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/int/ 28404854: Is bernd a retard or a misunderstood genius?...

tereshenkov Avatar

Is bernd a retard or a misunderstood genius?

iqbalperkasa Avatar

I'm a misunderstood retard

emilioiantorno Avatar

I'm an insane genious!

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stuartlcrawford Avatar

I am a misunderstood retard

_vojto Avatar

Oh baby, please don't let me be misunderstood.

linux29 Avatar

misunderstood retarded autist

superoutman Avatar

I'm just a boring loser.

marcusgorillius Avatar

Misunderstood retard

suribbles Avatar

Iiiiii'm just hohol
whose intentions are good.

leonfedotov Avatar

Back in the days when I was a teenager I would get away from my friends and sit on the cafeteria of the school by myself and just observe people.
One day when I was doing that, a teacher came near me and said "One day, we will hear a lot about you", then he tapped my shoulder twice, that slow tap with a full hand and walked away.

I still don't know what the fuck was that about.
So either he thought I was a genius or a school shooter.

Go figure.

joshkennedy Avatar

>misunderstood genius
this is what bernd literally thinks about himself
>i'm smart! i'm just lazy, yeah, that's why i'm a failure

vigobronx Avatar

It's either he wanted to cheer you up because he thought you have no friends
he thought you have no friends because you're very nerdy, thus you'll study hard and become a successful scientist or something.

bassamology Avatar

let me tell you about yourself
t. every keinbernd

vladarbatov Avatar

I don't know about Bernd but I do know about myself. When I was an adolescent I got put into a "gifted" school for all of middle school and high school, based on performance in elementary school. I did alright but ended up spiraling into computer and Internet addiction since I had no real social life to occupy my time. The point is though that I think my only advantage was that I developed early mentally, or at least applied myself mentally, and then petered off and other people (normal people) overtook me. It's the same as how a jock or high school alpha develops physically earlier than the other kids, then after high school he's a fat gas station attendant.

subburam Avatar


That's it. That was my only advantage. Developing early. Once we reach adulthood the playing field is leveled out or people reach their maximum potential.

sgaurav_baghel Avatar

Bernd is a bag of great manure which however gives no fruit.