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I just got gf and have problems fucking her due to performance anxiety. Got hard and everything was fine but aboutb 10m into sex I lost it. Got hard again, convinced her to let me with out a condom (she started contraceptive pills a couple days ago), lost it when switching positions.

It could have had a lot to do with all the pseudoephedrine I was taking (bad cold).

Said I'm nervous and took her out for a drink and a walk, she was sweet along the way but this fucking bothers me.

How do you deal? I have gotten viagra from the NHS before and my reason should still be valid.


otozk Avatar

that feel when no problems staying hard and fugging girl, but cannot cum. Fug

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Also im on benzos. That Gould be a problem. Getting V tomorrow, CANT embarass myself again.

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Wtf autocorrect?

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How is it better than sildefanil?

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Same here. It goes away with time, though. And comes back when sex gets boring and shes not that good in bed.

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>How do you deal? I have gotten viagra from the NHS before and my reason should still be valid.

Viagra and Ritalin

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Quit masturbating 3 or 4 days before sex day.

yassiryahya Avatar

benzos arent so good for actual physical erectile dysfunction (since they fug with blood pressure and hence the ability to press blood into places) but is great for performance anxiety.

so is just carrying 30mg of lucky cialis. the sort of placeboish effect by just knowing "oke, i can pop a pill and have an erectiong everytime someone strokes my thigh for 2 days once its active" is intense.

get the more expensive ones here though, lots of weak shit around. would go for expensive-ish generics, lower chance of shitty counterfeits of the original.
or once a 10g baggie of the pure API, gonna last a lifetime and runs for maybe 150 dollars.

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also: indole cannabinoids, especially jwh122. within 5 minutes after inhalation youll get a 4 hour errection, which doesnt just fucking hurt like a sildenafil one, doesnt fuck so much with your blood pressure and you also get a weed like high and pretty horny. sort of perfect sex drug, if it also was stimulating

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how did you get gf?

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Gave her chocolates.

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come on tell me the secret

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Speaking of performance anxiety...

I can't even stay hard that long when fapping, I cum like after 5 minutes max. And I'm a level 24 virgin, almost 25. My first time, should it ever come, will be an utter disaster and cripple me even more psychologically. I also used to have a mild phimosis. But I can pull back my foreskin when erect now, so I just have a weird, short cock. I'm still scared it might be damaged by sex though, due to said former phimosis.

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It won't. I know a guy that had pinhole phimosis and he could have sex before getting cut, just it was super super unsatisfying.

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>It won't.
I'm still scared it might, I don't know how likely it is. This is not a rational thing.