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I have a dream. This dream is to found a huge "federation" of coops, from coop restaurants to coop butcheries to coop bars and coop breweries and coop farms. High quality food, beverages, mushrooms, cured meats and sausages, etc. Those coops would cooperate with each other for lower prices and better quality, with the breweries or butcheries providing high quality products to restaurants which in turn would offer discount to members and used oil to soap factories and the breweries would offer the mushroom farms the rest of the malt after mashing, etc. Something like KaleidoScoops or Mondragon Corporation, but branching out in many areas foccusing on food, life quality and culture.
Is that too ambitious?

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Sounds communist to me. Are you a communist?

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>Are you a communist?
I'm an anarchist without adjetives that supports a mutualist/distributist economy.

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you are 40 years late

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>I'm an anarchist bla bla bla

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Are you aware that Peter Thiel, one of the world's most important billionaires is an anarchist?