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/int/ 24362704: Why are imageboards generally a haven for white suprema...

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Why are imageboards generally a haven for white supremacists, Racists, Nationalists, National Socialists, ect...?

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shaved heda
culture of assburger

vigobronx Avatar

Not to mention sweeping generalisations and whining about people who have different opinions.

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Bald heda
No culture
They losers

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more people than you think have racist leanings. exceedingly few are willing to voice them in public.

irsouza Avatar

Because they're anonymous and people can say whatever they want without repercussions.

olgary Avatar

I don't know if I'd call it a haven if they also harbor the opposites.

mrxloka Avatar

It's not.

We're all ironically shitposting here.

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So i'm the only genuine white supremacist here?

andina Avatar

Only? No.
But yeah, most people here are just shitposting for shitposting's sake.

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^And generally this

erikdkennedy Avatar

People say what they really feel under the guise of anonymity

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Why are imageboards generally a haven for white supremacists, Racists, Nationalists, National Socialists, ect...?

only dumb smelly and fat americans take that shit seriously
the rest of us are just shitposting like >>24362747

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This, everyone hates niggers, even Swedes.

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There's some genuine racists here, although I question why they'd waste their time on an imageboard full of "shitskins" they hate so much. Hell, about 1/3 of american bernds on /int aren't even white.

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t. brownskin

michigangraham Avatar

lmao Most people who post shit like that are just joking...

If you are seriously a white supremacist, right winger, anti-semite, etc. you are a fool and do not belong here.
You should go the fuck back to 4children /pol/ where you belong.

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hello my pakistani friend

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keinbernd raus

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JIDF pls go


areus Avatar

That's some wishful thinking, argie.

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This is what keinbernds actually believe.

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stop joking pls. Only childs would take anything comming from 4kanker seriously.

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That's only half of it. The rarity of anonymous imageboard culture means it attracts abnormally large amounts of edgy retards that go to them solely because they think it's an opportunity to show a captive audience how edgy they are.

Plust I suspect that there is a, thankfully, smaller but still present element of Internet sludge that end up in places like 4chan because they have literally been kicked out of every other forum/sns environment. That's what you get when you have one of the lowest barriers to entry on the Internet and a system where it is difficult to enforce bans or shun loathsome users.

Basically there are distorting factors that affect anonymous boards. They don't exist in isolation.

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Internet elites.

dmackerman Avatar

if you think it's so shit why don't you post on a forum instead?

haydn_woods Avatar

Not sure about others but personally I just like to make fun.
In one thread I am a racist, in another I am a nigger or ISIS fighter.

mhwelander Avatar

Because of the international community. What's perfectly normal is my country, probably is extremly racist in yours.

mfacchinello Avatar

That's how most people really think

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I don't think the it's all so shit. I think a lot of the people are shit. Especially in certain concentrated areas.

The reasons stated are why I gave up on /b/ many years ago and don't ever bother with /pol/ even though I'm interested in politics and pointless angry Internet debate.

leelkennedy Avatar

Because National Socialism is the natural way of things.

anjhero Avatar

Many of us have to deal with niggerkin and turk stink everyday and convey our serious opinions here.

danro Avatar


Most racists here are sheltered white kids living in the suburbs who barely interact with anyone outside their race.

cyril_gaillard Avatar

Back around 2008-2009, I remember someone linking to a thread on Stormfront where they were talking about using 4chan to recruit people to their cause. Around that time we saw a lot of Stormfront spam on /n/ before moot shut it down. Then the Stormfags came back in force when he set up /new/. After he closed that down, the Stormfags dispersed and infected every fucking imageboard.

They fucking succeeded.

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This can be said, to a higher degree, of egalitarian libtards. I had to go through my youth in a majority negro hood, with all the associated bullying and torment. Yet my experiences hold nothing to the supposed legacy of slavery, in their perspective.

shesgared Avatar

Because only certain people can access the internet.

alexradsby Avatar

just as ISIS?

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Well that's actually one of the interesting side of /int/.
Most of the first world posters can be from farmers to rich kids.
Most of the third worlders are from a middle/high class.
Makes for interesting conversation if you think about it.

hampusmalmberg Avatar

If that's heaven I'm gonna live my life with no guilt

jqueryalmeida Avatar

Ironic shitposting or not, imageboards are one of the few places with complete freedom of speech.

johnriordan Avatar

Lol you're just butthurt and brown. Stormfags were moxked everywhere inxluding /new/ (whixh was 100x superior to /pol/)

shoaib253 Avatar

>white supremacists, Racists, Nationalists, National Socialists, ect

I'm not any of those groups, well ok maybe a nationalist. I do however believe that different races have different traits, different cultures are obviously different, and that mass migration is not a good thing for the host country, and that a native people have a right to live within their established national-cultural parameters.

The worst racists btw are the utopian leftists.

craigelimeliah Avatar

>I do however believe that different races have different traits
that's racism mate

franciscoamk Avatar

That's interesting. I was always of the impression that it was middle class White liberals who live in gentrified neighborhoods and gated communities which lack the vibrant spark of diversity outside of their favorite ethnic restaurants and extoll the virtues of multiculturalism and anti-racism. Meanwhile the rest of us have to actually live with these animals.

robinlayfield Avatar

>Meanwhile the rest of us have to actually live with these animals.

Tell me about your personal experiences then.

_kkga Avatar

I've lived in some pretty diverse areas and all the whites in those areas seemed to love it. I was always under the impression that it was people who never experienced life with minorities and have strange ("othered") ideas of what they do that fear them and act outwardly racist.

dpg Avatar


More like: Chans are places where you need more than a third grade level reading comprehension to understand and participate in. This is why it's so easy to spot outsiders while channers regularly infiltrate other communities.

Also >>24362884 this failpost got one thing right, some of us have been banned into the chans by angry SJW's even before we formally got into the racism business just by asking common sense, pattern recognition questions a 6 year old would ask [why are all the violent neighbors black?, etc].

joeymurdah Avatar

Because every normal person can finally shout out his own opinion.

leelkennedy Avatar

Yeah, banned because of your innocent questions and not because you constantly shitpost.

antonyryndya Avatar

Any white idiot acting racist while living with minorities is going to get his shit kicked in pretty fast.

I wouldn't take the racists on /int seriously. They have very little interaction with the real world, much less the "minorities" they hate.

nehemiasec Avatar

Imageboards are a haven for contrarian autists. If we were living in national socialism they would rant about the glory of international communism or liberal democracy.

anaami Avatar

This. Anything that the mainstream world likes, Bernd will most likely dislike.

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Looks like Mexico is mad.

craigelimeliah Avatar

This guy. Keep believing your lies Tyrone.

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Sean please