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/int/ 30214916: DARWINISTS BTFO

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>still believing you started out in some ancient soup by accident
Future generations will laugh at your idiocy.

horaciobella Avatar

Czech m8, atheists!

ryanmclaughlin Avatar

the fact that almost all living cells has similar elements in them confirms this.

gtfo low quality bait nigger.

tube_man Avatar

This is just about showing that evolution is everything but proven.

>the fact that almost all living cells has similar elements in them confirms this.
Except it doesn't, dumbass. But I see your "faith" is very strong :-)

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"Hey girls, have I already told you about that one time I met Steve Irwin?"

devankoshal Avatar

>I'm a gullible retard, defending darwinism without having any understanding of the concept myself
It's cool man, I know.

souuf Avatar

You are? Good for you. You're also a gullible retard listening to some geezer talk while he casually leaves out the "selection" part in natural selection and gets hung up on the term Descent, even though we're still using "descendants" as term for our children.

craigelimeliah Avatar

>chance of something to happen in absolutely endless universe prone to be ≈100%
>not accepting evolution as a real fact in 2015(sic!)
>still believing in "impossibility" of life

tweet_john Avatar

A good read on how the darwnistic concept of evolution doesn't fit with shit we actually know to be true:

chatyrko Avatar

it's all theories and those who believe blindly in any science are just as fanatical as religious people that they tend to criticize

edobene Avatar

Congratulations, in your butthurt you managed to base your judgement completely on a stupid youtube comment.
You just provided the proof yourself confirming you're a gullible retard! :-)

>something happens
>it's evolution!
Lulz. Step up your logic.

keyuri85 Avatar

that's the whole idea mate. It reinforces itself by fitting in with current understanding.

sreejithexp Avatar

True that, but you're misusing the term "science" here. Everybody is a scientist, and everybody uses science. It's just a tool.

Shriiiiimp Avatar

that's the whole idea mate. It reinforces itself by fitting in with current understanding.>>30215113

bassamology Avatar

>can't make predictions

not science

javorszky Avatar

How did we come about, Bernd?

vigobronx Avatar

It was USA tier

doronmalki Avatar

I didn't make the thread to find an answer for this question.
Just to point out that the answer most of the retards here believe to be true is absolute bullshit.
It was trisomy 21 tier.

dmackerman Avatar

your dad fucked your mommy

mefahad Avatar

So OP, how did we "start out" if not by accident in some ancient soup?

polarity Avatar

how do you know that life had a start?

gmourier Avatar

It was aliens.

sementiy Avatar

Notice that part is in quotes, so ask OP.

artcalvin Avatar

Already addressed this here: >>30215158

wiljanslofstra Avatar

Fuck long videos. If you cant make your point concisely in text than it is worthless

joynalrab Avatar

Evolution is not really a matter of belief.
Evolution is just genetic mutations being passed on through reproduction. It's basic stuff.

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can you accept that matter was always there and was never created? same could be with life, just like energy or entropy

it's all just speculation anyway

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regards, your friendly neighbourhood grammar nazi

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Watch the video in the OP, dummy.

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We don't even have a solid definition of 'matter' since Newton discovered the "occult force" of gravity. Before then matter was understood as solid corpuscles and all force was transfered through physical contact. Gravity is not corpuscular. Later, other forces were discovered and quantum physics was born, but this just reinforced the fact that matter has no scientific definition.

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Please stay on topic, my friends.

bighanddesign Avatar

I do what I want

llun Avatar

O-okay ;_;

_zm Avatar

if you believe that what you see and feel is real, then by experience you can understand what matter is, even if it's not accurate, but it's enough,

no scientist ever dares to ask the question, who created matter? in the same way as people tend to ask, who created life? just because we are mortal, doesn't mean that life started at some point

the big bang theory doesn't explain it either

lisakey1986 Avatar


>chance of something to happen in absolutely endless universe prone to be ≈100%

Visible universe seems to be quite orderly and homogeneous for a generator of absolutely everything, don't you think? Come back when the astronomers spot with their telescopes a gigantic glowing teapot the size of galaxy, drifting through space.

vj_demien Avatar

good post. i lol'd, thank you.

alv Avatar

I didn't mean that obviously, read again.

robergd Avatar

How about you start making sense instead?

fatihturan Avatar

> spot with their telescopes a gigantic glowing teapot the size of galaxy, drifting through space.

