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mhwelander Avatar

Does Trump have any actual chance of winning the presidency?

lisakey1986 Avatar

if it is bush versus clinton i will vote for trump

t. 75% of le white men

ggavrilo Avatar

reagan and gw bush showed its possible

joshkennedy Avatar

A pity white men don't decide the elections any longer.

stuartlcrawford Avatar

democracy only works when its free white men. after you throw in women, blacks, mexicans, the 1% white men that democracy was put in place to keep in check, just use the women, blacks and mexicans to retard the nation into fascism

stuartlcrawford Avatar

I have this feeling, that a lot of people will vote for him, even if they are liberals and say they hate him.

andrewgurylev Avatar

i'm not sure how we're ever going to get our way out of this one

tjisousa Avatar

Where's that graphic chowing that if white men were the only ones electing all presidents would be republican and all states would be republican?

csswizardry Avatar

>White male cis scum

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pakhandrin Avatar

i havent seen that one, i dont buy it either. white men would know not to elect the corrupt republican over the uncorrupt one

in current politics, we see corporations put up a corrupt shill, and then the opposition confuses everyone, and before long we're just trying to vote for the one that doesnt seem like he's incompetent, instead of thinking about him leading the country in the right direction

we should be electing leaders of the people, leaders of america who talk about scandinavians, english, british-americans, catholics, protestants, germans, irish, and so on, like they talk about mexicans and blacks, but we dont have it, we never will, and its the 1% of white men that stopped it, the globalists, the corporate fascists that we put democracy in place to stop

america is doomed