parts like the one in that saxophone song were played on a MIDI keyboard. I didn't have my full equipment available at the time, and I had to be quick too. So I produced up to five songs a day. Luckily they didn't have to be very long. Just fitting. And loopable. I tried to squeeze in as many different styles as I could, though.
Thank you. So much. Really. You're the best thing that happened to me all month.
This makes me want to start development on the sequel right away. If only I weren't neck-deep in work already.
Maybe there's something/someone you'd like me to draw and upload onto HF? I'll be sure to put it on my to-do list, whatever it may be.
>Fuck the people at 4chan's /vg/
The /vg/ crowd seemed very happy with the game. The complaints came mostly from /jp/ regulars, and Germans, unhappy with the fact that we made you an English translation at all.
>voice-altering is entirely possible
Yes, voice-altering software exists. I own a dozen different VST plug-ins that can be used for that sort of thing. But you won't find one that turns any voice into that of a female child. Like I said, it's just not possible. There is so much more to it than just upping the pitch.
Krautchan habe ich abgeschworen. Genau wie die meisten anderen meiner Bernd-Bekanntschaften. Ich glaube nicht, dass ich mich noch viel blicken lassen werde. Die Arbeit an Unteralterbach hat mir sogar dabei geholfen, von hier loszukommen. Fühlt sich ganz gut an. Mittlerweile schaue ich nur noch alle paar Tage auf /h/ vorbei wegen UAB-Feedback.

vicivadeline Avatar

Wie bleibst du bei der Abwicklung der Bezahlung mit Paypal anonym?

heikopaiko Avatar

>Thank you. So much. Really. You're the best thing that happened to me all month.
Oh gosh.
>This makes me want to start development on the sequel right away. If only I weren't neck-deep in work already.
Just knowing that you want and plan to someday make a sequel is good enough for me.
>Maybe there's something/someone you'd like me to draw and upload onto HF? I'll be sure to put it on my to-do list, whatever it may be.
Don't even worry about it. You just keep doing what you're doing.

Oh shit, but if I get a suggestion: more incest in the sequel. I can't get enough of that shit.

subburam Avatar

WO du was machst ist im Grunde egal...
Wen soll ich denn jetzt idolisieren?!


trueblood_33 Avatar

I'm not normally into these kinds of games but I was browsing some chan and a random loli that was in my room noticed screenshots and said she wanted to play this game. I assumed it was some sort of anime but looked into it and it was a game and most importantly recently translated in English.

I downloaded some sketchy bundestrojan and its turned out to be a suprisingly clever game.

I really have to question the 'E for Everyone' rating though. Although all the lolis I've seen play it seem to enjoy it.

Oh and the music was pleasantly fun.

okcoker Avatar

If you're after any suggestions for what to put in the sequel... actually I'll spoiler tag these since I appreciate you might want to come up with stuff on your own:

I would love h-scene with a loli based on Clementine from Telltale's Walking Dead games.

I can imagine Bernd having another short dream sequence where Unteralterbach come under attack from zombies which he meets her in, with maybe a meta-joke poking fun at how the choices you get in those games always have the same outcome in the end.

Also, it would be fun to see what the girls get up to at school.

timgthomas Avatar

Could you or someone else explain to me who Jörg Mauss is supposed to be a parody of? I got the other references to real-life people (Til Weiger, Sascha Lobo), but not him. Not German btw.

sokaniwaal Avatar

Not the anon, but Jörg Mauss is supposed to be Jörg Tauss, a politician who at one point was accused of having an amount of CP in his possesion and he just said that it was all for "research". This started a certain KC-meme.

michigangraham Avatar


devankoshal Avatar

Yeah, he actually said it was for investigation purpose, to find out about child porn merchants. And so Bernds made image macros with picture of him and caption text like “I investigated until my balls were empty”. Tauss is actually a pretty cool guy, his response to Unteralterbach was just that they got it wrong, because the newspapers “know” he is into shota, not loli.

eloisem Avatar

Wait, so he actually goes on KC or are you just fucking with me?

mhwelander Avatar

He could be here... RIGHT NOW!

marcusgorillius Avatar

I really like him. He approaches CP topics way more objective, than other politicans and criticizes their injudicious ways of dealing with it openly. Plus he normally gives a fuck what people think about him as long they aren't spreading lies.