All teapots are drifting through space. Perhaps an alien is viewing the one in your kitchen with his telescope right now.

polarity Avatar

Funny how its still teached in schools as a "fact" rather than as a theory it really is

ffbel Avatar

At this point in time I suggest calling it "fanfiction" is more accurate.

christianoliff Avatar

Abiogenesis is a work in progress but evolution is legit

craigelimeliah Avatar

But abiogenesis also called the "primordial soup" wasn't even a concept when Darwin theorized about evolution. You're mixing everything up again Hans.

sunshinedgirl Avatar

The video in the OP also debunks the idea of one species turning into another. So for example a whale mutating into a bear over millions of years.

romanbulah Avatar

summarize the proofs

kamal_chaneman Avatar

So the video debunks genetic mutations?
Summarise the points of the video.

salleedesign Avatar

Endogenous retroviruses prove evolution.

superoutman Avatar

I ain't your nigger, nigger.

suribbles Avatar

No. If you have the attention span of a rabbit on acid or don't care enough about the subject to watch it yourself, fuck off.

ffbel Avatar

"Hi guys, I understand the meaning of life, have solved every mathematical puzzle, and know the true nature of the universe. Just watch this video!"

craighenneberry Avatar

You can rub the sand out of your pussy now. :-)

mfacchinello Avatar

videos are a pain in the ass, fuck you

guischmitt Avatar


>debunks the idea of one species turning into another

Instead, Bears and whales just popped into existence out of nowhere.

creartinc Avatar

1. download and convert to mp3
2. listen to it when you have time, for example when preparing your meal or driving to work
3. success!

alternatively: do you own fucking research and spend 5 minutes using google to find text based answers. and fuck you too.

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mylesb Avatar

Instead, you're just a dumbass. :-)

shesgared Avatar


I know it's strange when we have near complete fossil records for fast evolving species, but the Idea of humans being one of them is offensive to some people.

ayalacw Avatar

Stop talking with yourself, dumbass.

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If conscious, reflecting and creative beings know as humans, are one of the conclusions of existence of a highly restricted by the laws of physics universe as we've already established, your "everything generator" rather sucks at it's job, what does it implies ivan?

teylorfeliz Avatar

"Everything generator" implies some sort of purpose. There is none. Evolution is simply the process by which things that are good at reproducing themselves do so more than things that aren't

Shriiiiimp Avatar

That's me fuck. Where did you get that picture from?

hota_v Avatar

>"Everything generator" implies some sort of purpose.
It was the russian defending evolution who came up with the "everything generator" in the first place.

carloscrvntsg Avatar

Still too soon man.

arnel_lenteria Avatar


The opposite. Everything generator - absolutely everything can happen, but it's false, since our universe is not a huge soup of absolutely everything. It has laws, limits and restrictions. It's orderly and resembles a very sophisticated machine

guischmitt Avatar

Can we be friends, smart pole?

andrewgurylev Avatar

>matter has no scientific definition
wut? I thought scientifical definition is: matter is everything that has weight.

marciotoledo Avatar


Mass, not weight and Volume. Weight is dependent on gravity.

yesmeck Avatar

how would you know if something has mass if there was no gravity?

eloisem Avatar



jajodia_saket Avatar


>how would you know if something has mass

It requires a force to act upon it in order to be put in motion and to stop that motion. Alternatively, you can destroy it entirely and calculate the mass it did have from the energy it releases.

necodymiconer Avatar

Do you have steam? We could play silly games together.

mfacchinello Avatar


I don't play games, sorry. My current laptop runs on linux, is made of potatoes and powered with coal ;__;

abdots Avatar

Another good watch on the subject. The arguments of both sides are represented in a fair way and it all has the charming style of a good educational movie from the early 90s.

