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/int/ 30214903: >there are at least thousands of animals we have nev...

ah_lice Avatar

>there are at least thousands of animals we have never seen because they are too deep in the ocean

velagapati Avatar

It's probably for the best

arnel_lenteria Avatar

Extraterrestrial life probably looks like that

ryanjohnson_me Avatar

>between 2000-2009, there were 176,311 newly discovered species

>Nearly 2 million species have been identified since 1758.

>It is estimated that 10 million additional plant and animal species still await discovery.

>It has been speculated that up to 20 million new marine microbial species may still be discovered.

vickyshits Avatar

How do you even keep up with so many species?

rcass Avatar

It is possible that you constantly are surrounded by unidentified insects. Shield bug with a slightly differing shield color pattern would already mean that's a new species.

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>There are millions of animals that have gone extinct and we will possibly never know about them
>priceless fossils and artifacts have gone undiscovered and potentially lost to time thanks to natural and human forces
>you'll never help discover one of these species and contribute to the index