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Seven-year-old knocked off her bike and killed in front of her horrified mother and brother on busy main road

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The murderer was probably brown.

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Finally a crackdown on cyclists.

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>bike on busy main road

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The person behind the wheel was either brown or some old white guy who shouldn't be driving.

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>jeremy, where are you going?
>just going to take little angela out to play on her bike on the motorway

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>oh my god, a person died, that is so rare

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Wow British roads look like shit. This would have been a maximum 70 km/h road here.

>hit and run, leaving when hitting a child
increased likelihood of driver being brown

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genepool cleansed

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>Seven-year-old knocked off her bike and killed in front of her horrified mother and brother on busy main road

that fucking headline made it sound like someone just walked up to her, pushed her off the bike and then murdered her

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which is what I recommend when it comes to childen in general

we have to do something about overpopulation now

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Look, we actually have freedom of speech in Sweden:

>Men born abroad on average actually run a 50 per cent greater risk than Swedish-born men, of being involved in an accident resulting in serious injury, while women born abroad run a 10 per cent higher risk than Swedish-born women. However, people who were born in the following two zones: the former Soviet Union and the Western World (including Western Europe, North America, Australia and Japan) run either the same or lower risk than people born in Sweden. This is also true for women who were born in Latin America and Southern and Central Africa. The people who are at the greatest risk compared with Swedish-born people are those born in the Middle East and Northern Africa. They run twice the risk of being involved in an accident resulting in a serious injury. Logistic regression was used to calculate the probability of a car driver being involved in a road traffic accident that is reported to the police. Other background factors were taken into consideration in addition to birth zone. These include gender, age, annual distance driven, years with a driving license, legal action for traffic offences and socioeconomic factors, including gainful employment, income and level of education; all of which have shown to play a contributing role in the risk of being involved in an accident. The results showed that there was still a difference in the risk of accidents between birth zones, even when consideration was made to the effect of these different background factors.

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>a small child died
>better go and gloat about it on int

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Indeed, she may have been some pakistani' waifu.