bergmartin Avatar

evolution never meant constant improvement of a specie

saulihirvi Avatar

i studied evolutionary biology. what dont you get exactly op. gib specifics

chrstnerode Avatar

I can relate, it's okay bro.
I would never buy games on steam myself but my sister has quite a few on her account that I can use to play with Bernd friends.
Also, my internet is powered by a mule walking in circles. Such is village life.

shesgared Avatar

>i studied evolutionary biology.
you fucked up already, lol.

malgordon Avatar

Not really, I'm studying to be a biochemist.

grafxiq Avatar

So? You still fucked up.

nasirwd Avatar

Stop being vague, it doesn't help your point. So tell me, what exactly don't you understand about our wonderful Cosmos? :)

langate Avatar

but you don't mean because he's going to be poor or lack respect or accomplish nothing with his life, but because he is liable to believe something you don't believe in.

keyuri85 Avatar

>he's going to be poor or lack respect or accomplish nothing

Are biochemists poor in Germany or something?

Shriiiiimp Avatar

Not really, that's why i said he doesn't mean that.

murrayswift Avatar

It's you who doesn't understand, so I'll be specific to help you out:
You chose to spend a lot of money and time to get indoctrinated.
And just like the dumb chicks who took women's studies classes, you're naive enough to believe you actually got educated instead.

pakhandrin Avatar


"Lol, dumb lefties, believing in gravity.just like the dumb chicks who took women's studies classes, you're naive enough to believe you actually got educated instead. Brb while I fly around. " :--D

robinlayfield Avatar


>play with Bernd friends.

What games are you paying?

Bernd Avatar

i know you're trying to troll but you're not doing a very good job, you're just looking like that crazy guy with the sign in the inner city

buleswapnil Avatar

Lol, it's okay. You can stop being butthurt little girls now. :-)

timgthomas Avatar

Come on, if you're going to troll at least study the topic so you understand it better. Linking a young earth creationist isn't trolling, it's just silly.

alexcican Avatar

it's important to me that you understand i'm not butthurt. if a person is smearing himself with poo in front of my eyes, it doesn't make me butthurt. in fact, if i come to an imageboard, it's pretty much what i expect to see, it's the monkey dancing for my amusement i have come for.

fritzronel Avatar

babbies first troll

csteib Avatar

I'm not trolling, you're just dumb as fuck.
Also, I would know if I advocated any arguments in favour of "young earth creationism", which I did not.

cyril_gaillard Avatar

>link young earth creationist
>hurr i dont advocate him

Seriously, is this your first time trolling?

mefahad Avatar

>it's important to me that you understand i'm not butthurt
it's not important to me tho. baiii.
retard's average post
Where did I link one?
Also: I don't care if it's Hitler or Buddha making an argument. I care about the argument, my dear dumb faggot.

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greenbes Avatar


craighenneberry Avatar

Aren't you OP?

oaktreemedia Avatar

Yes I am, dumb faggot. Didn't you watch the video in the OP?

kamal_chaneman Avatar

You don't know Jerry Bergman is a retarded dumb young earth creationist that knows nothing about the dynamics of allele change frequency but believes the earth is a few thousand years old because he says so?

millinet Avatar

What a shame considering the Jerry Bergman in the video I watched didn't mention any of that and made very good arguments instead.

So no, I didn't know. And I don't care, which I told you already. If a lunatic says 2+2=4, 2 plus 2 still equals 4. It doesn't magically become wrong, dumbass.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

LOL this is hilarious coming from the lonely faggot who took the time to search every single germanball in the thread, regardless if it was me or not.
No need to be butthurt, friend. :-)

melvindidit Avatar

forms Siamese twins aren't mutations dude unless they discover alleles that facilitate Siamese twins. That would be considered a mutation.

jajodia_saket Avatar

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

davidtoltesy Avatar

We get that. Assuming you're referring to the first pic in the OP, evolutionists also don't usually talk about stones turning into computers overnight. Have some imagination.

mrxloka Avatar

Still butthurt? Calm down, friend. :-)

enjoythetau Avatar

well I don't like intellectual dishonesty and loaded and biased comparisons. if you want to have a debate, you have to follow certain rules.

thehacker Avatar

Watch the fucking video in the OP if you want to see proper argumentation regarding mutation. :-)

PS: actual debate doesn't have any rules, fellow internet intellectual.

p_kosov Avatar

Actually, I'm the resident Biology Bernd and I'm not wasting time on Creationists

mrxloka Avatar

All he's saying is 'hurr it takes soo many mutations to evolve, like dude, that'd take like, a million years,or something."

aio___ Avatar

t. person not worth discussing with

suprb Avatar

Cool. You're not speaking to one, but you can still fuck off.

