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So the E minor scale and the G major scale are basically the exact same thing, just with different numbers for their positions?

Am I missing something?

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No, you're correct. Whether or not it's the E minor or the G major is just really up to you and more about feel.

Same thing with time signatures, really. Lots of sheet music is written as 3/4, and lots is written as 6/8. They just choose based on feel really.

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Fucking hell.

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Btw, the 3/4 is just that "waltz feel," but 6/8 is usually more about having two slow quarter notes with three eighth notes apiece. If you need an example I could find one

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Music is an art, man. Just like any art, a lot of the categorization is based on taste. Once you learn a lot of music you get a good sense of feel and taste.

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Not with time signatures though, that feel you say it's actually the rhythmic stress points and that's kinda of related on how you define the measure (bar).

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Yes, and it's stupid to use the minor as tonic. It just confuses but music is not engineering thus full of stupid people.

Same with A minor (Actually C), G minor, etc. The only reason to use it is if you don't touch the major tonic and if that's the case you're probably listening to stupid Electronic music.