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/h/ 22095: Rule34 is dyeing. Save your porn before it's too late!

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shadowfreakapps:#22095 is one of the biggest cartoon/anime porn sites on the web, and soon it will lose no less than a half of content.
Loli, teen, anything that is not of legal age is going down. No more pokemon porn, no more ben 10 smut, no more Shrek Loving.
It will all go down to the drain if we don't stop it in time.
Use software, any software like DownThemAll plugin, to save what you love the most. Its possible to save around 20k pics per day for anon without breaking a sweat, if you got the right tools. And then, repost, repost, repost!
Your choice. It would be best if you use at least two websytes at once.

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Nice! Another one falls without a lick of resistance. Nothing of Value lost with wusses like them.

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Meh. Just rape real girls then.

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Isn't loli already banned there?
At least whenever I encounter it.

Also, mostly shit is uploaded there. It's not worth any backup. Get your shit from the artist's pages.

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Only toddlers were banned, but now. Basically, they are going to target anything below 18y.o. most of cartoons such as Avatar, Ben 10, pokemon, are going down.

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We should request the nips to ban english language from Pixiv before it is to late.

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Well i don't know why they'll all shutting down their sites right of existence.

I for myself know the US laws pretty well and there is no passage that makes drawn underage porn illegal.

For example
Ist just got an official US release and nobody cares.

HF and R34 are a bunch of wusses. They throw themselves to the ground and surrender at the first popped balloon.

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Ich bin zwar kein großer Loli-Lüfter aber ich wäre wirklich sehr traurig wenn Regel 34 stirbt! Dummen Amis sollen sich nicht so anstellen. Ist doch nur 2D!

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USA had a hysteria recently. One of the thousands pedophiles caught, just happened to had a stash of drawn porn, or so I heard. The fact that majority of lolicons are as attracted to the RL screaming, crying and shitting 3d children as furrys to the real live rat cunt, don't seem to bother them nowadays.

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> thousands pedophiles caught, just happened to had a stash of drawn porn

so in the future only the unaware ones get caught, the rest turns to darknets just for *sigh* drawn pixels and then real cp is just a click away


but you are right, when it comes to hysteria, all logic is futile

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The sad thing is, that this whole "BAN 2D CP" is just public morale gone crazy.

From a legal point of view it's totally ridiculous since you have to make a whole new kind of law which allows crimes without any victims to be punished repressively.

This is for example, why politics can't just illegalize it in Germany. (but they wan't it bad!) Every law student know's that a "victimless crime" wouldn't even go to court since its almost impossible to file it or not to mention bring it to conviction.
Well at least for now. I don't think it will stay "gray" like that. Things will change. But not in a good way...

The good people and worried parents of the world will say that watching fictional-Loli-Porn is making pedophiles out of normal people.
Despite all common sense and scientific studies every country will outlaw it.

Then the good people and worried feminits will say that watching fictional-porn is making rapits out of normal people.
Despite all common sense and scientific studies every country will outlaw it.

Well next we just cancel out the "fictional" part and every one is happy after all.
Oh no-spine-american! Is that your house burning?

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do you have by any chance a good source for your pic/manga, looks interesting and the drawing style is very appealing

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Look in the bottom right, there it says "Takeshi Kunitsu". Should be enough to find it.

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What said >>22113
I can only provide the exH-link

I don't really use other sites.
Its is pretty safe (for now) since there is no faggot advertiser around and many people are too stupid to go around the sad panda.

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I'd be more careful. ex-hentai developed in something pretty awesome. It would be a real pain in the ass if it was to be shut down due to dumbfags. pantsu seems to be down, there is not much left besides ex and pixiv.

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Paheal is not removing loli, you idiots. That warning has been there for years. It's a smokescreen, to make it look like they comply with faggot German and Russian laws. And has never even allowed loli.

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That warning was replaced with several more accurate in a recent weeks, and in their forum, they said they had plans for developing mass delete tool for admins.
Also, while they hadn't used RL filters yet, they do started to slowly clean out old lolicon heavens. Cardcaptor_Sakura for example, had more than 100 pics gone missing since last week. Luckly I've downloaded them everything from it in advance, but still, i'm probably one of the few that was that lucky.
And as for they didn't even bother with blocking the tags.
While not many set them in the first place, that shows a few things.

