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/int/ 24998538: Israeli Facebook group plans to settle Berlin with 300,000 Israelis

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Following the complains about the high cost-of-living in Israel, a new Facebook group that went viral compares prices of food products between supermarkets in Israel and in Berlin.
The results show much lower prices in Berlin.
One comparison is between the popular Israeli "Milky" chocolate pudding product which costs 3.2 Shekels in Israel and its German counterpart (pic 2) which costs 0.83 Shekels, which is also larger in its content.
The group's owner, who refuses to identify, released a message to the Israeli media yesterday saying his goal is to convince 300,000 Israelis to move to Berlin.
His aim is to put pressure on the Israeli government until they will lower the food prices.

Germans, are you ready for your new neighbours?

Link to the Facebook group :

alta1r Avatar

>promised land

bassamology Avatar

Actually nobody cares. But You are aware that we have probably more Palestinians in Berlin than in Gaza? Also Jew hating Turks and Arabs.
The Germans are the least problem. I am honest. The muslim Turks will probably beat you all up at the first day. Germany is a Muslim state.

jamesmbickerton Avatar

Hahaha, okay

mr_arcadio Avatar

Actually there are already voices in Israeli media who say these things.

dhooyenga Avatar

Yes, please send 300k Jews to Wedding. I would love to see the ensuing race war.

ademilter Avatar

Berlin will become a city of Turkish pashas, ruling over their German slaves, with the Jews overseeing it all.

javorszky Avatar

Lol have fun with Turks and Arabs.

ISIS is closer to Berlin than to Tel Aviv, remember my words.

bighanddesign Avatar

would be the first time jews got gathered in one german area :D:DDD

kamal_chaneman Avatar

Yes, be very careful. The Muslims we have here know no limits. You will not be protected as you are in Israel, do not forget that. The )/11 attackers came from Germany, we have more and more radical Muslims here, 100% ready to kill Jews, I am not kidding at all. This is no joke. Picture related; Salafists in Berlin. If you think about Hitler time you certainly need to update your world view. We would change 6 million Jews at any second for our 6 million muslims.

ggavrilo Avatar

> put pressure on the Israeli government until they will lower the food prices.

What makes food expensive in the first place? It is not like the Jews are eating nearly as much as the fatmasters.

arashmanteghi Avatar

Well but on the other hand its a pretty good idea because Germany will use da police and/or even the military to protect jews in Berlin if they want to.

Damn why are the jews so fucking smart.

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>The muslim Turks will probably beat you all up at the first day.

This, but any Jew tough enough to survive this and not make German police to fight for him 24 hours a day is okay by me.

>Germany is a Muslim state.

Not this, and now it looks like it never will be. Forcing them to accept Israelis will cause the bydlo to flee and only the moderates will be left, who can easily be integrated.

sindresorhus Avatar

>What makes food expensive in the first place?

... jews?

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I watched a debate about this issue last night on TV, it was pretty funny.

One guy said we should remember our history in Germany and be aware that Europe is full of Muslims and anti-semites and the other guy answered him the most dangerous place in the world for Jews right now is the Gaza Envelope (the Israeli region surrounding Gaza).

doronmalki Avatar

>What makes food expensive in the first place?

It probably has something to do with Israel being a warzone in the middle of a desert.

doooon Avatar


>What makes food expensive in the first place?

Cartels, illegal price arrangements and maybe transport costs and agricultural ineffiency due most of the land is desert.

amboy00 Avatar


The police have crime to fight and will refuse to bodyguard Jews from headscarf women yelling at them in supermarkets.

trickyolddog Avatar


We don't even farm anything and food isn't nearly that expensive here.

iamglimy Avatar

ha ha oh wow.
why germany?

Why not america?

Is our immigration policy so strict even jews cant into america?

rangafangs Avatar

what is it with jews and berlin? i hear there are fuckloads moving in from israel. why don't they move to jew york city or frankfurt/main (home of the rothschilds, schiffs, kuhn+loebs, warburgs, lehmans et al.)? and why do they leave the holy sand at all? please don't tell me merchantsjews actually come because
>lower prices

souuf Avatar


Nothing in Germany is especially dangerous, especially not Berlin which is filled with Americans.

garand Avatar

If Gaza is the most dangerous place than Berlin is very very close to that. We are talking about 100.000 Palestinian people that came to Germany (very Arab friendly) due to the Israeli conflict a long time ago and who are full of hate. my god, go to Switzerland or Danmark. Do not go to Sweden and England, same problems. Remember that the Salafists see you as the born enemies, too. And also the Turks. I am not even talking about the people who came from Gaza to Germany. Now listen: what will you do if 20, 30 40 Jews get killed? You can't send in your special troops here to kill them. This would be the task of the German police who already lost the fight against the Muslims. You would exchange control over danger for completely unsafely in Germany. Also;: who the FUCK had this stupid idea?

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One of Israel's major problems is that a large portion of its budget goes on military expanses.
Another problem is that we don't have ties with our neighbours, everything has to be imported or exported from far away.
Additionally, we barely have natural resources (we did find a lot of natural gas in the sea and a tiny bit of oil in land lately, but I am not sure it's fully put to use yet).

stushona Avatar

Go to Vienna jews.

