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a_khadeko Avatar

That feel when I got a job. Problem is I told them I speak some French and Spanish but actually I only took some classes when I was in school 10 years ago and I have forgotten everything by now. What do?

joeymurdah Avatar

Use google translate.

arashmanteghi Avatar

Bernd will translate for you :^)

artcalvin Avatar

If you're don't need to use it is cool.
Maybe read a book?

pdugan19 Avatar

t. aunt Ann

areus Avatar

Tell them to truth and enjoy your dismissal at the end of the probation period

hoangloi Avatar

>being assburger enough to edit your posts
remember the 6 trillion jews judge you on every step

romanbulah Avatar

Doesnt really matter. I'm used to conference calls with people from many countries and they all have VERY shitty accents