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/int/ 30487574: Polyglots

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>Open Jewtube
>"Polyglot speaking over 9000 languages HOLY SHIT"
>Take a look maybe he's really good at it
>Switch to Russia
>Guy doesn't make sense and sounds like a retard.

Everytime. No motherfuckers it's not 20 century and this is not a newspaper. You can't lie to us anymore, there are no Polyglots. You either speak 2-3 languages very well of you're a retard wasting your time on learning too much at the same time. Fucking retarded humans.

hota_v Avatar

Who are you quoting?

abdots Avatar

why are you always so sad russia? why can't you make a happy thread at least once a week?

jpotts18 Avatar

cyka blyad

herrhaase Avatar

>Who are you quoting?
I'm quoting your mother.

thinkleft Avatar

just like you been born 2 days ago

nasirwd Avatar

Gibe link.

And I saw a dude speaking in different languages with random people before, he spoke pretty well in bolish.

keyuri85 Avatar

I used to be really impressed by this girl I knew who claimed to speak six languages, then I learnt some French and realised that she was terrible. She basically achieved tourist level proficiency and then considered that being able to speak the language, when she didn't even understand grammar and her vocab was like 100 words. Fucking Americans, man...

funwatercat Avatar

What I love is that christfag shit where a dude falls to the floor and starts babbling incoherently

Now the mental amoebas that surround him start going "Holy shit did you hear that? Totally french" and some other asshole goes "Oh shiiiit thats german man he's speaking in tongues" because they never even heard a fucking word in either language and the poor bastard is just babbling like a baby

sava2500 Avatar

If you are too sdupid to learn more than 3 languages, that's your problem.

Bernd Avatar

>I really speak 20 languages, I didn't just memorise these speeches and then record them

macxim Avatar

Happens with hungarian as well.

albertodebo Avatar

>Ik spreken deuts :DD
>main opa ist von deutsland :DDDD

chatyrko Avatar

Languages are strange things to people. Anyone who knows GCSE level anything will claim to be able to speak it. Once you dig a bit deeper though, they don't usually know much at all unless they're proper language autist, but even then it's debatable if it's a good idea to spend your time doing that.

Really, what's the point of learning so many languages that you're never going to have a use for? It makes you look like a bit of a knob since the only reason is to try to impress people, which people see in you.

t. used to spend a lot of time learning random shit

adewaleolaore Avatar

haha what? tongues isn't supposed to be any (human) language

andrewgurylev Avatar

I don't know how it's for other people but I always get Aids when someone tries to speak german and it's really awful, brits and murricans are probably used to this and don't really care anymore since every retard and his mom speaks english nowadays.

subburam Avatar

Well, I decided to learn French primarily so that I could read writers like Flaubert, Proust and Maupassant how they are supposed to be read. And for the gfs.

But I consider it one of the few things I do that isn't a waste of time. It is stimulating and rewarding in itself, even without the social advantages taken into account.

jqueryalmeida Avatar

Tourist level is actually very good compared to the youtube polyniggers.

cmzhang Avatar

That feel when got russian lady at work(Olga) who learnt swedish as an adult and it sounds so ebin when she swears in swedish she does it a lot. I wish I could sound as manly as her when I swear.

emilioiantorno Avatar

Yeah, I hate nothing more than people trying to speak German. You either can do it, or you can't. If you can't, keep your ugliness to yourself and speak English, so I can pretend to not understand you.

syswarren Avatar

Broken English is the most spoken language in the world.