We got similar prices, better jewish history and higher payment than in Germany.

Also we have Sachertorte.

abotap Avatar


Most Israelis aren't rich or they would already be in the USA. America is really not a good place to be poor in. You have to look at yourselves objectively and realize that the American Dream is dead and that there are consequences to this.

leelkennedy Avatar

Good, Jews will enhance your society, given how much they hate Muslims maybe you can agree to genocide the Arabs and Turks together (make up for the Shoah)

bnquoctoan Avatar

The american dream was never real you fucking retard, it was just some marketing ploy to get dumb ass immigrants to move here.

seanwashington Avatar

>Berlin is very very close to rocket firing jihadists
Nigger, have you ever been outside? Berlin has Jewish neighbourhoods. Please tell me the last time a rocket landed in one of them.

syswarren Avatar

Time to pay for marmara.

fluidbrush Avatar

I have no idea why Israelis like Berlin particuallry.
Germany is known as the best country in Europe in terms of standards-of-living and Berlin is a city of immigrants, I guess that's why.

Personally I don't plan leaving, I have a pretty decent job, the problem is public transportation.
So many people live in Tel-Aviv metropolitan area (3 million) and we don't even have a subway here.
It takes me two hours on the bus every morning to get to my workplace and I live like 20 km away.
They are talking about building a subway in Tel-Aviv for like 90 or 100 years already.

slaterjohn Avatar


BTW how is your kid, chav in Vienna?

rahmeen Avatar

The German Arabs and Turks are different to your soft, gay "youngturks" traps. Mohamed Atta and his friendly World trade Center bombers came from my hometown. We have giant radical Terrorist mosques where imams from Saudi Arabia are teaching pure hate. Just saying. You can not simply genocide them, my friend.

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axel_gillino Avatar

>30% Of Israelis Would Leave If They Could

Muh jewish homeleand

m4rio Avatar


>You can not simply genocide them, my friend

Give me 2 weeks and lets see if I can.

agromov Avatar

I understand. Tell those guys that we feel honored and have no problems with that but that they should evaluate the current situation in Germany.

polarity Avatar

Come home white man
You can make use of your arabic here

jeremyworboys Avatar

it would be easy to genocide muslims, and fun, first we will burn down the mosques, the have a quaran bon fire, then we will hunt down anyone with a beard and shave it off, then pass a law that women cant wear ninja costumes.
Then come ze camps!

It will be jus like the old days

bassamology Avatar

Yes, all fun and jokes. We are talking about 5000 well trained elite fighters living in Germany. Those are proven facts. They went to Taliban and ISIS training camps and they live in Germany for further activities. These are no US-Muslims in no way.

gmourier Avatar


Texas, let an expert handle this.

kennyadr Avatar

>leaving your country to get lower prices at a grocery store

could you get any more jewish!

nicoleglynn Avatar


And the rest of the Jews around the world are doing nothing to help you? Can't they at least give their own people some discount?

lanceguyatt Avatar

elite fighters?

have fun fighting in the ovens :^)

breehype Avatar



Yeah, they are really insanely cheap. I don't even wanna know what they put inside them.

hibrahimsafak Avatar


>Can't they at least give their own people some discount?

Dats racis

vaughanmoffitt Avatar

> Can't they at least give their own people some discount?

trickyolddog Avatar


Honestly I wouldn't leave Israel if I were Israeli either. Living as a part of a diaspora is repugnant and should only be done as a last resort to save yourself from immediate death.

bobwassermann Avatar

>We have giant radical Terrorist mosques where imams from Saudi Arabia are teaching pure hate.
wut? are you living in afghanistan?

>They are talking about building a subway in Tel-Aviv for like 90 or 100 years already.
i see. jews will feel right at home in berlin then. they are trying to create an airport there since over 100 years. the subway system is working though. most of the time, that is.

orkuncaylar Avatar


Many foreigners invest in Israel, I assume many of them are Jews.

smaczny Avatar

jews jooing jooz
what has changed over 2000 years

Bernd Avatar

Germans could build ghettos for you and maybe some nice camps were jews could swim and do other social activities

damenleeturks Avatar


> the chink swarm is upon Israel
I am sorry Zion has to end this way.

judzhin_miles Avatar

>Spend countless billions defending Israel
>They go back to Germany

You filthy kikes.

franciscoamk Avatar

Israeli article about Israelis who live in Switzerland and Japan and compare the cost-of-living.
(hint : it's cheaper there),7340,L-4578414,00.html

ademilter Avatar

Cubes are epic kebab removers. This can only be a good thing for Germany.

alv Avatar

What isn't said but everyone knows: the Germans are epic cube removers.

m4rio Avatar

You do not SERIOUSLY look for CHEAP livings????
Is this a joke? Are you trolling?
You are aware that there is one BIG rising religion that wants to kill everyone of your tribe? And I am not talking about Germans. You lost apparently completely realism. FOR CHEAPER GROCERY???!?!?!

