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/int/ 25677960: Democracy is stronger then all the world's tyrants

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At the beginning of the Cold War, many observers worried that the Soviet Union and the communist bloc would attain global dominance. But the United States and its allies successfully pursued a steady, half-century containment strategy, rebuilding the West, fostering Asian and Latin American growth, and waiting until the Soviet Empire collapsed under its own weight.

Faced with an authoritarian, expansionist China and a revanchist Russia, it is in both American and Indian interests to strike an alliance. Russia’s Ukrainian incursion and China’s aggressive moves along the India-China border and in the South China Sea should encourage cooperation between the U.S. and India. Indeed, American and Indian interests coincide far more than those of the United States and China. The United States and India both aim to maintain democracy worldwide, preserve a stable international order, peacefully resolve militaristic and trade issues attending the South China Sea, and promote economic growth through free markets. Meanwhile, China defends authoritarianism, seeks to maintain the role of state-owned enterprises, and may be destabilizing Asia in its quest to reassert its claims against its neighbors.

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>usa and nato
that rustles my autism a bit.

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volgograd is now a flashpoint?

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Under the leadership of Modi, the new government has renewed its interest in maritime security and has recognised the need to be involved in shaping the changing security architecture of the Indo-Pacific.

In boosting defence ties, India is also focusing on strengthening its maritime partnerships with the navies of the region such as Australia, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam. India offered a US$ 100 million line of credit to Vietnam, which was re-iterated during the visit of the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to Delhi in October 2014. Hanoi in turn is looking to use the credit to buy new naval vessels from New Delhi in an effort to strengthen its maritime defence in the South China Sea.

New Delhi must now also look to strengthen its maritime partnership with Jakarta under the leadership of President Joko Widodo — the new leader in Indonesia paying special attention to the maritime strategy of the country.

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omg they've surrounded switzerland

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There has been 2 allahu akbars last year, I believe.
One in central railway station, and one in a trolleybus.

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yeah, but those are just nutcase chechnyans, i wouldnt call it really important in the global scheme of things.

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>The United States and India both aim to maintain democracy worldwide


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There is nothing more precious then Democracy.

America and India understands that.

That's why we fight and continue to fight.

To break the chains of the oppressed when they raise their hands and beg America to rescue them.

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why cant we have picked the more attractive countries to ally with. Pudgy curry-stink indian women disgust me.

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What a fuck is that mean?

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the return of the fatpost australian

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Is it really Stalingrad again?

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Only on certain holidays

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Only local commies force that.

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i dont understand why russians would support renaming the city after one of the worst dictators in recent history.

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America has been making a huge mistake by destabilizing the Middle-East with the war in Iraq of 2003 and other pointless interventions.
How is it supposed to hold a moral authority over China and Russia when it is the first to give a bad example of imperialistic warmongering?

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Новое название Волгограда будут использовать в памятные дни, связанные со Второй мировой войной.

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everything can be blamed on our reinstallation and support of the Shah back in the 50s.

If only we'd let Mosaddegh be, then Iran might not have become such a reactionary shit hole and we might have supported them against Saddam during their war with Iraq.

oh well, maybe the conflict with ISIS will help heal our relationship with them.