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ma_tiax Avatar

What vitamins should I intake if I'm starving myself (aka 0 calories/day)? Not a fatfuck or anything, just want to lose a few kilos and do it harmlessly for the most part.

stushona Avatar

A general multivitamin would probably suffice for a short time

pehamondello Avatar

>What vitamins

also, enjoy your yo-yo effect

cat_audi Avatar

A stupid way of losing weight, you are better off with a lifestyle change.

General multivitamin, protein, iron at the very least, probably more.

Sage for retarded.

sokaniwaal Avatar

that's dumb

t1mmen Avatar

>implying that'd be the first time I do this

garethbjenkins Avatar

You should not lose weight by starving. It makes your body to shut down all non-vital stuff and you burn less calories as a result. Also when you do need some energy to move out for example, it will be taken from muscle proteins which is much more easily converted.

So, just eat a bit less over a large period of time.

mr_arcadio Avatar

It's easier to starve for a week or two every couple of years than ditch that delicious fast food for life mate.

ntfblog Avatar

I don't have muscles at all so I'm not losing anything. Constraining yourself over a large period of time is much harder than starving for a week I think.

joshkennedy Avatar

> few kilos and do it harmlessly
Starving is not harmless, it's bad for health.
> What vitamins

curiousonaut Avatar

How much weight do you generally lose per week this way? How soon do you gain in back again afterwards?

raquelwilson Avatar

Starving will not make you lose much weight. Actually the weight you lost will come back once you start eating again.

markgamzy Avatar

Just do intermittent fasting. That way you won't fuck yourself up because your electrolytes are running low.

terryxlife Avatar

>do it harmlessly
Pick one, nigger.

bobwassermann Avatar

>starving yourself
enjoy your gastric ulcer faggot

dhooyenga Avatar

you should put on a 60 pound backpack and hike with 6 hours a day for a month

christauziet Avatar

Mathematically, 1g of pure fat is 10 calories. So, I you need 2000 calories a day you'd burn only 200g of fat daily, 1,4kg per week. In practice however much of that fat is dilluded with water so you're losing about 0,5 kilo per day for the first 10 days or so, a tad less afterwards.
Also, gained back weight depends only on you. You won't have an appetite after starving so not eating like a fat fuck would just normalize your weight.

t. OP

kriegs Avatar

Starving is pretty retarded. Just eating refraining from eating fatty/sugary food for a couple weeks will make you drop weight quickly and easily.
Besides, you are Russian. It's not like you have enough food to get fat in the first place.

arashmanteghi Avatar

He doesn't want to become a marine, he wants to lose a couple of kilos.

safrankov Avatar

>Excerpt from "The military guide to destroying your knees and spine."

kennyadr Avatar

Starving triggers the mechanism which results in you losing your lean mass instead of fat.

curiousonaut Avatar

haters with no abs detected

leonfedotov Avatar

Correct, you lose muscles first, then fat. Lucky I don't have muscles at all :DD

slaterjohn Avatar

Nigger if you didn't have muscles you couldn't even type that message.

fluidbrush Avatar

There are easier and less dangerous ways to lose weight. Just go to a gym

sketi_ndlela Avatar

you know what I mean :D

_vojto Avatar

Do you really find doing routine tiring shit for months easier than just NOT EATING?

RussellBishop Avatar

No I don't. Also lean mass is not only your muscles, it includes your organs as well.

hoangloi Avatar

i drank only water for 40 days one time in my life, it's very very tough, i lost like 20kg and i was very skinny

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i3tef Avatar

>starving yourself
>do it harmlessly

You are doing something wrong.

rdbannon Avatar

Anyway, gym or cardio implies a prolonged diet which totally destroys the purpose of my weight loss. I just want to eat whatever I want and stay lean.

andychipster Avatar

Stupid hohol, dieting really is easier than having a daily excersize routine. OP's problem that he doesn't want to do it properly, but that's his choice.

edobene Avatar

>Stupid hohol
fuck off, mambet

Going to a gym really is easier than starving, how the hell can you disagree?

kuldarkalvik Avatar

OP, if you're OK with 0 cal/day, then you'd be just fine with one can of tuna fish at morning, for 1-2 weeks. It would be much healthier than your original idea.

It's okay to ditch carbohydrates for a first time but proteines are more important.

Then buy usual multivitamin, it should be OK.

Also don't forget a dash of salt once in a while.

davidsasda Avatar

One is doing something, one is doing nothing.

Easier to eat nothing / very little.

hampusmalmberg Avatar

You don't seem to understand. If you don't eat literally anything, you'd lose appetite completely after 2-3 days.
If you tease yourself with tuna daily you'll be dead hungry forever, that's be a torture.

danro Avatar

Just lift the sanctions, Vlad. Asking for advice on /int/ is no way to run a fucking country.

t1mmen Avatar


>Going to a gym really is easier than starving, how the hell can you disagree?
Simple: with dieting I don't have to go anywhere, розумієш?

emmakardaras Avatar

Going somewhere is easier than keeping yourself from eating

adriancogliano Avatar

btw, a lot of Swiss-made foods have recently appeared in my grocery shop
Switzerland not included in the sanctions?

adhiardana Avatar


I dunno. Technically and traditionally, Switzerland is always neutral and makes money from all sides of a conflict , but recently we just went along with whatever Nato and EU told us todo. I thought I read Switzerland wanted to join the sanctions.

kuldarkalvik Avatar

> Switzerland not included in the sanctions?
No, they are not EU.

romanbulah Avatar

I understand you.
Give it a try it with pure tasteless tuna. Desire to eat mostly rises with the consumption of fat and carbohydrates.

(obviously don't get tuna in oil, just plain tuna+salt+water)

sreejithexp Avatar


No, Swiss products are freely available.