I really recommend his gezwitscher.

itskawsar Avatar

So wait everyone in the game is a parody of real life? I thought just some of the girls were real like Laura B.

trueblood_33 Avatar

> I really recommend his gezwitscher.
He didn't seem to get what happened in pic related though.

kennyadr Avatar

That one is faked, though.

melvindidit Avatar

Not everyone, I think, just those 3

silv3rgvn Avatar

Are sites like candydoll/vladmodels illegal in the US, UK, or Germany?

subburam Avatar


Wait he knows about Unteralterbach? Does anyone else who makes an appearance in the game know about it? I figured it was pretty much unknown outside of the chans.

csteib Avatar

Nope, it is true. <>

mhwelander Avatar

The Visual Novel Generals are full of people who dislike the art or just the game in general because it isn't Japanese. That is what I was refering to. There is certainly a lot of support for your game!

karsh Avatar

UK probably, some pics are possibly illegal in USA, idk about Germany.

suprb Avatar

another non german fag here, must say great game Bernds/Krauts

Just wondering how to get the achievement called: Loli Poetry listener (in german that achievement is called Lolilyriklauscher) Its the last achievement I have to get and I know its something to do with Annemarie but I just cant seem to get it. (maybe bugged?) I dunno, some help would greatly be appreciated bernds!

ademilter Avatar

What are the lyrics of that song? My German is not very good and I find it difficult to try to understand.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

After you fuck Annemarie, go back to where she is sitting on her bench and she'll recite some poem = achievement

starburst1977 Avatar

Thank you glorious bernd saviour, ill give that a try.

m_kalibry Avatar

After trying it a few times shes not there after I fucked her, was able to talk to laura though but no annemarie

alek_djuric Avatar

.. nevermind. Fixed it by going home immediately, switching clothes and THEN going to the bench again. my bad I guess, walking around with cum stained clothes was no-bueno it seemed

orkuncaylar Avatar

Thank you for making this brilliant game.
Really a class of its own. Maybe even the best Eroge out there.

kurafire Avatar

hi people, one of you knows the new URL of Ranchibxxxd?

linux29 Avatar

Da will man sich auch mal an Unteralterbach wagen und nun dies.

Was tun, Bernd?

stayuber Avatar

Stop playing on a Win 95 machine, East Europe Bernd.

donjain Avatar


csswizardry Avatar

Hello Krauts and Bernds.
I really like this VN and its soundtrack very much, is there anywhere I can buy the soundtrack? I want my money going to whoever made this VN.

joshclark17 Avatar

You can download the soundtrack here:

franciscoamk Avatar

Did you make some precautious after showing muhammad in your game while fucking his wife? I`m sure the mudslimes have their IP tracker batallion already deployed

mhwelander Avatar

I found it for free on the website.

herrhaase Avatar

>Krautchan habe ich abgeschworen.
Darf man fragen, warum? Es ist ja ziemlich offensichtlich, dass du Jahre lang ausdauernd gelauert hast und dann sogar einen extremen Aufwand an Arbeit in ein Spiel, das sich vor allem um KC dreht, gesteckt hast. Und jetzt plötzlich kein Interesse mehr?
Weil Bernd teilweise wie ein Idiot auf das Spiel reagiert hatmimimi nicht moe genug? Oder wird es dir hier einfach so zu langweilig?

nelshd Avatar

>I want my money going to whoever made this VN.
If you want to show your appreciation for the game, then why not simply make a donation to Fuchur, the person responsible for the art, music, and dialog? Other people have done it, apparently. He's on hentai foundry.

