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/int/ 30211407: Okcupid profile "If you are not a feminist, don...

joshuapekera Avatar

Okcupid profile

"If you are not a feminist, don't bother contacting"

Into le trash it goes

jonkspr Avatar

"And there is one more thing to know; I’m somewhat demisexual"

What does this mean. Do I really have to google the term?

mat_stevens Avatar

Sounds like she doesn't give a shit what you think

adriancogliano Avatar

>"looking for friends" on OkCupid, a dating site

alv Avatar

>If you don't speak Finnish and think that Kekonnen was the greatest ruler of all time, don't bother taking me on a date

such cases looking for nice finnish grille ;___;

aadesh Avatar

It means she has sex with demons (or wants sex with demons, she still may be a demivirgin).

naupintos Avatar

It seems that the only women who use OKCupid are Reddit-tier pseudo-intellectuals. I'd rather take my chances in a nightclub.

ntfblog Avatar

>sign up as a female on dating site
>no picture
>no text
>log in a day later
>millions of messages from guys
Now why would you sign up for a dating site unironically as a guy?

bagawarman Avatar

Orientation : Bisexual
on 90% of female profiles

xspirits Avatar

There are more men than women overall on dating websites, but most of the men are fucking regards, so the odds are in more favourable than they first seem as long as you aren't a mong.

souuf Avatar

what is the lower age limit for girls in tinder and okcupid?

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

Probably 18 since USA think it is pedo otherwise