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His skin burned where it had been kissed. The thrusts came harder and rougher into him, as those lips traced now along the curve of his shoulder to latch to the nape of his neck.

Even with his legs splayed and his knees dug deep into the mattress, Finland thought he couldn't be more comfortable. He bucked, gasping, as pleasure trilled up his spine. He could feel Russia's hand snaking around to cradle his throat, and his Adam's apple bobbed along his warm, work-calloused fingers as he swallowed.

But Russia was getting rough, and the low-pleasure burn was beginning to scorch.

"S-slow down!" he rasped, dry-mouthed. His only answer was a noncommittal hum that thrummed against his skin.

The pace did slow for him. But to his dismay, the long and deliberate drags of Russia's cock served only to stoke at the engulfing heat. His breath hitched, and each intake of breath felt like fire searing down his throat. He had to bite down on his lower lip to keep from mewling.

"You needn't be so brave," Russia teased. His breath puffed into Finland's ear, and Finland shuddered to feel it. "Come, let me hear your voice," he whispered.

Russia's fingers crawled up to Finland's lips, sliding in to pry them apart. Finland could not help from crying then as Russia chose that very moment to press in deep.

"Hmm, yes, love your voice!"

Blinking away the spots that had burst and dotted his vision, Finland realised with numbed horror that he had peaked. Red flushed across the surface of his skin as he trembled in mortified silence; he could hardly believe himself.

His falling quiet did not go unnoticed.

"You've gone still. Have you come?" Russia giggled.

Without waiting for an answer, he pulled out and twisted Finland around, flipping him onto his back. There was no escaping then. Finland could only cringe as Russia swiped his fingers across his belly, which came away wet and sticky with his ejaculation.

"S-sorry!" Finland whispered.

Russia's eyes gleamed and fell half-lidded. Don't be, they seemed to say.

His fingers found their way to Finland's lips again, and Finland was tasting himself. As he lapped and suckled obligingly at the probing digits, Russia thrust suddenly into him, causing him to let out a muffled, pleasured sob.

"I do so love your voice," Russia sighed dreamily, setting a slow, rocking pace that had the mattress springs squeaking beneath their weight.

Finland thought he could not be any more comfortable.


Please give me some feedback, I thought it would be nice to take the traditional countryball characters and make them a little more gritty and mature. Sort of a reboot. I just wrote it because I can't draw in a gritty style. Anyway hope you enjoyed! Feel free to post other favorite comics!

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Good, but inaccurate, because Russia would be the one lowering pidor Finland lower than the floor and shoving planks up his ass. That sort of erotica, not your sort.

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Fucking hell, i drew that picture YEARS ago

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No offense, but I think your characterization of Russia is way off. He has to maintain a careful balance between his hard, tough exterior and the tenderness inside his heart. Either interpretation could be valid.

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BUMP, this is the thread of the year so read it. entirely new countryball format, virgin territory for our favorite countryball antics.....fucking groundbreaking gents, IF we do it right

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9/10 would read again.

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krautchan legend

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enjoy this jpg, kc
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