hampusmalmberg Avatar

Was hast du die kleine Loli denn in echt singen lassen? Ich wär ziemlich an dem Text oder dem Lied allgemein interessiert.

ankitind Avatar

Didn't know that they even had a site set up, literally just found out about the game / this site a few days ago. Thanks for the info.

m_kalibry Avatar

They did very well on the soundtrack. One of the best parts of the game, in my opinion.

gojeanyn Avatar

Ich habe das Spiel jetzt 3 Mal gespielt und bin immer beim Verlierer-Ursula-Aussaug Ende gekommen aeh.. angekommen.

Was ist nur los mit mir?

posterjob Avatar

Wie kann man sich eigentlich so leicht trollieren lassen? Das Lied ist mit Vocaloid entstanden.

>Ich wär ziemlich an dem Text oder dem Lied allgemein interessiert

Ihr Pädos seid echt das Letzte.

betraydan Avatar

Und das soll auf Deutsch funktionieren!?

lisakey1986 Avatar


yigitpinarbasi Avatar

Glaube nicht, dass es über Vocaloid entstanden ist.

arashmanteghi Avatar

>Und das soll auf Deutsch funktionieren!?
Ja, zumindest besser als ein vorhandenes Lied zuerst in alle notwendigen Silben zu zerschneiden und dann das Ganze nicht abgehackt zusammen zu setzen - per Hand!!! Seid ihr irgendwie dumm? Ihr Pädos klammert euch wirklich an jede Idee von einem reelen Kind.

thierrymeier_ Avatar


Based fuchur/Anne Frank

I thought that was you on HF. I sent you a 5 dollar donation recently, asking if you were involved with unteralterbach :3c

from email starting with "rew"

I wish you the best of luck with future endevors! and if you were to do something like this again, I'd very much like to try and help with either programming or funding!

baluli Avatar

Ich habe HentaiFoundry nach diesem Faden genossen. Natürlich habe ich auch UAB genossen.

Gerne würde ich mehr Bilder wie sehen.

Ein Bondage-Bild mit Henrieke, die mit einem Ringgag o.ä. Sperma in der Maulfotze hat, wäre toll. Also falls du mal Zeit und Lust hast.

Derzeit habe ich kein Geld übrig; deshalb von mir nur ein verbales Dankeschön für das Spiel und die Bilder.

smenov Avatar

>Darf man fragen, warum?
Nicht Anne Frank, aber: Vergleiche jetzt-KC mal mit dem KC von vor, sagen wir mal, 4 Jahren. Ich wundere mich selber, warum ich überhaupt noch herkomme.

maiklam Avatar

Und ich hatte auf eine Fortsetzung gehofft. ;_;
Das Spiel war Wunderschön, dass beste was ich seit langem gemacht habe.

woodydotmx Avatar

Amerifat here just wanted to say AMAZING job with the game!

Set up a donation button on the web page or something? I WILL pay for a sequel, I promise you. German master race production right here.
Fucking chink games I'v been downloading been increasingly looking like shit to me after I played Unteralterbach.

Thanks again for the glorious entertainment. Can't wait for a sequel!!!

aleclarsoniv Avatar

warum werden die bilder bei mir nicht angezeigt??

vj_demien Avatar

I know what you mean, ever since I've played Unteralterbach I can't play any of the jp VNs I have installed, they all seem shit.
Also he has a donation button set up on his HF account, here:

bluesix Avatar

Zu aller Erst brauchst du einen Account auf HF :3
Dann musst du deine Anzeigeeinstellungen festlegen.
Grundlegend wird erstmal alles geblockt. Das ist die Blacklistfunktion für Inhalte die du nicht sehen willst.

Bernd hat natürlich alles auf "Anzeigen"

joshuapekera Avatar


danke vielmals Bernd.

terryxlife Avatar

Geht auch ohne Account.

herkulano Avatar

Hey guys, Australian here! I love this game, it's great!