How to argue like a little girl:

Step 1: make baseless claims

Step 2: point to shiny badge and white lab coat.

Step 3: express self-righteous indignation.

Step 4: employ condescending faggotry.

Step 5: repeat ad infinintum.

My reponse to pretentious fucks like you:

karalek Avatar

Don't be mad. I also don't waste time on nuts who tell me Islam is peace or some-such propaganda... some things are just self-evidently wrong.

ripplemdk Avatar

Sometimes it really feels like half of the people I speak to here are dumb high school girls.
At least act like a good cheerleader and shut the fuck up when you're supposed to. :-)

ovall Avatar

I don't give a fuck about the stuff you invest your time in. But you can stop investing it into this thread now. :-)

judzhin_miles Avatar

You're not countering my argument, boy. how does he prove evolution wrong? Like I said, that's all he's saying. He's not proving anything wrong.

yehudab Avatar

Yeah, it just makes me think back to a time where it wasn't considered cool to be a pretend-retard on /int/ outside of race trolling, and then I get sad.

mwarkentin Avatar

I'm not trying to counter your argument. It's absolute shit and it's clear you didn't watch the video.
I'd rather identify the obvious problem: you're too dumb to be debating me.

n1ght_coder Avatar

He is also simply lying. He says Science doesn't explain what came before cells which is wrong. the RNA world and Ribozymes (RNA enzymes ) that preceded the single celled life is taught ad nauseam at Unis.

alek_djuric Avatar

What a tearjerking story, friend ;_;
You're too fucking dumb to even understand what science is, Mr. Sophisticated.

chris_frees Avatar

>Step 1: make baseless claims

achievements by science: Every fucking thing

achievements by religions: literally nothing

baseless indeed

adriancogliano Avatar

You're too fucking dumb to even understand what RNA is, Mr. Shitposter.

jimmywebdev Avatar

LOL now you feel like responding to it? What motivated you, a slight tickle near your anus?

And you still don't understand what science is. :-)

xspirits Avatar

Wow. I haven't seen a real "scientific" atheist versus "religious" theist thread in years.

Good job, guys.

aaronstump Avatar

>remember when 4chan]/s] KC as goo?
>[s]4chan]/s] KC was never good!

KC was always shit

Bernd Avatar

"Watch this video and argue against it"
> ppl don't watch video, make generalized arguments
"You didn't watch the video. Watch it"
> ppl watch video, make particular arguments against its claims
"You're dumb."

horaciobella Avatar

Calm the butthurt, my mentally challenged friend. :-)

timgthomas Avatar

So much this.

sindresorhus Avatar

Well you don't see one now because that isn't what this thread is about. Butthurt retards try to make it about that.
>thinks I'm a troll even tho I make much more sense than him
>keeps responding anyways
And you want to deny that you're dumb?

vikashpathak18 Avatar

I'm not saying it wasn't shit, but it was a more creative kind of shit since there weren't so many people just rehashing the "great stupid debates" for a lack of creativity on their part.

keremk Avatar

you can't invent the wheel thrice dude. and evolution really is 50s shit. these days, the big questions that threaten our survival and indeed probably the theory of evolution and determine whether it will be taught at Uni in 20 years are how we will deal with Islam and non europeans at our borders.

tube_man Avatar

>He has a doctorate in human biology from Columbia Pacific University, a nonaccredited correspondence school that was ordered to cease operations in California in 1999 by the Marin County Superior Court.

id835559 Avatar

Go trough the thread and notice that I only started condescending to others once they started condescending to me.
I'm all in for friendly discourse, but I will return a lack of courtesy.

