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/h/ 21731: I would very much like to pitch an idea to Anne Frank.

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I am not sure how to reach him. But upon completing UAB I knew I had to contact him somehow.

My feelings about the game is that while it is beautifully illustrated and very funny, it is pure wishful thinking about how little girls behave and think. I understand it was not meant to be realistic, but even as someone who falls helplessly for beautiful young girls, I felt extremely gross playing UAB on account of how the girls were basically just puppets on Anne Frank's hands, saying things a depraved person might want them to.

This was no doubt because the game is intended to be controversial. But, there is a way to ratchet up the controversy substantially, and make for a compelling game on its own merits as well.

Suppose he were to make a new game which realistically portrays a loving (but risky!) relationship between a man and a girl. Specifically, Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell:

By all accounts, Alice was beloved to Lewis, and she reciprocated. As evidenced by his tireless efforts to delight her with stories, to make her smile and love her from a distance with impressive restraint, what they had was a genuine romance.

That's what *really* outrages and repulses society. Not the idea that a man could lust for girls, it's the world's worst kept secret that all straight men do as evidenced by the popularity of "barely legal" and "schoolgirl" porn sites.

But, when romance enters into it, the public becomes murderously insane instantaneously. Why? It challenges the narrative they have constructed in which the girl is an unwitting victim and you are a ravenous, rapacious demon.

Anything which undermines that narrative is really going to fluster their jimbobs a thousand times worse than the outlandish wish fulfillment in Unteralterbach. Because they can comfortably view stuff like UAB as a depraved joke simply designed to provoke them. Instead, the kind of game I am describing would be like the girl lovers' "Brokeback Mountain". They would perceive it not as a crass joke but as a real, credible threat to the moral conventions of society.

Make a game about the timeless love of Lewis Carroll for his beloved Alice, and the tragedy of a society that tore them apart. At the end, show that died a lonely old man clinging in his final moments to memories of the sound of her laughter, the color of her hair and the light in her eyes for comfort before slipping into the abyss. Make normal people feel *devastated* that they could not be together.

That is a game that will truly stir the shit, like absolutely nothing before it.

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he left KC

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As if anyone would make a game upon a comment on an imageboard. How can you be so fucking full of yourself? I mean, it' s all right what you say. But then again, a game like UAB is no fucking Flash. I belive it was two years of work at the least...
In Nazigermany we have a saying: "If you want something to be done right, do it yourself."

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It is an offering, not a demand.

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Nah you quite obviously demand he does something. Check your last paragraph. "make a game..." "at the end, show...". Demands right there. You offer nothing in return.

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It is phrased that way because it is the presentation of a particular idea. This is how I think it should be. But as you say, unless I bring something to the table, that is not my call. I only want to expose Anne to the idea. He can then ignore it, or use as much or as little as he finds compelling. This is entirely reasonable and does not merit a hostile response.

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Nice idea, but I think AF would be better off creating original content than something based off real people/events which would actually come across as more deprived, Anon.

Its been done before you fucking retard.

Your down-syndrome knows no bounds. The last paragraphs of OP are clearly just ideas he's naively throwing out, not demands.

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>Its been done before you fucking retard.
By the people who made the comments in the first place you fucking retard. Prove me wrong and I'll sincerly apologize. The assumption, your words on an imageboard will have any effect above nothing, is one of "anons lifelies". You can eather deliver content or comment on others deliveries. Everything else, as this particular post, is cancer. Worthless, shitty and boring self-hightening of the author.

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There were dozens of anonymous comments chiming in with suggestions that caused the hype and subsequent actual formation of a team for that game... But you think literally every one of those Anons actually worked on the game? Get real, faggot. You suggested nobody would make a game based on an image-board which you are flat out wrong and just can't admit it because you're too butt blasted.

>Hur hur prove me wrong ill apologise

Burden of proof is on you suggesting everyone involved in the original threads became a developer. My only claim was that the game was created from messages on imageboards, which is a fact.

>The assumption, your words on an imageboard will have any effect above nothing, is one of "anons lifelies"

Well I don't think that - maybe you do since you seem to be so familiar with it. I just think all kinds of crazy shit has happened from anons posting on image boards, both good and bad... and this is true.

But Anons like you "Who cares" "Prove me wrong" "This is cancer". Dime a dozen shitposters. Go suck the cum out of your fleshlight and stop pretending you know what the fuck you're talking about.

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If you don't want to get it, you don't have to. Usually people who are capable of doing something outstanding, don't lack in ideas either. If they ask others, it is just because they can't decide for one or the other alternative and need a bump in a specific direction. If you call yourself a dice or a coin and can be Happy with that, do so. Tell me, why is it that Anne left KC when there are so many people to support and propel her ideas? Let me tell you: because of dumbfucks like yourself who never grew tired to support only their own ideas, never producing any win and getting mad, releasing shitstorms, if they did not accidentally point in the direction the doers where to go anyway.

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Wtf is this guy even trying to say?

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Certainly. I do think a serious, sincere VN about the difficulty, risk and insane reactionary hatred that comes with age disparate romance would be revolutionary and extremely controversial. May even get politicians to decry it.

It could be about any such well known couple. Based on the events of Lolita for example.

Anne's own ideas come first and none of this is intended as anything but a possible direction to go in after UAB.

P.S. Annemarie best girl 10/10 would fall in love again

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The problem is not age disparity. If you call it that you're setting yourself up for bad arguments if it's a cause you want to fight for. Or write about. Or make a game about. Or want someone else to make a game about.