I built an APK for it to run on android devices (target version 4.4, but it may work on other versions too)
I did a quick test on my phone to see if it worked. It was somewhat slow and probobally better suited for a tablet. Nonetheless if anyone is interested here it is:!NdIVmLTb!uvvXXn6RhvZMwQepH2OU63oCpUe_FdsFXAvFOwbAaHE
It shows a couple of stock ren'py graphics when loading at the start and the icon is as well, but other than that it's the game.
In terms of legalities, it's licensed under the GPL, as it would have it be.

samscouto Avatar

Hahaha shit just went autopilot.

I wanna see this on all mobile devices on the world, identifying everyone as the sick fucks they really are!

thomweerd Avatar

I love the fact that I have mastered the Bavarian national anthem through playing a game about fucking 8-year olds.

Keep it up Fuchur!

jamesmbickerton Avatar

This game is truly amazing, thanks again!

I have unlocked all the middle scenes but only got the mohammed scene from the left, any hints on the other two? (without a complete walkthrough)

georgedyjr Avatar

exactly how this shit works on my outdated xperia x10i (2.2) I don't know
but thanks nonetheless!

grantrobinson Avatar


Works flawlessly on my OnePlus One. However, I think some keyboard-inputs later in the game will ruin it. Or do it support it using the android keys? Im thinking of the bossbattle etc. And also the key for skipping text.

snowshade Avatar


On the left:
one is sister rape, the other is a MILF (ew).

on the right:
they are all three MILFS, with one being a demon GMILF (double ew).

orkuncaylar Avatar

Yeah, that'll require some actual work, which might be possible by me, but not any time soon. For someone who knows their way around Ren'Py such as Anne Frank it should be trivial to appropriate it properly for Android. There definitely is a way though.
Yeah with such tiny buttons it's hard to keep control of what you're doing.
I did not expect that to work. Interesting.

rahmeen Avatar

xperia anon here, I was pretty surprised myself, but I'm pretty sure I cannot save, gives out an error every time I try to, gonna play further and see if it changes.

stuartlcrawford Avatar

you should only execute data from trusted/known sources.
just sayin, have fun nevertheless

tomgreever Avatar

No need to trust anyone, it's all open source.

This is much safer than your average windows software.

polarity Avatar

now that's something i can get off to

yassiryahya Avatar

Ausfag here. This truly is one unique game. I love it to death and it'll forever have a special place in my heart. I would pay for a sequel just as much as my other fellow anons/bernds. Still a bit sad i couldn't fuck mrs büttner aka best girl (the lolis were fine too). Once again many thanks for this unforgettable experience!

arashmanteghi Avatar

American here, I hope to see more of your work in the future fuchur

tweet_john Avatar

Man sollte doch meinen auf einem Bilderbrett werden Bilder gepostet.

alagoon Avatar

schon besser;

mutlu82 Avatar

Könnt ihr nicht wenigstens Bilder in der Originalauflösung pfostieren? Diese skalierten Bilder sehen doch schrecklich aus.

snowwrite Avatar

Definiere bitte "wenigstens",
oder passt es nicht, diese Bilder zu posten?
Ich kann auch damit aufhören.

betraydan Avatar

>we•nigs•tens Adv
>verwendet, um auszudrücken, dass etwas das Minimum ist, was man erwarten kann
>Bedeutungen und Beispiele
>zumindest, immerhin
>du könntest wenigstens anrufen!
>wenigstens regnet es nicht mehr
>wenigstens etwas!
>jetzt weiß ich wenigstens, warum

Ich hab nichts dagegen, wenn Bilder pfostiert werden. Ich mag es nur nicht, wenn es Bilder minderer Qualität sind. In diesem Fall ist es noch nichtmal so extrem, aber trotzdem solltest du erkennen können, dass meine Bilder schärfer / weniger verschwommen sind als deine.

adewaleolaore Avatar

>>dass meine Bilder schärfer / weniger verschwommen sind als deine.