dmackerman Avatar

Chinese company digged the Carmel Tunnels, the results are very good.

bagawarman Avatar

it's quite a coincidence that the place with the highest prices in the world, also happens to be full of jews

necodymiconer Avatar

It's not just grocery, it's everything.
Also housing.
You can't buy a house in Israel nowadays, unless you're super rich or it is located in some shithole far away from everything.
Also no decent public transportation as I mentioned earlier.
High taxes.
etc, etc

albertaugustin Avatar


ayalacw Avatar

Seriously, Israel...will you ever learn?
For cheaper prices you move into Arab infested areas. Is there anything you learned in the past 70 years? This makes me sad and angry at the same time.

linux29 Avatar

why not move here

edobene Avatar

Go to the USA then, it is safer. They can and will protect you. We seriously have big problems with very violent and ultra aggressive Arabs in Europe. If there is anything you should have noticed it is this. USA is the place to be. Or Canada.

starburst1977 Avatar

can't you get free stuff by becoming a settler and bathing in palestinian blood?

juaumlol Avatar

It is cheaper to live in a settlement, I think (yet, not very safe).

Maybe this is some twisted plan of our government to make our lives a burden which will trigger us all to move to settlements.. yet instead people are moving to Berlin.

snowwrite Avatar

Good. Makes them more accessible.

madebyvadim Avatar


Reminds me of the USA's invisible draft during the Bush administration. Go to college, leave 30k in debt, pay for it by joining the army and fighting in Iraq. I wouldn't blame anybody in that situation for moving to Germany if they could.

Shriiiiimp Avatar

Why berlin? Go to brasil or america

mbilderbach Avatar

more people do that these days

velagapati Avatar

all of what you said is minor

the bottom line

there is a fucking monopoly in the israeli markets from big business

everyfucking thing has its own cartel

osem/tnuva/elit and the rest of the fuckers sit down together and set a price for their products AND NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO DEVIATE FROM IT

fucking hell this year the base agricultural products for many food products have been lowered drastically, have we seen a change in the price of the final product? fuck no

when it raises though the price is adjusted in a matter of days

fucking hell cottage cheese for 2 dollars

what the fucking fuck

fuck this country filled with fucking jews

sindresorhus Avatar

Government doesn't oversee prices, a single food company owns over 70% of the market, brand recognition (you don't buy just the product, you buy the name, and Israelis are big on that), currency ratio makes imports expensive, taxes, probably some illegal unwritten agreement to match prices, and in comparison market wage is low.

dpg Avatar

reminds me of this

lisovsky Avatar

>Government doesn't oversee prices

You do not have anti-trust / Anti-monopoly laws?

Are you kidding me? You turned your own country into hell.

evandrix Avatar

That's racist. There's no reason to think Muslims aren't peaceful people.

kriegs Avatar

i wonder what it will take for the people to fuckin wake up from these cartel shackles and hang these fuckers in the streets

joshjoshmatson Avatar


They do that as a result of the apparatus that was put in place to shovel people into the military. Obama then made cuts and ended the war, which was the right thing to do from an ethical perspective. The problem was, there was no way for these kids to pay for school now. Then came ISIS. The world is a fucked-up place. I'm not sure who is to blame anymore.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

Down with Osem !!

romanbulah Avatar


I have never ever thought that I would read THIS written by a jew.

Oh krautchan yuo so crazy.

arashmanteghi Avatar

Anyway: you are welcome in Germany. Maybe you somehow free us from the radical Muslims.

velagapati Avatar

your macro is wrong

murrayswift Avatar

Israel is like one of the special servers they have in online games where all the cheaters are put together.

arashmanteghi Avatar

We probably do to a degree, but I'm talking out of my ass either way. Maybe we have laws but they're not enforced. Maybe there's corruption. Maybe there aren't laws.

The last protest in which 5% of the country took part in was demonized by politicians and painted as some political far leftist movement. It lost a lot of wind under its sails that way and it died out. Divide and conquer. This time they're talking about not just gathering to listen to some national singer and holding cellphone with a candle app, but using violence since it's the only way to get something in this country.

chanpory Avatar


I don't mind, but you will have to come with me when kebab removing is in order.

sindresorhus Avatar


1. Leave Europe after WW2 and start Israel
2. Depopulate Germany with 70 years of occupation, brainwashing, and revenge
3. Make Israel all FUBAR by starting wars
4. Resettle Germany

Perfect plan. What could go wrong?

sgaurav_baghel Avatar

At the end, dear friends, it will be the JEWS who will help us to remove all Muslims from Europe.
What a joke of history. I support this idea.

joshkennedy Avatar

Only if it's okay to take pictures for facebook. I'll be 3 steps behind you but take pictures and give passive aggressive remarks to the muslim victims, 1 in 4 of which would be funny and make everyone laugh for a few seconds.

ah_lice Avatar

Haha, no. You're brainwashed beyond belief, Kraut.

xravil Avatar

Hello, Henk!

zacsnider Avatar

What's the problem?

