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/int/ 24889750: As body cameras for police become more popular, do you ...

VinThomas Avatar

As body cameras for police become more popular, do you think that people will be more accepting of regular citizens wearing body cameras too?

It might be useful in legal situations, just like a dashcam.

Bernd Avatar

Jesus fucking christ I hope not.

hota_v Avatar

why the fuck not? seriously what are the downsides of people having personal cameras on them for someone who doesnt chimp around like a nigger?

sreejithexp Avatar

Haven't you seen the youtube video of the guy who films Murrkans?
They all flip out and scream about MUH RITES while threatening to kill him.

They're only okay with constant supervision as long as it's the government and police/NSA/FBI doing it.

tmstrada Avatar

Would be fun to get a body cam when going out. Then if you fight you get noice 1st person footage so you can upload it on liveleak and give to cops in case you get caught and they wanna charge you of some bullshit

actually i might do this sometime if i get one of these cams

kriegs Avatar


>If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to be afraid of

chanpory Avatar

It's what makes this quesiton so interesting.

xarax Avatar

I don't like the feeling of being filmed. I feel like the people who caught me on camera would show the video to their friends and laugh at me being a creep or whatever.
I wouldn't like a society where people think everyone is a potential criminal.
People on camera behave differently, I feel like I'd be forced to pretend to be happy all the time because I'm scared of people finding out I'm depressed.
I just personally wouldn't like that and it never even occurred to me as a potential thing to happen, the personal cameras.

gretacastellana Avatar

I hate cameras so fucking much. At every party these days there always must at least one cunt who's recording every goddamn second with an Iphone. How the fuck am I supposed to relax, if I'm under a constant pressure to not do anything too crazy because otherwise I may end as a laughing stock on youtube and half of the country will know me from a discredit viedo they saw and base their first impression on it? This shit is terrorising, I want the old days to come back, when there were only "crazy stories" no legit recordings, when people were actually HAVING A FUCKING FUN , instead of recording everything they can with their faggy iphones, so next day they could post this shit on facebook.

mj_berthelsen Avatar

I dont like the concept of citizens using them, but hey fuck it, it's not illegal.
Altough I don't see why anyone would use them where I live, unless they want 24h footage of redneck fields and old people saying hello.

alek_djuric Avatar

Im on atleast 2 youtube videos. not a fucks was give'd

emilioiantorno Avatar


Read my post again. The point is that these days, when drunk, you still have to stay clear-headed, because if you lose yourself for a minute, your entire career may be fucked and half of your country will know as an idiot or psycho. Of course, there will always be a percentage of brain-dead tards who don't give a fuck and cannot predict the consequences of their actions, so they do some stupid shit and end as easy amusement for millions, but the smarter individuals just can't relax completley when they're aware that their every damn step is being recorded and published.

atariboy Avatar

If everyone is recorded, there will be so many dumbducks that nobody would care. As is happening today.

salleedesign Avatar

>unless they want 24h footage of redneck fields and old people saying hello.
this reminds me of that episode of king of the hill with the couch

dale is shown literally recording every phone conversation he has, and labels them according to the subject matter, and by date

you would definitely get a lot of pointless shit, but sometimes something interesting that you would want to remember and take a look at again later

andina Avatar


slaterjohn Avatar


1.I'm not talking about "crazy things" like dancing on the table or showing your naked butt, but a bit more crazy things which I'd like to do from time to time, but I can't because another day it will be published. If I was born 30 years ago, I could do whatever the fuck I'd like to and only police records could prevent me from doing something too stupid.

2.Average person watch at least 15 videos on youtube. And there's 100% chance that people from your envoirment will always see them. I really don't want my mother to see me wasted and lying in the pool of my own vomit

jehnglynn Avatar

I cannot understand how can anybody be against being filmed in public places. What is the difference between being watched and filmed anyway?

andina Avatar

I'm okay with all forms of recording in public areas. Cameras are just eyes with a permanent memory after all. Having police carry body cameras everywhere sounds great and should relieve most questions and injustices.

jamesmbickerton Avatar


You have a twisted concept of fun, for me it's not fun doing crazy shit at a party if nobody got it on film and posted on the web later

arnel_lenteria Avatar


>I really don't want my mother to see me wasted and lying in the pool of my own vomit

B-but why???

Bernd Avatar


What are you talking about than? Rape, beating, humiliating somebody, being a total fuckturd?

evandrix Avatar


Because of the upbringing or genetics (I don't know) I'm very rigid for most of the time and would like to use parties as a kind of relief. Un-kurwa-fortunately I can't because of mental blockade the cameras cause

davidbaldie Avatar

What seems to happen is that the camera recording "goes missing" whenever the police end up being accused of wrongdoing.

andrewgurylev Avatar


I'm usually not aggressive after alcohol, only when pissed off. I just want to do some stupid shit from time to time.

adriancogliano Avatar

> regular citizens wearing body cameras
The world is doomed.

syntetyc Avatar

Just imagine everyone have cameras, all constantly monitoring the area around each other and all are afraid that they will do something wrong. At the same time bitches and faggots scream "you must do X and Y, otherwise I'll sue you!"