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I have to say i never browsed that site before. It's an ad-infested shithole.

I rejoice when the sites of those Spineless bastards, who indirectly support anti-2D-loli propaganda with open arms because they don't give a shit about it, getting such less clicks that their advertisers (who mostly are behind the anti-loli pressure) wont pay them a cent anymore.

Even if you don't need loli you should use other sources than these sinkholes.

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This. They're actually giving us a helpful heads up, indirectly letting us know "Hey, it's all gonna get banned soon, so you better get what you want before we purge it forever."
Be glad they have even mentioned their efforts in combating underage content, as they could have just as well said nothing and left you in the dark until the day of the purge.

Openly admitting to banning that kind of content would still cause a big outcry despite the increased stigmatization underage porn has been subjected to in the last couple of years, and accusations of supporting pedophiles on the other.

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Look at the timestamp at the bottom of the notice page. March. It hasn't been updated since March.

If they wanted to purge loli "in the coming months" they'd have made more progress than this by November. The only thing they've actually removed is the Lilo_and_Stitch tag, and since that isolated purge they've let it regrow.

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Don't know if they change it manually, and forgot this time, or was it there from the start, but after HF fall they actually changed several links in search results to highlight it, and they did started to remove content recently. So the point stands. Download what you love, save it, and repost it on other sites until its to late.

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What content have they removed recently? What do you mean by "links in search results"?

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There is a homepage, and then, there are posts sorted by tags, aka, search results. In posts by tags they changed warnings about "changes in policy" and "reporting Underage", more than three times just in this month. As for, what did they removed, its easier to mention, fandoms that hadn't lost anything yet.
Ben 10, surprisingly, as well as MLP, and Sonic team, but the last two doesn't count because, you know, furry.
Basically, everything else, from anime to western, was hit at least few times already.
Penny from inspector gadget lost about 100 pics this month. Thundercats had a recent loss of kittens. Saw few, Zero Luize pics deleted. To_Aru was definatly hit. KND, fosters and grim tales had at least 10 to 20 removed each.
Fate zero's Illia had some pics removed last sunday.
The list goes on, and from what I see now, they take it slow, but thoughtfully, without having mercy even for incredibly old Inuyasha and Tenchi_mayo! pics.
So far it was just random loses. But their count and tenacity is increasing.

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Well, fuck humanity.

I will pollute some extra CO2 in retaliation. :D

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Has anyone else posted about this anywhere? I can't seem to find any relevant links.

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Dachte es wäre nett ein bisschen Grabschändung zu betreiben. Es ist soweit, Herrschaften.

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>Es ist soweit

Was denn?

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Der weltweite Lolicaust, angeführt vom deutschen Jugendschutz und den Genossen im Kremel.

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Soll ich dir jetzt jede einzelne Attacke auf Hentaiseiten Seitens des deutschen Jugendschutzes raussuchen und aufzählen.
Schau einfach was auf Paheal passiert ist und lestztes Jahr auf Hentai Foundry. Vier Jahre davor auf und Exhentai(hat standgehalten).

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Das liegt aber an der Leichtgläubigkeit der Betreiber und ist kein Grund eine höhere Passierungsalarmstufe auszurufen.

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Apropro tote Dinge: Was ist eigentlich mit gurochan passiert? Gibt es mittlerweile Ersatz?