VinThomas Avatar

Hello Heinrich. Sorry for calling you a Kraut, but you have to realise that you cannot simply pick between jews and muslims. The only choice is none of them.

chaabane_wail Avatar


Yes, it will be loads of fun.

smaczny Avatar

unhappy jews.png

mbilderbach Avatar

Cubes, I have a master plan.

1. save money
2. buy apartments in cheap places like Yeruham where a 4-rooms apartment costs only 300,000 - 400,000 Shekels.
3. rent the apartments

Should work.
I just need to find a decent amount of people willing to live in Yeruham.

iamgarth Avatar

>At the end, dear friends, it will be the JEWS who will help us to remove all Muslims from Europe.
Because that's exactly what they did in the past 60 years, right?...

kiwiupover Avatar

160 average salaries to buy an apartment here in this 16 apartment building. 3.5 rooms, generally 33% smaller than in Europe while costing only 50-60 salaries on average. Of course you end up paying more than 160 since you take out a mortgage and pay interest.

alessandroribe Avatar

>I just need to find a decent amount of people willing to live in Yeruham.

lightory Avatar

>Not their leaders

chatyrko Avatar

>Jew jewing jews.
Israel is a frightening place.

bergmartin Avatar

Are we forced to take jews if you want to come here?

romanbulah Avatar

> Despite these delays, Carmelton managed to open the tunnels on December 1, 2010, six months ahead of schedule.

Dat ruthless efficiency when Chinks work with Jews. I am in fear.

Bernd Avatar

its dug* mate

robinlayfield Avatar

>I bought a cosmetic nivea cream for 2.5 euro and here it's 200 shekels

Time for a pogrom

joshkennedy Avatar

what the fuck. i'm not an antisemite but i will definitely join their ranks when they try to establish a jewish state in thuringia. fuck off

kershmallow Avatar

>i'm not an antisemite

antonkudin Avatar

Except it's another way to collect taxes-not-taxes. You pay taxes in part so the government will build better infrastructure and maintain existing ones. When they do these projects (like with road 6 that goes across the country) you have to pay to use it. You pay taxes and now pay separately for using this road.

The deal is that if the job is done faster they'll get a bonus. when it's running they agree on a certain monthly usage. Anything above 100% and the government takes the extra revenue for itself. If it's below 85ish% the government compensates the company. It should be done out of the government's budget, not taxes-not-taxes, and don't kid yourself, when it's over in 25 years and moves into government hands they'll keep charging you because you're used to it.

christianoliff Avatar

gibe whole comics with that guy

joshjoshmatson Avatar

> The deal is that if the job is done faster they'll get a bonus.

Financial incentive + Jews + Chinks
This is one of the most potent forces in human society after radical Islam.

carlyson Avatar

History always repeats itself.

tube_man Avatar


I lold.

coreyhaggard Avatar

I only have that one hırvat.

gretacastellana Avatar

You must understand this is no time to argue about the prices of milky, bread, water bottles and other vanity. We need to keep public discourse on important things like Iran, iron dome, Gaza, Hamas, Iran, ISIS, Obama, Iran, the security budget, 0% tax on first apartment of which the buyer will never save a dime, and of course, Iran, because this is CRITICAL (using hand gestures), absolutely critical for the future of my career

Now excuse me while my office spends 10,000 shekels a month on pistuk flavored icecream.

dmackerman Avatar

Move to Yeruham Bernd, it is a beautiful place and the housing is very cheap.

mbilalsiddique1 Avatar

Yes, yes, come to Germany...

to_soham Avatar

Oh well that's nice. How are the neighbors?

fritzronel Avatar


joshclark17 Avatar

Mecklenburg looks so nice.

betraydan Avatar


>Bremen: 9.8 %


thomweerd Avatar

I can understand the pain of the middle class, Indeed I do, and we'll do what we can to help you so in 3 years I'll move to vote on a law that may or may not lower prices by 5% while raising other prices by 15% by accident, and while you wait for this to happen prices will increase by another 35%. Of course your opinion is only valid to me if you stay and suffer in this country. If you're thinking about leaving you're worse than hitler and nothing but a spoiled brat. Actually I'm not even gonna bother myself with such trivial issues that belong to spoil brats. Leave if you want. You're less than nothing to me, Miss Cohen, never liked you anyway.

t. talkshow host and former wrestler in charge of state budget that fires anyone with a degree in that office that disagrees with him.

chatyrko Avatar

Wikipedia doesn't stop shitting on it.

hampusmalmberg Avatar

That feel when most of our muslims came here more than 100 years ago and right now they are all fully integrated, rich and islam-free. A lot of them are even politicians.

Thank God we are a shithole and modern muslims have low interest in Brazil.

snowwrite Avatar

>Jews moving to Mecklenburg
It's like opening a pork chop diner in the middle of Gaza and inviting all of Hamas for a free meal.

samihah Avatar

Go to Yad2, check for prices for 3 to 4 rooms apartments in Yeruham.