You can GTFO to reddit where all the other pseudo-intellectuals hang out.

thierrymeier_ Avatar

>baaawwww, non-europeans are having sex with my mother and I can't get any!
>giving this much of a fuck about credentials instead of arguments
Hurry, you're missing Sociology 101.

turkutuuli Avatar


So, OP is confirmed for being turkshit, right?

splashing75 Avatar

But before you didn't develop any argument at all, you just posted a dumb video link, jumped to a conclusion, and then started spouting retarded menes like "checkmate [group]" and "butthurt". Even as pretend retard troll posts come, this is very low.

christianoliff Avatar

Denying evolution is huge thing in VSA, because it contradicts the proposals of gender ideology, homo ideology, feminism, cultural Marxism and all that other bullshit.

otozk Avatar

well Bio-equality (aka stahp being racit!) which is the most pushed BS propaganda of all denies evolution per se. Liberals are schizophrenic.

ankitind Avatar

You just want to trick me into posting my sexy long legs (covered in blonde hair) as a proof, don't you? ;-)
Rewrite your post so that it's not 50% bullshit accusations and I might give you a proper response.

wiljanslofstra Avatar

>well Bio-equality (aka stahp being racit!) which is the most pushed BS propaganda of all denies evolution per se.
Personally I believe our kind was created by God and just those brown people evolved from the apes. :3

sreejithexp Avatar

I will respond later, as I'm having breakfast with my flatmates now.

Stay patient my dear fans! :-)

samscouto Avatar

that's pretty close to what rabbis actually teach to their students....

fact however remain, Homo is not a monotypic genus and has at least so 9 distinct species all with their own races=subspecies.

t. Homo europensis centralis

ademilter Avatar

Tipigal jew science to pretend everyone's a homo :DDD

degandhi024 Avatar

I was going to give a serious reply but then realized no German is that dumb, you are probably trolling

katiemdaly Avatar

>that's pretty close to what rabbis actually teach to their students....
Yeah, something is wrong with me. Let's see:
>mother not a kike
>German nose
>benis still intact
>Hebraic name - Check!
>thinking like a kike - Check!
>owning gold - Check!
>Händereiben.jpg - Check!
Oh no! It's habbening!

silv3rgvn Avatar

Any financial skills or proficiency at devising devious schemes?

millinet Avatar

Are you that Texan expat who shitposts crazy shit with a Germanyball and gives us all a bad image?

VinThomas Avatar

Sorry, I ended up being away for half the day. But staying inside with no real air conditioning is a chore. Damn heat.

I'm certainly smarter than you are, I can tell you that much. And I'm not "trolling".
Protip: "trolling" is just a funny meme and nothing but a misnomer when referring to anything that relates to real life.
But you can keep parroting outdated insider jokes for all I care.

No and if you care about bad image you're a faggot. :-)

_vojto Avatar

Emanationism > Creationism > Evolutionism

Read Kaballah an be enlighted, G-d's choosen people knows the truth
They invented Creationism to Evolutionism to fool the goyim, whereas they themselves know the truth

danro Avatar

>disproving evolution
Shut the fuck up

areus Avatar

Why are you linking me to some faggot youtuber?
This is completely unrelated.

husamyousf Avatar

You can't READ KABBALAH if you don't know lashon akadosh, m8. Also, even hebrew-speaking non-Jews and non-religious Jews wouldn't understand a single word.

joynalrab Avatar

Thanks for presenting me your religious views, I haven't heard too much about it before.
I'm not a religious person and really religious people were the 2nd biggest disappointment of my life (the most disappointing thing being the reboot of Karate Kid).
Can you please elaborate? In your own words, is what you believe in just several gods or quantum physics philosopher-like "everything and the whole universe is god"?
If you want to spare me the research that is. I'm having a pretty lazy day, friend. :-)

thinkleft Avatar

It just shows how preposterous are most/all claims made by creationists.

If you deny evolution you're either an idiot or a liar with an agenda.

orkuncaylar Avatar

Please teach us your advanced ways of judaism. How do I stock market? :3

stephcoue Avatar

I'm not a creationist. This thread is not about creationism.