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Wie bitte? Fast jeder Bann seitdem dieser ganze Trend angefangen hat ist in der Rückradlosigkeit der Betreiber zu verdanken. Wenn man sich immer nur dann moniert wenn sich an der Legalität ändert wird das Genre schon läbgst quasi ausgestorben sein. Die Existenz von Loli ist den nichtexklusiven Loliseiten zu verdanken, die es erlauben und durch das Gleichstellen mit allen anderen Genres Künstler und Leute dazu ermutigt sich mit der Thematik auseinanderzusetzen statt es unter den Teppich zu kehren.
Das soziale Klima wurde und wird nach wie vor von großen Seiten(Hentai Foundry, paheal) und anderen Autoritätsfiguren(brühmte Hentai Künstler wie Sparrow und faustsketcher) geprägt, und wenn deren Einstellung zu fiktiver KiPo scheinbar und aus welchen Gründen auch immer ändert zieht die ganze Gemeinde allmählich nach. Es braucht kein weltweites Anti-Loli-Gesetz um das Genre systematisch zu unterdrücken, die Drohung eines teilweisen Finanzembargos oder ein paar gefährlich formulierte Drohbriefe aus dem Ausland scheinen vollkommen ausreichend zu sein.

Und selbst wenn nichts von dem der Realität entsprechen würde; die Tatsache, dass Paheal buchstäblich zehntausende von Bildern, wovon viele nur auf deren Seite zu finden war, digital verbrannt hat ist alleine Grund genug um sich um die Zukunft von Lolicon zu sorgen. Die "solange auch nur eine Seite es noch erlaubt ist alles i.O."-Einstellung ist fundamental naiv, denn solch eine Seite würde nur die hartkernigsten der Hartkernfans anziehen, während der ganze Rest der Hentaigemeide, welche die Szene zum existieren braucht, wegen des Ruf solcher Seiten einen großen Bogen drum herum macht.

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Ja gibt es, hat jetzt eine Schweizer Domäne oder so... Einfach mal Gürteln.

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HAha, oh wow:
> Underage Art Banned 22-May-15 15:33
> Today I (enclaved) was contacted by my ISP: Roskomnadzor (the telecom supervisory agency of Russia) has got a problem with lolicon on GUROchan. All sexually explicit loli/shota art is hereby banned until further notice, and I urge everyone to abide by this rule strictly lest we have our uplink suspended by the ISP. Meanwhile, I'll try to contact the said agency to find out the exact criteria that alerts them.

> Underage Art Unbanned 13-Jun-15 23:17
> Underage (lolicon and shotacon) art is hereby unbanned. Enjoy.

Na wenigstens auf die Russen ist verlass :3

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>inzuvier reddit
Ging zwar nicht viel verloren, es war aber dennoch eines der wenigen Seiten, die sich hinter fiktionaler KiPo stellten.

Die Schlinge zieht sich weiter langsam zu.

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Traurig, was da grad in Murrika abläuft.

Es geht nur noch bergab ;_;

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HentaiFoundry und Paheal haben der westlichen Loliszene den Hals gebrochen, keine Frage.

Falls es hier irgendwelche verlorenen Seelen gefunden haben, die auf der Suche nach einem zu Hause für ihren Lolifetisch sind: Voat is mehr oder weniger ein reddit Klon, der (im Moment zumindest noch) für Redefreiheit einsteht und viele der Loli subreddits übernommen hat. Nachteil ist momentan, dass die Registrierung nur sporadisch offen ist, aber mit ein bisschen Gedult hat man schnell einen Account.

Ein paar subverses, die Unteralterinhalte erlauben: loli, nur ohne Gewalt/guro) pomf, nur ohne Hartkern)

Ist hauptsächlich alles jap. Hentai, neue Lolibilder aus dem Westen sind sehr selten geworden.

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Danke. Habe es nun mit einer Suchmachine probiert, welche nicht google ist und endlich gefunden.

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Ach Gurgel.

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Nur immer weiter die falschen Prioritäten setzen.

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Und du meinst damit was?

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Aber denkt denn keiner an die Rechte der 2D-Lolis??!!

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>Rule34 is dyeing.

OMG!!! What color is it going to be???

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> Melde dich endlich bei Patreon an
> supporte Zeichner von pädophilen Gewalt- und Tierpornos
> weil kleine Mädchen die von Ebern besamt werden einfach beste sind und man will ja auch mal was Gutes tun...
> 3 Wochen später paniert Patreon alle solche Inhalte

Mein Gesicht wenn.

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Keine Sorge, 99% dessen ist sowieso auf anderen Seiten speziell für Anime.
r34 paheal hatte nur westlichen quatsch