The average is something like 350,000 Shekels. This is affordable.
In the future they will open Ir haBahadim next to Yerucham, the area will be flooded with families of military persons, many will look to rent apartments there.
You can rent such apartment for about 1800-2200 Shekels per month. This will cover most of your rent in your own place.
After saving some more, you can buy a 2nd apartment, and a 3rd.
It may work, but it may also not work.

A friend of mine bought a apartment in Beer-Sheva a few years ago for cheap, he rents it now for 1250 Shekels per month. Not that much but may be affordable in the long run.

robinlayfield Avatar

It's not "as much" a matter of Jews jewing Jews since corporations exist only to make money and will try to make as much as they can if they can get away with it. The problem is that they can get away with it, not that they want to make money. That's what you get when a bartender, wrestler, used junk salesman and some guy who didn't finish highschool and has a rabbi diploma head your government. Should be a joke.

What do you get when a rabbi, wrestler and a salesman meet with a bartender? The Israeli government.

ayalacw Avatar

>The average is something like 350,000 Shekels.
I wonder why

timgthomas Avatar

Cubes stay out of germany

emileboudeling Avatar

>jews jewing jews

remiallegre Avatar

>His aim is to put pressure on the Israeli government until they will lower the food prices.
Because the government own all food producers in Israel?

javorszky Avatar


keyuri85 Avatar

Those ready-made puddings cost like 2-3 euros here

mshwery Avatar

No. The mudslimes are a tool to keep the goyim down.

doronmalki Avatar

Make laws, enforce laws, break monopolies, expose cartels, enforce prices, encourage competition. They can't blame a corporation for having 70% market share. They can blame the government for not breaking them.

ntfblog Avatar

And video games cost 120 dollars or something there. No one cares Australia, you have your own problems

alexradsby Avatar

>Cows in Israel produce the most milk in the world
>Still more expensive than elsewhere

jamesmbickerton Avatar

>live in the middle of a desert besieged on all sides by people who want to exterminate you
>wonder why food is expensive
hippies, when will they learn

Shriiiiimp Avatar

>on all sides
The sea is open. There's trade.

surajitkayal Avatar

this doesn't solve your problems, does it? ships burn fuel too you know, a potato that's sailed from yurop is significantly more expensive than one that rode in a truck from jordan or egypt

marcusgorillius Avatar

It would be easy as hell for a Jew to disguise as an Arab, considering how similar they look.
There was a homeless/jobless Brit on /int/ who impregnated an Austrian girl before, he went to Austria to see his kid and even found a job there.

polarity Avatar

pretty sure there are sharks in the waters

fffabs Avatar

He was talking about Gaza

tjisousa Avatar

>Israelis emigrating because they don't want to pay 2 shekels extra for pudding.

Oy vey!

christauziet Avatar

No, I'm talking about Israel, Gaza is in a six million times worse situation.

mwarkentin Avatar

more info about this brit in vienna pls

ripplemdk Avatar

Cubes stay the fuck out of germany.

we didnt genocided you for fun

dmackerman Avatar

They can come if they deal with muslims here like they do in Israel, though.

n1ght_coder Avatar


Actually we did, lol.

pakhandrin Avatar

Video related

lightory Avatar

But that would undermine all of Adolf's hard work ;__;

buleswapnil Avatar

> expecting govt to break monopolies
> not expecting govt to actively cooperate with monopolies to form a solid special interest complex and reduce the rest of society to the status of farm animals

Silly Jew, you know nothing about human nature.

mylesb Avatar

I hope they kick Muslims out

keyuri85 Avatar

extrapolate your orange joos

javorszky Avatar

They should come here instead, our puddings are even cheaper, sorry about that jew thing before though

itsracine Avatar

Requesting link for the Joan Youtube vid. I can't find it.

justinrhee Avatar

German society is just bread and circus in a nutshell, so that nobody dares to bother while others fill their pockets with their hard work.

bread = cheap food and booze
circus = football, public-service television, Oktoberfest and all that crap

Don't come here, you'll be entirely disappointed by the ludicrous wages and lack of opportunity.

pdugan19 Avatar

Forgot pic.

sindresorhus Avatar

My neighbour is a Jew from Lithuania.
He said life in Israel is shitty but he would not go back because "there they always remind you that you're a jew".
He also said to me once his neighbours hung his father upside down on a tree, or something like that.
He's a weird person, alcoholic and unemployeed, quite funny and jolly though.

kylefrost Avatar


>double net wealth of Germany

How is this even possible?

dmackerman Avatar

Schluchtenscheißer pls adopt.

syntetyc Avatar

Why Berlin and not ... Warsaw or something? Their prices are even cheaper.

