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/int/ 27200128: Funny, how this still holds true after 3 centuries. ...

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Funny, how this still holds true after 3 centuries.

Russia has always been a problem to Europe, and we always came to defend it from the Russians, yet it saddens me to see pro-Russian sentiment across various European nations.

I guess, some people just never learn from the history, *sigh*
Don't plead for our help when you get another problem with Russia, Europe. You'd have it coming due to your ignorance.

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>some people just never learn from the history,
>and we always came to defend it from the Russians


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> and we always came to defend it from the Russians,
Funny implementation with land-lease.

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Turkey is irrelevant now though, nobody gives a shit about it.

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You know literally nothing about basic European history.

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Jesus, fatmaster, get laid

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>giving a shit about russia or america

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>Russia has always been a problem to Europe
>Burger speaking

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Remember that time Russia tried to exterminate all Germanics from the face of the earth and then use the newly sterilized Germanic lands as living space for the Russian master race?

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the smartest man in america

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>Muscovite–Lithuanian Wars
If USA, the beacon of the righteousness
in this world, existed back then, you'd be damn sure we'd at least support the Lithuanians financially.
>Russo-Polish Wa
See above, Poland has always been our ally in the Eastern Europe. The famous Amero-polish fighter - Tadeusz Kościuszko, fought against Russia, and for America in the revolutionary war.
>Napoleonic Wars
You'd be damn sure we'd supported our oldest ally - France, in its brave struggle against the so-called "Russia".
>Livonian War
The successors of the states that fought against Russia, are now NATO members, so do I need to tell you, that we'd have supported them back then too? Our mighty country haven't been born yet... so Russia was lucky we weren't there to stop it.
>Ukrainian War of Independence
Our presidents never liked the USSR or Russian Empire, in fact, Wilson, a great peace-enforcing US president (14 points, league of nations etc) refused to recognize the newly formed Bolshevik govt. So yeah, you'd be damn sure we'd have supported the Ukraine.
>Russo-Swedish Wars
We'd have supported the Swedes on this site. They're more dear to our hearts.
>Russo-Japanese War
It's no a secret, before WW2, even Roosevelt liked Japanese culture, besides, we were kinda lenient on the Japanese before ww2...
Anyway, we might have been either neutral, but we'd definitely not have any qualms if Japan decided to defeat Russia.
>Crimean War
the true European countries like France, Italy (Kingdom of Sardinia) and the UK fought against Russia. Do I need whose we'd have picked on? You're damn right, we'd always defend Europe against the Russians.

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t: ignorant Europeans I've been speaking of
t: Putin's shill
butthurt nazis
t: russian expat
The only true post itt.

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>Russia has always been a problem to Europe, and we always came to defend it from the Russians,

yeah, except when money from new york went to build up the soviet union and we fought the nazis rather than the soviets

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>after 3 centuries.
That is really US-education tier.

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>the true European countries like France, Turkey, Italy (Kingdom of Sardinia) and the UK fought against Russia.


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my sides

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If not for us, Poland would have been part of USSR.

So is Greece, at least we contained the USSR, like a river, changing its direction etc.

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Europeans. When will they learn?

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Russia is a european country.

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well, 19th century, 20th century, and it is almost the second decade of the 21st century
so, almost after 3 centuries...
besides, if you add up the years after 1877 (1900-1877) with the current year: 2015 (15 years) you get 23+15 = 38 years
so it's 2 centuries and 38 years, so... almost 3 centuries.

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No it's not.
They desperately want to be a part of it, but they'd never be.
No mater how many "Peter the faggots" they'd have, they'd always remain "russian".

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>If not for us, Poland would have been part of USSR.

What the fuck am I reading

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>pro-Russian sentiment

they see russia as
>not usa
thats why they like it
its sad but true they dont ask them selfs what a cancer russia is all they care about is that they arent you

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Americans should be very quite in themes like war.. you did most shit in modern times

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baa bady baa

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2015 - 1877 = 138

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God Wills it, with the collective western forces, we will finally put an end to Russia in this century.

Just so you wait and see how we will finally fed up with the troubles Russia causes to the progressive western civilization, so we'd end it.

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Why Putin has DESU dick?

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>Peter the faggots
Can I have the story behind that name?

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Russia is only why you are still in space, stupid murrifat

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>NordAmerikano threada

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alas, it will be too late for those ignorant Europeans
but imagine their sudden realization, their self-pity, when they realize what dumbfucks they were thinking wrongfully about Russia?

At this very last moment, they'd remember our words, they'd regret not listening to our wise words... but it'll be too late for them.

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Here's the article about him.
He saw the Russians for what they are, and wanted to change them, turn them into Europeans.

What a fool. Little did he know, the Russians would always remaind russian.

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There's a lot of "would" in your post.

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its a FETISH

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I like you, OP.
I hope we get to gut russian conscripts together and burn their villages.

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Every schoolboy knows about him.
I was asking why are you referring to him as "Peter the Faggot".

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>Russian involvement in the American Revolutionary War
>The decisions made by Catherine and Panin during the Revolution to continue trade with the colonies, remain officially neutral, refuse Britain’s requests for military assistance, and insist on peace talks that linked a resolution of the American Revolution with the settlement of separate European conflicts indirectly helped the Americans win the Revolution and gain their freedom.

>During the American Civil War, Russian-American relations were very good. Alone among European powers Russia offered rhetorical support for the Union, largely due to the view that the U.S. served as a counterbalance to the British Empire.[16]

>During the winter of 1861–1862, the Imperial Russian Navy sent two fleets to American waters to avoid their getting trapped if a war broke out with Britain and France. Many Americans at the time viewed this as an intervention on behalf of the Union, though historians deny this.[17]

>Alexander Nevsky and the other vessels of the Atlantic squadron stayed in American waters for seven months (September 1863 to June 1864).[18]

>1865 saw a major project: the building of a Russian-American telegraph line from Seattle, Washington through British Columbia, Russian America (Alaska) and Siberia - an early attempt to link East-West communications. It failed and never operated.

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> after 3 centuries
Funny how someone without any knowledge of history starts to make judgements about historical processes.

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thanks for posting the photo, one less Russian on /int/ is by default a good thing.

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Because he was a brown-noser, buttering up to the Europeans.

Well, maybe he wasn't much of a faggot after all, in the end, he wanted to change Russia/Russians into Europe/Europeans.

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Thanks for posting this screenshot.

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That's a disappointing story, man.
Well, he was a strange guy. Especially for a ruler.

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What's illegal here, idiot?

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I heard a joke told by a Russian on /int/ once, it goes like this:

"the only ones who are afraid of the Russian army, are the young Russian males of the drafting age"

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The child is nude.

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>after 3 centuries
>Map is from 1877

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nudism =/= cp

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Too obvious

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That's not the most important part of my message.

I mean, it's your little continent that is at stake... I'm just worried a little bit about the Europe's future, now that the Russia is starting to cause more troubles...

I mean, we'd always kick the shit out of Russia if it dares to do something stupid with us, but you, Europeans? Well, first, you need to acknowledge the Russian threat.
It's like with an illness, you won't cure it, until you realize you have illness. That's the first step to curing it.

Stop being ignorant of Russia.