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Why are Anglos obsessed with such things as "MUH MORTGAGE" "MUH CAR" "MUH PROPERTY PRICES"?

Continental Europeans seem to be less obsessed with these things.

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you sound like an academic scholar

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Because anglo culture is status obsessed and status in anglo countries means owning property.

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i dont really give a fugg

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If by anglos you mean Americans then its because out society encourages out of control spending.

It's the lifeblood of Democracy.

Plus, buying things helps people forget that life is America is incredibly Mediocre for most people.

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>still thinking in terms of continental europe and britain

get off your emipre mindset and join the rest of us in the real world.
you are a member of the EU and a part of the continent of europe. not some special island in the atlantic

ya ugly poofter

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Because >>25790351

Anyway it's righteous, who wants to be a serf renting from the lord and working for the master to pay the lord, when you can be the lord himself and the serfs your crop.

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There's more home ownership in the UK than in most European countries. Not here, though, where there are as many home owners as in the UK or perhaps even more (haven't looked those figures for a long time). That explains the obsession with real estate prices and mortages, which is also a thing here.

Dunno about the cars thing though. That sounds US-like, is it the same in the UK?

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>Continental Europeans seem to be less obsessed with these things.

What makes you think that?

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he's right though. Australia, New Zealand and Canada are all like it, USA is in another league though in some ways isn't as bad.

A lot of anglo countries adopted retarded planning systems and the puerile thatcherite mentality though, the property obsession comes about because between our between our kike banking systems, stupid planning systems that constrict the supply of housing, high immigration and shit tax systems, it's possible for complete retards who buy in at the right time in the right places to get fucking rich off of property.

Most of the baby boomer generation basically did this and ended up with hundreds of thousands in 'free' equity, and unlike in the US the rest of the anglo world never really crashed.

We have this retarded term, the "property ladder". Real estate is seen as the way you get ahead financially, especially for bydlo and aspiring middle class peoples.

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I've never heard anyone talking about MUH CAR
and most people get a mortgage and buy here 'cos it's a good investment when you consider rent prices. My mate just bought a 3 bedroom house and he's paying less on the mortgage than he was on renting a smaller shittier property. People talk about it a lot because the fucking wog and greed fueled property bubble.

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Anglos have an obsession with possessing land. They want a plot and their own castle. Other Europeans seem content with renting their entire lives.

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>Other Europeans seem content with renting their entire lives.

What does this "other europe" mean? It certainly doesn't include Finland, but then again we're mongols from central asia.

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Literally all of this shit has been the same here. We Angloshpere nao

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The French, Dutch, Belgians and Germans. This is what Brits refer to when they say continental Europe. Bassicly they refer to croissants, cafes, hatchbacks, not drinking excessively, drinking coffee and living the lidl life.

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>Literally all of this shit has been the same here.
.. and in every other European nation.

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So essentially they mean France.

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And the French probably has a similar romanticized image about Italy or some other nation.

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Also at least in Australia, the tenancy laws are incredibly shit and pro-landlord.
Parts of Continental Europe is completely different - I mean fuck, in France people can't be evicted during winter full stop.

In a country like Aus you're almost not considered an adult if you don't own your home (well, owe the bank most of it), and you'd be almost irresponsible to raise children while living in rental accommodation because it's so insecure. Because of the housing investment culture it's not that unlikely to be sold out from under you within 5 years, or for the owner to sell the house they're living in and decide to move in, ect.

You don't want to move 3-5 times while you're kids are growing up.

It used to be that poor people tended to live in government housing as well, which offered secure and affordable accomodation, but throughout the anglo world that's been sold off and/or badly under-invested in so it's basically inaccessible for those not already in the system.

People here seriously have a mentality along the lines of renters = children, owners = adults. I've seen posts on forums where people have moaned about horrible people living next door (tenants) and the #1 response has been 'contact the owners of the property!' and people suggesting shit like 'send the real estate agent the bill for any damage'

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culture of Perfidious Albinion

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Well yes pretty much. But sort of Holland too because you ride bikes, kill old people and sex with prostitutes and don't mind; which is pretty 'european' to brits.

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>Literally all of this shit has been the same here. We Angloshpere nao

well yeah, you guys went retarded with property and then crashed.

When Brits speak of continental Europe they basically mean France, Benelux and Germany though.

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It's the same here.

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fuck my writing is degrading, I really am brain damaged.

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Because Anglos have Ordnung

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Need to lay of the billies Dazza.

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I wish that was the problem.

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That picture implies dressing like a whore is fine if you're skinny but it's actually degenerate.

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worse, lexapro.

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No we don't

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>Continental Europeans seem to be less obsessed with these things.

And you base that on?

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Culture of safe island and no danger of being invaded and taken everything away. You can concentrate on self-improvement and status and be sure you get the credit you deserve. Continentals lack this because of the constant uneasy relations with neighbours. However I'd say it's not as extreme as to say there's two groups, the individualist anglos and everyone else being collectivist. Rather that the further east and south you go, the more collectivist it gets. Central and North-Western Yuropoors are still pretty individualist themselves. But overall you can say that there was no place in Europe and possibly the world that was safer than the British Isles for a long time.
Google for the Inglehart index.

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The US is different though.
The big 'liberal' cities are fucking awful, heavily stratified by wealth, obscene cost of living, of rent, ect, but you have places like Texas that are seriously economically egalitarian regardless of the politics involved.