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>As if anyone would make a game upon a comment on an imageboard
I'm pretty sure that's how Katawa Shoujo and endless other projects have started

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Well, and I am not so sure about it. Look at the Winnenden story for example: something happenend du to a comment on an imageboard. But
1. What happened was not the intention of the poster
2. Some dumbass was nessesary who would seriously call the cops
3. Media an politicans wanted to belive

Similarily I think, if there is noone who wants to make a loli galge anyway, nothing will happen. Maybe a painter will meet a programmer if he posts on /b/ about loli and he would like to make a game but lacks the programming skills. But just because someone writes: "hey, wouldn't it be cool if a programmer and painter would combine their skills to make a neat loli galge", nothing will happen.

It's a lifelie of anonymous that he could do something by writing. Words are weaker than sword, especially here on the imageboards; deal with it. Nevertheless it is most impressive whenever some doers gather amongst all the talkers. But talkers stay talkers and only the doers are the heroes of the boards.

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Winnenden has nothing to do with Krautchan. Lurk more.

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Fuck off OP, Anne Frank made the game he wanted to make, not the game you wanted him to make.

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I'm talking about the epic trolling of mass media afterwards, not the bbq itself you scumbag.

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I'm for anything that shakes up social standards, but I don't know what would take the world to accept adult relationships with children. I've never really seen any research into how children handle consensual sexual experiences either, but I may just be an ignorant faggot.

What I really know, is that pedophilia is much more common than people think.

p.s. Good taste.

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Read these, and be shocked.

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Soon, we will have AI. After that, human children are no longer necessary.

We replace humans with robots. They can carry on the civilization without pleasure or pain, without sex or consciousness. Reproduction will simply be copy and paste of code. Bodies will be steel and plastic.

All ecosystems can be killed off, thereby preventing even the suffering of wild animals.

There will be no cum, no abuse, and no sweat and tears and blood.

The world will be sterile, serene, rational and peaceful.

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Maybe there is hope for humanity yet.

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Even on a German board, this is the most German post I have ever read

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> on account of how the girls were basically just puppets on Anne Frank's hands, saying things a depraved person might want them to

Well you would be suprised...

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Would I really? Tell me all about it, fellow appreciator of underaged girls!

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Moment mal, ist Anne Frank plötzlich männlich? Mein Weltbild ist zerstört. Im Spiel nennt sich die Person die ganze Zeit weiblich.

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You probably mean because of some Nazi association or something.

Truth be told, I dislike totalitarianism, pseudoscientiic racism and the suffering caused by the Nazis.

I just don't think life will ever be worth all the torture and abuse.

As a pedophile, I would love fucking lolis. I defended it if it is consensual, but frankly, I now think that was wrong.

It is better for children (and animals) not to be born at all, because happiness is mostly an illusion and life will never be worth the inevitable suffering and abuse.

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No, I meant the sterile, mechanistic thinking.

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That could be a personality thing rather than a culture thing.

I feel I need it in order to fend off the otherwise irresistible chaos in my world models, which would be paralyzing.

There are mechanistic principles that are always true and can be used as an anchor against the chaos.

For instance, life in general will never be worth the abuse and torture of children or even animals. People accept this when it comes to condemning pedophilia, but they don't take the logic to its generalized conclusion.

Children will never experience anything so good in their lives that it is worth abusing them as children. (Sexual or otherwise) Same for animals.

The consequences of understanding this are a pretty big deal.

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>nicht wissend, wer Anne Frank war.

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Erbitte Aufklärung.
Ich weiß nur, dass Anne Frank auch unter dem Namen Fuchur bekannt ist, aber mehr als ein paar Rule34 pics hab ich nicht gefunden.

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>The consequences of understanding this are a pretty big deal.

Go a little further with it. I agree humanity will not last forever and shouldn't. As you say we will eventually create self replicating machine intelligence. After we are extinct and self replicating machines created by us are still out there, copying from asteroid ore with occasional mistakes due to radiation and micrometeorites, what does it become in a billion years? What does the universe become in a trillion?

There is a kind of halfway understanding where things look bleak, absurd and hopeless. The complete picture, however, is incomparably beautiful.

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Unless, of course, they also suffer. ;)

Theoretically, we could built hyperorgasmic machines who love life far more than humans ever could.

The questions are, will humans actually do this and will the result be stable?

My guess is no.

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I do not think you picked up on what I was hinting at. Anyway your deep feeling for human suffering is good, but your conclusion irrational. I prescribe a 5 gallon bucket of psychoactive fungi.

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Why is it irrational? Am I missing something?

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>It's a lifelie of anonymous that he could do something by writing. Words are weaker than sword, especially here on the imageboards; deal with it. Nevertheless it is most impressive whenever some doers gather amongst all the talkers. But talkers stay talkers and only the doers are the heroes of the boards.
Man, that's the actual essence of image boards. I really like what you wrote.

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We don't need your stupid Lewis Carroll and Alice game. What we need is for a man in real life to have a sexual relationship with a 9-year-old girl where he fucks her regularly and she likes it, and tells him over and over how much she loves him and his dick. That's what it would take to shock people and get them to reconsider their cherished beliefs.
Oh wait, that already happened and nobody cared. The mom called the cops on him and made the girl (who was pregnant) get an abortion. And people kept on believing that an adult having sex with a child is always child abuse.

areus Avatar

When a 9-year-old gets pregnant, that's pretty much the definition of child abuse.

Yeah, I know you're a troll, but still. :)

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>belives in jewish lies and dares to call others trolls
Fuck off scumbag. In nazigermany we love children and we called it lebensborn.

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0/10 zu offensichtlich und zusammenhangslos

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Can you elaborate on this? It might be an not so ideal situation, but abuse according to your post would indicate, the person WANTED to get her pregnant disregarding of the negative consequences. If not, its an accident, which wasn't planned and not more or less abuse as the whole fucking thing.