Und warum postest du sie dann nicht?

syntetyc Avatar

Ich wollte nur darauf hinweisen, dass wenn man Bildschirmschüsse in der Originalauflösung macht, sie besser aussehen. Versuch doch mal UAB in den Einstellungen auf Vollbild und wieder auf Fenster zu stellen, danach das Fenster nicht zu vergrößern oder verkleinern. Fällt vor allem dann auf, wenn Schrift zu sehen ist.

karalek Avatar

Or is it more work in the fuchur, future?

cat_audi Avatar

The comma is right but I think you flipped fuchur and future

karsh Avatar

You mean the fuchur is right but I think you future the comma flipped.

arashmanteghi Avatar

Fuchur you mean the is think but I right the future you comma flipped.

horaciobella Avatar

Fucking puritans are wiping HF loli artists, n0legal and fuchur profiles, amongst other artists have been wiped

ultragex Avatar

Wakabi too.
Fucking why ;_;

craigelimeliah Avatar

Important Content Policy Change
Sunday, August 17, 2014 1:12 AM
From: "Hentai Foundry Support" <bounce>
To: "Hentai Foundry Users" <support>

I'm sending this email to inform the community of a large and
unfortunate change that the site will be undergoing. As I'm sure some of
you may be aware; the depiction of underage looking characters in artwork
has always been a grey-zone and there have even been cases brought to
court over such content. This has lead to several sites being forced to
tighten up their "allowed material", and now it's time for us to do the same.

If the site was still small, I would probably just say "fuck it" and
shut the whole thing down rather than start censoring content. However,
HF has grown too large to do that, and I don't want the tens of
thousands of artists with hundreds of thousands of submissions to suffer
over a minority of the content.

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce, effective immediately,
all art and story submissions featuring characters that are
(or appear to be) underage will be removed from Hentai-Foundry. In
addition, future submissions containing such content to be against our
Terms of Service and will be met with rejection and deletion. This
policy change also results in the removal of the Lolicon and Shotacon
content labels and all submissions tagged with them. You will continue
to be able to view your own submissions for a short time to allow people
to backup their own content (but you should already have your own backups

For the authors here, I suggest as an alternative. For the
artists, I don't really have a great alternative, but there must be
sites that specialize in this type of content.

At Hentai Foundry we prided ourselves on being a community opened to all
forms of art, so no one is more troubled by this turn of events than us
staff - as we are now required to halt an entire genre from appearing on
the site. Yet protecting the site and its members takes precedence. The
threat of underage art possibly being viewed as child pornography is
becoming all too real.

No members will be penalized for the removal of this content from their
galleries, although it is important to understand that future submissions
featuring underage content will be met with penalties by those ignoring
the policy change or attempting to sneak it in. Repeated offenders will
of course face disciplinary action including and leading up to being banned.

Understand that this policy affects appearance, so fictional
canon has no say on this matter. If a character LOOKS underage, even if
they're over 18 in their universe, then the content is against our terms
and will be removed. A submission featuring a character that visually
possesses the traits of a minor, despite any efforts at flavor text stating
an older age, will be treated as an underage submission. We trust our
community members that if they look at a submission and ask themselves
"Does this look underage?" they'll be able to make the right judgement call.

We understand that this new policy, especially the appearance aspect, is
harsh and we definitely do not take pride in enforcing it. We simply
have no choice at this point in time if we wish to remain a stable and
safe site for our members and guests alike.

We hope someday to be able to make the site truly uncensored and open to
all content. Unfortunately, until the problematic old conservatively minded
politicians around the world retire and are replaced by a new generation
of more progressive thinkers and the anti-porn feminists & religious
fundamentalists that businesses and politicians fear become irrelevant,
full artistic freedom can not exist.

We hope you'll continue to use Hentai-Foundry. We don't want to lose any
of you. Thank you very much for reading.