Also, your beloved youtuber isn't acting out of some altruistic sense of compassion, smartass.
Every human being has a self-serving agenda in mind. It's called trying to meet your needs.
And it's okay, I think you're both dishonest and an idiot! :-)

sava2500 Avatar

Fun fact: these rocks do NOT have silicon needed to make a CPU/RAM/northbridge/southbridge/SSD/GPU for your PC

cheezonbread Avatar

Kabbalah is not necessary for us goyim to live proper life. We can just fulfill 7 commandments of Noach and get our part in Coming World. Basically, Kabbalah is teaching us the ways God rules this world.

stephcoue Avatar

May I have misinterpreted this thread's subject? Isn't it about denying evolution?

Why do you think I'm dishonest, though?

ryandownie Avatar

>May I have misinterpreted this thread's subject?
You did.
>Isn't it about denying evolution?
It's about evolution not being proven, mostly.
>Why do you think I'm dishonest, though?
I already explained in my last post. Use your brain.

Beautifully arranged point, but it's the content that matters. Baiii.

jamesmbickerton Avatar

>seriously arguing about evolution

it was bible-tex tier

ryandownie Avatar

>dissing a honest direct question
I don't know why do I bother with you people

evandrix Avatar

Is bible-tex the guy who keeps rambling about israel's tribes and how they make up the population of certain countries?
I think he's funny. And however dumb his views may be, he still tops you.
Because you have nothing at all to say.

I gave you the courtesy of using my brain to make a post. I expect the same courtesy.
If you want to treat me like a little bitch, why shouldn't I return the favour? Enjoy your intellectual spankings.

I don't know why do I bother with you people. :-)

bighanddesign Avatar

>Just watch this youtube video debunk a mainstream well-accepted theory in mere 30 minutes

stushona Avatar

>well-accepted theory flatness theorist

andrewgurylev Avatar

berndt accidentally invented time travel device & went back to pre-cambrian & had sex with thick smooth lake mud and bred single cel life

>child had all of mother traits - father contributed nothing that survived

falvarad Avatar

>popularity = truth
Hah, look at this dumbass.

puzik Avatar

>He has a doctorate in human biology from Columbia Pacific University, a nonaccredited correspondence school that was ordered to cease operations in California in 1999 by the Marin County Superior Court.

kennyadr Avatar

Sounds reasonable.
Congratulations, you're already the 2nd retard to make the exact same dumb post ITT!
>giving this much of a fuck about credentials instead of arguments
Your own lack of a proper education is showing.

millinet Avatar

>evolution is just a theory
>this rock is 5000 years old

stevenfabre Avatar

What rock? Who are you talking to?
I think you need help, Bernd. :-(

giuliusa Avatar

I was referring to this meme in attached image.
And stop pretending you don't know about greentexting.

shoaib253 Avatar

Why don't you post some arguments instead of leaving us with a fucking 35 min video? I'm not gonna watch that.

javorszky Avatar

Oh yes, funny may-mays! I completely forgot xDDD
Newsflash retard: I don't give a fuck.
As a gigantic faggot named Gandhi once said:
"Be the change you want to see"

chanpory Avatar

You can whine all day, but nothing will change the establishment.

How does it feel to be forever caged into your own little mind?

This thread will sono die, but evolution will contine to be accepted by pretty much everyone. You cannot win :)

markmushiva Avatar

>evolution isn't proven

areus Avatar

OP is the same faggot troll with that dumbass okcupid profile he posted

sindresorhus Avatar

Well, I'm not gonna watch a long-ass video only to find the thread abandoned when I come back. If you can't utter your argument without linking some other shit you probably don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

jffgrdnr Avatar

Oh, I'm not worried. The truth will always come out victorious once you stop supressing it.
Meanwhile I will continue ripping mentally challenged tards like you to shreds, it's just too amusing. :-)
Lulz! You even fail to understand the concept of evolution yourself. This is priceless.

cbracco Avatar

Yeah like I said: I can't care less about your retard judgement. baiii <3

kreativosweb Avatar

So you're opening a thread but you don't care whether people participate in it or not? Nice troll.

adammarsbar Avatar

No, you're just a fucking dumbass. This is the sole reason the discourse between us has to be this way.

alessandroribe Avatar

Wow, witty response. You told me bro. You write like it's your first day on KC