Is Poland too poor for the fine Jewish gentleman?

soyeljuaco Avatar


areus Avatar

>not in Ezreal

leelkennedy Avatar


You can just come idiot, you are the biggest immigrant group in Austria anyway and thanks to EU nobody and nothing can stop you.

madebyvadim Avatar

what the fuck is this shit.

we killed millions of jews and they still coming.

stockholm syndrom much?

iamfelipesouza Avatar

Please remember that Piefkes are probably the best immigrants you may get, in Switzerland they even have lower crime rates than Swiss natives.

karlkanall Avatar

Jews are like roaches, you can't really get rid of them, and you have no one to blame but yourself, Germonay.

husamyousf Avatar


we germans are very ordentlich and also stubenrein :3

pls adopt

xarax Avatar

Ok you can come but bring gf pls

ryhanhassan Avatar

>Germans in Austria
Fuck you, we are one.

dutchnadia Avatar


I never doubted that.

As I said just come and get the Sozialwohnungen before the turks get it.

tube_man Avatar

>Fuck you, we are one.
Tell that the native Berliners who hate Swabians, or the Bavarians who hate Ossis.

rdbannon Avatar

> put pressure on the Israeli government until they will lower the food prices.

Fucking commies. Gas them, germans pls.

sgaurav_baghel Avatar

Sorry, but they are currently only in third place on our "people to gas" priority list. After kebab and gypsies

areus Avatar

>We are one

Someone should turn this into a poland ball comic with Germany and Austria

karalek Avatar

If all the Jews move to Germany, does that mean we get to keep our U-boats?

souuf Avatar

>Tell that the native Berliners who hate Swabians, or the Bavarians who hate Ossis.
Load of bullshit.

woodydotmx Avatar

What do you need it for

franciscoamk Avatar

There are many Israelis in Berlin already. They are cool guys. I welcome them to come in increased numbers.

starburst1977 Avatar

>Bwäääh Prussia hit me and stole muh Silesia!
>No need to form a nation with other Germans Hungary and Czech rep so much better!
>Bwäääh Piefkes messed up the Worldwar I started
>Mongols and Slavs betrayed me, better join Germany!
>Bwäääh Piefkes weren't good enough for the führer I send.
>Join EU but complain about immigration from a country you joined willingly earlier

Seriously Austria is like a tsundere little girl.

kennyadr Avatar

Some supermarket chains in Israel announced they will reduce the cost of "Milky" to around 1 Shekel (for a week).

heikopaiko Avatar

That feel when Goyim don't know about Milky.

jajodia_saket Avatar

>bought a apartment
>he rents it now for 1250 Shekels

jffgrdnr Avatar

How much does milk cost in Cube-Country?

anass_hassouni Avatar

1 litre of milk = around 6 shekels. which is about 1.3 Euro ~

darcystonge Avatar

If they could manage to give me European citizenship I would move to Berlin tomorrow

m4rio Avatar


Don't make Moshe cry. He fought for your freedumbs.

grrr_nl Avatar

I thought most of the jews are lactose intolerant. Is this some trick from the drugs companies to get more people sick?

abdots Avatar

Ok, that is expensive. In Germany, the normal standard milk cost about 0,45€/l.

jitachi Avatar

Murrica sucks, that's why they don't want to go there.

silv3rgvn Avatar

no shit that is expensive

also minimum wage in israel is around 4.8 euro an hour, so you need to work an hour and a half to buy a liter of milk

a_khadeko Avatar

If your parents or grandparents are from a country that is now in the EU, you can try to get the citizenship of that country. Then you can live in Berlin without probs. I know some americans with polish ancestry who have done this.

greenbes Avatar

When was the last time you went outside? Now it's ~0.64€/l.

davidsasda Avatar

> If your parents or grandparents are from a country that is now in the EU, you can try to get the citizenship of that country.


t. arap jew

I'm trying to get Spanish citizenship based on Sepharadic ancestry though, the day I'll get it will be the day I get out of this fucking country

ma_tiax Avatar

How so?
Minimum wage per hour is something like 23 Shekels, you can buy 3 cartons of 1 litre with that.

joshjoshmatson Avatar

> minimum wage
Here, a minimum wage of 8.5€ will be introduced in 2015.

garand Avatar

Sry, I have only found an old receipt from ALDI NORD.

dwardt Avatar

I think I can get Spanish citizenship too.
Why would you want to live in Spain though?

marrimo Avatar

You know you would have to (literally) fight muslims here again, right?

yigitpinarbasi Avatar

His calculation skills just demonstrated the reason why he's such a poorfag.

zackeeler Avatar

Bus ride inside the city = 6.90 Shekels !
That's about 1.5 Euro.

In longer distances it costs even more.

eduardostuart Avatar

You can live in every EU-Country with a citizenship from another EU-Country. And If you have lived in Germany for more than 6 months, you can apply for H4 and be full Bernd.

sava2500 Avatar

I wouldn't, but Spanish citizenship means EU citizenship

souuf Avatar

thank goodness it's not Poland this time :^)

enjoy Germany your kike masters :^)

andychipster Avatar

In Berlin a normal Ticket costs 2.60€ for a 2h ride. A monthly pass for public transport costs 78€.

samihah Avatar

>Bringing in jews to remove kebab

heh, kek

garethbjenkins Avatar

I support the second shoah

areus Avatar

They are actually very good at removing kebab and in case they will open up stores in Berlin, you don't have to buy their stuff to not get ripped off.