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robergd Avatar

I've waited for this for years. HF was one of the last art sites where loli and non loli art could freely mix and mingle. Now all that's really left is pixiv(which has a censorship policy I believe) and paheal, and we all know that they've been on the verge of banning it for quite some time.

I wonder if r34 will soon follow suit and if western artist will cease publishing loli because of how difficult it has become.

vaughanmoffitt Avatar

Well i don't know.

I read the forum entrys about this and HF didn't even fought back. Their hoster is pussing around because some complaints from feminists. There isn't even a fucking lawsuit involved so why fucking everything up?

I think there wasn't much thought in it.

I'd gone all out in court (hölgi style), with an acutal lawsuit but there isn't even any of this involved. Its just some dickheads who complained because of their personal feelings.

clementc Avatar

I have to add.
There was a time when they banned german IP's because of an complaint from a non-government parents association. They later admitted that the measures were too hasty.

Maybe. Just maybe this will make a turn.
I for myself deleted my account like many others.
Just for symbolism.

terryxlife Avatar

Ich habe eine gute Idee, lasst uns jegliche Darstellung von Kindern in Bild, Text und Kunst verbieten.
Für eine bessere Welt, in der wir die Demütigung der bloßen Existenz pornographische Zeichungen mit für uns abstoßendem Inhalt nicht länger erdulden müssen. Äh, ich meine natürlich zum Wohle der Kinder.
Die Verbietung homoerotische Darstellungen jedweder Art ist unser nächstes Ziel. Natürlich auch für die Kinder!

Diese Gesetze geben uns endlich die lang ersehnte Handhabe, Menschen mit abweichender sexueller Präferenz die sich bisher durch Gesetzestreue ihrer gerechten Strafe entzogen haben aus unserer Gesellschaft zu tilgen.

Abschliessend müssen wir nurnoch die Todesstrafe einführen. Besonders wünschenswert wären öffentliche Executionen, sie sollten nachmittags im Fernsehen ausgestrahlt werden. Für die Kinder.

javorszky Avatar

bis / to
Anstatt nur sinnfreie Ergüsse zu schreiben, könntet ihr zur Abwechslung ein paar Bilder posten. Dies ist ein Bilderbrett, falls ihr es noch nicht durchschaut habt!

Originell, aber sie werden es nicht kapieren.

vigobronx Avatar

Good idea. I only regged because I wanted to post on their forums when the german ban thing happened.

Jaja, is ja gut. Loli wird pfostiert, zumindest so lange es noch geht.

stevenfabre Avatar

>so lange es noch geht.

Wenn Krautchan eines Tages auf Vierkanalniveau kommt und es verbietet, gehe ich endgültig grillen. Vorher lege ich natürlich meine Sammlungen offen und warte auf die erste Vorladung. Irgendwer muss ja mal Präzedenzfälle schaffen.
Am ende glauben die Leute immer noch, Fiktion wäre in Deutschland illegal und ein Gericht würde sich damit befassen.

Naja ich sehe kein großes Omen. HF ist ein Pussyverein, der sich schon bei einer Fehlzündung in den Graben verzieht.
Es gibt keinerlei fundierte Rechtfertigung für diese drastischen Maßnahmen.
Schade um die ganzen westlichen Künstler.
Außerdem regt mich deren Planung, die neuen Regeln umzusetzen auf. Man darf dem neuen Regelwerk entsprechend nichtmal mehr dürre charaktere zeichnen.

Werde mich wohl mit Pixiv zurechtfinden müssen.

iamgarth Avatar

Was wir bräuchten wäre ein P2P webhosting Netz, wie es EHentai für's load balancing benutzt, nur eben mit der Zusatz funktion, dass zweifelhafte Inhalte immer auf den Klienten liegen ohne eine zentrale Kopie auf der Hostmaschine. Hat jemand (vorzugsweise aus Deutschland) Erfahrungen mit [email protected]? Sendet der Klient verschlüsselt oder muss man fürchten die Bullen wegen "Verbreitung kinderpornografischer Schriften" anzulocken? Ja, mir is klar, dass die einem deshalb kaum die Türe eintreten, nichtsdestotrotz schadet eine gewisse Behutsamkeit nicht.

