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/int/ 27828276: Berndom is caused primarily by low testosterone. Get yo...

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Berndom is caused primarily by low testosterone. Get your T levels checked, and your life can change significantly. Suddenly you have motivation, your depression and anxiety are gone, and a life of sitting idly by is unthinkable. Testosterone is magic.

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If only it were that easy.

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how to increase testosterone without pills

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eat sperm

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I have a really high testosterone level, and I am still Bernd. Only thing testosterone does for me as far as I am concerned is keep my muscle mass larger than it should be for a NEET, keep me hairy, and make me masturbate at least twice a day on a bad day.

It doesn't even make me angry or emotional.

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my levels are actually almost dangerously high.
yet i am bernd

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It is. People like to bullshit about all these different social causes, effects, traumas, when in reality it just comes down to biology. All those worries go away if you just change the way your body is made up.

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You're an idiot. Stop posting.

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But I will always have a low-test face.

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Berndom is caused by the capitalism, and the oppressive classes.

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DHT is responsible for male baldness

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You are a beta with low T and genetically inferior.

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yes and no, you go bald if your follicles have no resistance to DHT

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I often have dreams in which I bald and such.

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Now suppose that you're right. Now what? Go to some shady dealer and inject testosteron directly into your penis or what?

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In the US you can just go to a doctor and if you have low T he'll proscribe it. But I assume in Europe it's a nightmare with socialized medicine, especially a drug that will enhance maleness, which is frowned upon.

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No, unlike you I'm not a virgin pushover, if that's what you're insinuating being "bernd" means.

There are many other factors that come into play in adjusting to society beyond testosterone. I bet you don't even fully understand the role testosterone plays in your body. In fact I'm confident that you don't, because neither do scientists.

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How do I know if I am balding? I often feel as if the hair in the top of my head is not as tick as the one on the sides and back, not sure if this is because hair on sides all goes down and its shorter or because it is genuinely less hair on top, and I am not sure if this is my natural hair or something new.

And as Bernd I am in constant stress over nothing which I feel might make my hair go away faster, although I remember getting a few gray hairs in some occasions rather than loosing hair.

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i think that means you feel guilt/shame

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This plus constant anger. At least I ain't balding

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Yeah but it's illegal.

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>muh tabula rasa it's all a blank slate biology isn't real

Testosterone makes you more dominant, more prone to take risks(Bernd is too scared to fail), more aggressive, more determined, etc. This is just scientific facts that feminists try to suppress because they hate reality and facts.

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that anger is just German genetics brah, I heard Africans have really low testosterone and are still very libidinous and angry

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Men with low test are constantly angry.
> balding
Lol. Just look at balding men and you will see that they are almost always pudgy and flabby, narrow-faced, etc. High-test alpha-looking men usually have full heads of hair.

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>testosterone is magic and will fix all my problems

Oh boy, can't wait for you to discover serotonin.

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Many bernds here just want as many biological excuses as possible before ever considering to held their own character against the liabilities of their current sytuation

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But I want to be the little girl.

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Most Bernds don't blame biology they blame their parents because that's something they can't fix. They refuse to accept it could be something as simple as low T because that would shatter their superiority complex and it could be easily solved, making them responsible for their actions.

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I just realized that's an girls hand

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how to increase testosterone without pills

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yeah a good hormone balance is amaze. it helped my mother and grandfather feel more normal.

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no it's caused by assburgers and social incompetence

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I have all the symptoms for high testosterone but I don't like people. I work out, have lots of body hair, eat loads, all that shit, but I hate fucking speaking to people. Everyone pisses me off. So I'm a shut-in. Not a NEET.

I still hate everyone. High test changes nothing if you're a sperg at heart and only want srs dscsns with like minded people who you don't actually converse with.

Fuck off OP with your "try this and everything will change!" poltician-tier bollocks. Get enough of that fucking shite here with the GE coming up.

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that's not healthy, at least without consultations with doctor. Hormon injections are for ill people, mate.

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Daww, go watch the Solar eclipse bro, I'm sure you can see it good in bath.

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> ill people

Bernd is ill

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testosterone supplements will make your testicles shrink

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Bernd is ill mentally

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Wrong, no-fapping is the only real cure for Bernddom. But Bernd is too addicted to weird fetish porn to let go of his dick.

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Oh great more bro-medicine from 4chan /fit/

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But I'm so horny, how can I be low on T?!