joshuapekera Avatar

Really? Isn't that very expensive? 2.60€ for any ride? even for one that takes you accross a few streets?

artheft_ua Avatar

And they are already subsidized. In Kiel you pay 2.50€ for a bus ticket.

stephcoue Avatar

You can do the a whole ride trough the city with this ticket. But most people who are using the public transport regularly will buy a monthly pass.

bergmartin Avatar


That feel when 1,10€ per zone. I only need to use two zones when I visit the outer districts.

tmstrada Avatar

I have a monthly pass that applies for Tel-Aviv and most of its suburbs.
The cost is 246 Shekels (~53.40€)

cmzhang Avatar

Jews really never learn.

thomweerd Avatar

> even for one that takes you accross a few streets?
No you pay less then. I can't remember exactly how many stations I took last time, but I paid 1.70€, you just have to say to which station you want and the bus driver will print out the fitting ticket with the fitting price, I can't exactly tell you how much but there is a minimum you have to pay and at a certain number of stations you have to pay the 2.50€. If you buy a ticket for 2.50€ you can take a ride to any station you want and take a second bus with the same ticket for free. This at least how it works with the Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (KVG). Dunno about the rest of Germany.

giuliusa Avatar

Here you pay a fixed price, no matter the distance, it's get higher once you pass between "zones".

samscouto Avatar

It differs between the regions in Germany. Every transport authority Verkehrsverbund use his own tariff system.

armcivor Avatar

> Oi! Milky costs only 0.83 Shekel in Germany? Time to mufn.

I'm still laughing. Schlomo, come on!

baluli Avatar

Jews even outjew their own people.

VinThomas Avatar

> it's get higher once you pass between "zones"
The same with the KVG, all parts of Kiel are the same zone, if you want in a different zone that is close to Kiel there's a different price.

snowshade Avatar

Do you have problems of traffic in Germany?
Pic related is the situation in Israel every morning.

cbracco Avatar

Germany offers to personally tranport the 300k jews on a cruise as repayment for muh 6 bazillion

cruise is lost with all passengers in the Atlantic

kuldarkalvik Avatar

Since there some parts on the Autobahn that have no speed limit some speed junkies have sometimes accidents there might be a traffic jam and during rush hour of course.

steynviljoen Avatar

I don't know because don't own a car. I commute by public transport. Sometimes it is full, but the U-Bahn departs every tree minutes during rush-hour, so that is not e real problem.

abotap Avatar

Just came in :
Explosion in Israel-Lebanon border
2 Israeli soldeirs injured

bagawarman Avatar

Yes jews, yes, see we care so much about you we'll reduce the Milky to just one shekel, don't mind the small print hehehehe, just keep watching commercials and don't protest heheeheh stupid hilonim

mattsapii Avatar

Prepare you anus Israel ISIS is coming

alv Avatar

Rami Levi will sell Milky for 1 Shekel for a week.
All hail Rami Levi :DDDD

malgordon Avatar

It's Hezbollah
It's mother fucking Hezbollah !

anhskohbo Avatar

Rural Hungaria. Dodged a bullet there.

wahidanggara Avatar

why are you lying, greens/spd faggot? if anything, traffic jams are caused by angsty green hipsters who are inept to drive.
ökofaschos ins gas.

christianoliff Avatar

is it habidig agen?

jpotts18 Avatar



slaterjohn Avatar

Yes, lower price to a shekel for one week while raising other prices by 20%. You're not just here to buy that Milky, are you? See we totally care about The People™

Bernd Avatar

2 euro for a bottle of water
a euro for a candy bar

_kkga Avatar

>bottle of water
19c/1,5l in Germany, but you can also drink tap water. The Price is 2,50€ or so for 1000l.
>candy bar
39c for 100g

erikdkennedy Avatar

depending on the water and the candy
do you even jew'?

devankoshal Avatar

Buy cheap from arabs
Do home delivery to Israelis cheaper than supermarket priced

smaczny Avatar

Are you retarded m8? How many accidents have been caused because some idiots who were speeding like hell? And if you answer is zero you are an underage.

oanacr Avatar

It's such a delight to see how jews are getting jewed by themselves.

nerrsoft Avatar

>Jews moving away from here
I feel very happy...
Also, 3.5 shekels? Wow, here a similar looking one would cost 4-5 shekels, which is strange since most products are cheaper here.
>Palestinian markets gets stronger with the new Israeli audience
I like this...Although I don't think the Israeli government would share similar affection.

lisakey1986 Avatar

I know a lot of Palestinians are leaving Gaza recently.
Many got killed when smugglers sank their boat.

tereshenkov Avatar

You can have all of Israel for all I care

Berlin will be our new Jewish State

csteib Avatar

> how jews are getting jewed by themselves

If you so want the whole state of Israel is just a racket and Aliyah just a scam, somekind of ponzi scheme to sell initially worthless real estate taken away from its former owners. It's sad really. Let's see who is going to bail all that shit out when it goes inevitably broke. My guess is Europe.

alek_djuric Avatar

That's funny because the Palestinian dream is to cleanse the land from Jews.

joshhemsley Avatar


aleclarsoniv Avatar

I don't think you have read the book. You should, though. You might learn something.

clementc Avatar


please bring the IDF to germany as well, you can stay when you remove kebab :)

romanbulah Avatar

Yes indeed, not surprising really, a father of a family would certainly do anything to stop the fear from death by missiles, although I personally don't think drowning is a better option...
I don't know about smugglers sinking or whatever to be honest.
If I were them I would just stay in my place, the though of drowning is just...scary.