Chakintosh Avatar


I don't get it, what do feminists have against loli? Surely if anything they should be bitching about female porn in general?

cyril_gaillard Avatar

Cus you find more people that yell with you against loli.

sava2500 Avatar

Mach das mal so, würd ich auch gern wissen.

stuartlcrawford Avatar

I´ve never even used that. Or any site which has "porn" or "hentai" already in its name.

Such sites are never good.

id835559 Avatar


Danke. Der Peer würde sowieso über einen Privatanschluss laufen, was bei Uploadbandbreiten von 10+MBit keine Probleme machen dürfte.

Anyway, I just had a quick talk with Sparrow. He will stay on HF and won't publish his underage material anymore, but if the clients decides to upload their commissions to another site/booru/whatevs, he's fine with that. So I guess that means no more original, non-commission underage stuff from Sparrow ever again.

By the way, what'll happen to our Lord and Savior Fuchur now?

p_kosov Avatar


Fuchur says nothing has change except that he'll be finding other sites to upload his content. I have notice he's uploaded a load of his pics to, (which is probably a safehaven for loli stuff at the moment since they even allow 3d loli which paheal don't).

csswizardry Avatar


Good. What I'm most afraid of is artists censoring their ideas before they're even reaching the paper.

leandrovaranda Avatar

If Lando ever stops drawing what he draws I´ll choke a bitch.

BillSKenney Avatar

sollte sich hier nochmals so eine Arschgeige darüber aufregen, dass gepostete Bilder zuwenig Auflösung haben,
reiß ich ihm den Kopf ab und scheiß ihm in den Hals!

turkutuuli Avatar

Das Bild da hat eine zu geringe Auflösung.

joe_black Avatar

Jetzt nachdem der HF-Account tot ist, gibts irgendwo eine runterladbare Ansammlung von Fuchurs Werken? Ich hab nur einzelne Bildchen, und wäre hochdankbar dafür.

Und an Fuchur selbst: Hast du einen Account auf Patreon? Die monatlich etwas einzahlenden Unterstützer sind sehr angenehm als Kontent-Produzent, Auszahlung gibts per Paypal. Ein von mir sehr geschätzter Fappiermaterial-Produzent (Akabur, hat das sehr gute Flashgame Princess Trainer gemacht) ist auch vor kurzem von HF umgestiegen. Sie hatten vor kurzem ne Policy-Änderung in Richtung Adult-Material nicht mehr öffentlich auf der Seite sondern nur mehr direkt über Link zugänglich, von daher sollte der Kontent auch nicht so ein Problem sein. Würde mich freuen wenn ich dich dort unterstützen kann, das wär mir schon ein paar Euro wert. :)

surajitkayal Avatar

I-i made this.

t1mmen Avatar

Just finished playing the game as it peaked my interest a while back but didn't have a translation, and it's free as in freedom which is always an incentive. So much mixed feelings, I don't know exactly what I'd say on it.

I fucking loved Pedrobear, though. Jeez that cracked me up every time.

I want to complete it all at some point then dig around in the source. I'm surprised there isn't a Git repository hanging around?

krdesigndotit Avatar

Aww, saved.

adhiardana Avatar

How did you do it? Adobe After Effects?

andyisonline Avatar


sgaurav_baghel Avatar


Now for an animated remake with both german and english voice-acting!

pdugan19 Avatar

>it peaked my interest a while back
i think perhaps you mean that it 'piqued' your interest.

meisso_jarno Avatar

Unteralterbach: The motion picture.

And various spin off like beat'em up games, touhou crossovers...

rahmeen Avatar

Just beat the game.

Got that warm and fuzzy and a bit melancholic feeling I get when I beat the game and there's no more of it to experience.

Great job on the art, music and writing. Was superb.

Although, I didn't much like the cheap looking 3D rendered backgrounds. Would much prefer hand painted, but eh, it's not a big deal.

Interacting with the girls left me with that faggy warm feeling of simulated social communication. Just like that last time I read a VN.

Keep up the good work, can't wait for the sequel.

enjoythetau Avatar

Would you say that the game was forcing the left wing liberal agenda?

Tolerance and promotion of sexual degeneration, positive portrayal of islam and sharia law, negative remarks towards Israel and jewish people. It's all there.

Are we being blue pilled?

jffgrdnr Avatar

>Interacting with the girls left me with that faggy warm feeling of simulated social communication. Just like that last time I read a VN.
a well known but little understood feel. i can't speak for anyone else but i'm a hermit so a 2D visual novel is the closest i get to going anywhere, meeting anyone or experiencing anything. completing a VN is the closest i get to any kind of actual human adventure, and finishing one is to suddenly leave an escapist world in which i actually went out and did things.

i should give fuchur a donation because unteralterbach makes the walking dead games look like shit

nateschulte Avatar

Yes, you certainly were. Demagogy and propaganda are an essential part of this game. It works by simulating free choice. But in reality there is only one true path, everything else is leading sooner or later to a game over. But those details fade out with time and what sticks to your subconsciousness is the idea that you made all those choices by yourself.
Also if you rejecte to take one certain option in this row of right choices you can not progress any further. Thats exactly how China brainwashed American POWs during the Korean War. First making them agree to a fairly uncontroversial statement and only then proceed to make them agree to a slightly more controversial statement.
Likewise in Unteralterbach you are only ever exposed to the next higher level of objectionability if you have swallowed the last one. You could argue this was made to avoid immediately confrontating people with more conservative morality to strongly objectionable material and having them rage quit. But it also works to slowly move receptive players to their individual limit of acceptance.
For example, if you reject to select a positive statement concerning Muhammed and islam you will never progress in the story.
And then there is another traditional tool of propagandists: Lies. Like portraying your opponents as demons and using straw man situations.

horaciobella Avatar

I knew it!

In the end, the story of Unteralterbach, when you really look at it, is a tale of a disturbed man, whom after seeing visions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad under the influence of child porn, proceeds to rape every single child he meets and then somehow manages to establish Sharia law in the village.

javorszky Avatar

Yes, I tend to avoid simulated social interaction as to not catch the faggotry disease that seems to affect the people who dwell too deeply into the world of VNs and otaku anime, and that makes me quite sensitive to that feeling whenever I do get it.

Actually, I think that my avoidance of both real and simulated social interaction has left me emotionally stunted in the area of personal relationships.

I am the type of lifeless nerd who doesn't watch anime. Must be some kind of new low.

thinkleft Avatar

>It is with a heavy heart that I must announce, effective immediately, all art and story submissions featuring characters that are (or appear to be) underage will be removed from Hentai-Foundry.

Doesn't matter. I just found the site a few days before this change.

This sort of thing is why I have given up on humanity.

Not that humanity cares, of course. But I no longer do things for other people without getting something solid in return. I don't help poor children in need, and so on. I leave that to the non-pedos. Who won't do it either because they are hypocrites

syntetyc Avatar

Well at least it's all underage art, not just loli or toddlercon. 420 did the same just a couple of days ago.

I've actually checked out how many image boards still allow underage art, and apart from a hand full everyone else has banned it at some point or another. Anyone know any other chan(besides 4/7chan) that's still loli/shota friendly?

herrhaase Avatar

Krautchan :3 Till death do us apart.

kazukichi_0914 Avatar

that's pure hypocrisy
pictures of degraded, mutilated, frightened, beaten children are ok
even real images

you can download them, store on your harddisk and no one comes crashing your front door

but if you dare to have one single picture with "too much" focus on a girl's butt or licking a lollypop too intensely the whole world goes crazy and wants to see you dead