Also on the topic of Gaza and prices, my father knows some Gazan that came to Jerusalem, she said the prices there are much much cheaper than Jerusalem(Which is not saying much, that place is pretty expensive) or the West Bank.

bassamology Avatar

Why? Ilan Pappe is shitty, he moved out of here and get interviews in the Iranian press all the time, I have no reason to read his version of "history". There are other sources, like Benny Morris.

jamesmbickerton Avatar

You don't need to read a book from a self hating kike, you just need to read what the Arabs leaders said during the 48 war

i3tef Avatar

>peace is achieved by using Germany
Shokran Almania!
Arab leaders are retards.

mat_stevens Avatar

> IDF to germany
Why not? In Israel, even grills have to do military service.

t1mmen Avatar

Some secular Jews may leave, but you're stuck with the settlers who won't leave even if you throw an atom bomb on them.

you're fucked

trueblood_33 Avatar

That would be awesome, unless it's orthodox Jews.

ma_tiax Avatar

> Arab leaders are retards.

just like the fake balestinians

sgaurav_baghel Avatar

> orthodox Jews
Just send them to east Germany. We can handle them :3

matt3224 Avatar

Berlin is already stuffed with Israelis. Israelis everywhere. Really.

I don't even care.

nelshd Avatar

>send more unemployed people to East Germany, we don't have enough unemployed people yet

edobene Avatar

Dealing with those actually can be easier(Guaranteed equal equipment power), since they would Israel look much worse, like a Jewish Saudi Arabia which no one will support(I hope), and so we can fight them without much reprimand.
Also I heard from cubes that they are lazy and mostly rely on government money and IDF defense, so that can also be a bonus.

mrzero158 Avatar

The Jobcenter know how to cope with this people.

souperphly Avatar

I dont give a shit - Berlin is not Germany anyway.
However, reading the word "settle" gave me instant flashback.

kamal_chaneman Avatar

Op is just asking to be trolled.

soyeljuaco Avatar

Jewish pogroms in Israel when?

starburst1977 Avatar

He meant Israeli arabs, habeeb

oscarowusu Avatar

>Non-Berliners telling us about Berlin
Well thank you, always fun to read

chris_frees Avatar

Because they should move to your shitty city and not flood the whole country.

yassiryahya Avatar


hoangloi Avatar

Except outside Israel they'd be forced to work

teylorfeliz Avatar

No, those are haredim

arashmanteghi Avatar

I think you misunderstood.

adhiardana Avatar

I heard that some 48 Arabs have lower prices(A cube said that about a butchery store, which makes me doubt this spreads to other markets), but I don't think it works in other markets, they are still in the same market and economy as you.
Although I could be easily mistaken since I'm just speculating.

kennyadr Avatar

Been to Berlin twice. He dun goof'd

yehudab Avatar

It's basic economies. In Tel Aviv people make more money and at the same time land value is very high and prices everywhere are high. In the north and south people make less money and prices follow suit. The arab sector makes less money on average and prices are very low there. Same with haredi areas.

gojeanyn Avatar

Hmmm well I assumed they were talking about Arabs in Jewish communities(Like Arabs that live in Tel Aviv, would their prices still be lower than other Tel Avivis?), but if you are talking about Arab villages/towns in the inside areas, yes, I guess the prices must be lower.

ripplemdk Avatar

How long can you live off of 25k euros without working in Berlin?

andrewofficer Avatar

Unless it's some kind of ghetto in Tel Aviv then no they might still make less on average but prices are the same.

timgthomas Avatar

I'd say 2-3 years.

thierrymeier_ Avatar

Settlers are very strong.
You probably know them better than I do, so I don't have to tell you.

andyisonline Avatar

The hate towards Berlin is kind of ironic. I know some Bernds irl that got a lot of prejudices because they learned them from some imageboards although they never visited Berlin.

Like just hipsters, Muslims, leftist, greenfags and genereally super social people were living there.

But actually Berlin is the perfect place to live for every German Bernd. Not because people from Berlin are that different. Because of the size of the city it's way easier to find other weird people. Other Bernds. You might have very peculiar and rare hobbies but in Berlin you will find at least three other people having the same affinity.

Also most people don't care if you act a bit strange because in Berlin you see strange and worse people every day. You won't attract any attention.

What I like most is that Berliner are very straight forward when they are talking to you. This is great for social retarded people like Bernd.

Well, whatever. Keep staying butthurt.

peterlandt Avatar

>If your parents or grandparents are from a country that is now in the EU

This isn't true, my grandparents were from lithuania and I don't have any right to EU passport.