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/int/ 30488425: Fuck you Denmark, why did you trick me into buying Musl...

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Fuck you Denmark, why did you trick me into buying Muslim food?

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it's chicken nuggets

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Even worse, how fat are you?

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>Producerad i Danmark för ICA ab sverige

It's not Denmarks fault that Swedish ICA only imports halal food.

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it doesn't look so bad.

sweden... why are you shitposting?

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>hehe lets bully Denmark for some cheap points, they are known as daneposters this year anyway

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I'm slightly underweight by European standards.
You can eat fatty food without becoming obese as long as you're not a swine with no self-restraint.

Yes it is, the Danes are the ones pushing multikulti in Sweden as to weaken us so that they can take back Skåne.
It's actually really depressing to buy food in this country. +80% is full of GMO and such shit, while atleast 50% is Halal-certified.
Such cases.

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Because I don't want you or your animal abuse in my country.

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my feelies..

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Hey OP did you hear about the Danish journalists pretending to be SD supporters and went to Sweden to hand out flyers on the street and got verbally abused and got death threats?

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i once bought never again

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I didn't, tell me more

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>unable to take abuse
Danes are babies

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Does this video work for you?

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That's because SD are effeminate left-wingers.

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It was merely a comment to OPs cheap shot

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sure thing, you big baby

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Pretty ebin and funny, I like how they didn't even bother learning how to pronounce the things they're saying right.

Watch this if you want to see real confrontations

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Well it was an experiment to "test the famous Swedish tolerance"

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Your media needs to stop being so fucking beta to be honest

Leftards also cry loud here, but people want somewhat impartial mass media instead of blatant propaganda like the shit you produce

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the jews control the media of sweden

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Denmark please adopt, I promise to vote for DF for the rest of my life.

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Provide proofs

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Also a Jew founded one of the biggest newspapers in Denmark, and they aren't left wing

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I only buy free-range eco-chicken. The meat tastes way better than the regular crap.

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The thing I dislike the most about these people are that they are almost always uneducated bydlo who are looking for fights.

Nazi Germany had a better mix of bydlo and highly educated academics, this is the problem with the right wingers today in my opinion

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OK, where is the proof that they control Swedish media in general? Who is behind the national TV for example? Also the major regional newspapers?

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Me too usually, and I always check to see if companies are owned by Jews or have Halal products, but I didn't bother checking this time and of course it happened to be Halal.

Most people in the Nordic Resistance are normal people from what I gather, although like with most organizations they come from all walks of life, there's even a Finnish member who posts here on KC.

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Man I read "Illustreret Videnskab" from child, am I brainwashed by the media machine now?

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Me too, also the eggs are so much better than conventional crap

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Why is the burden of proof on him?
You can easily do research by yourself.

areus Avatar

>claim something
>hehe I don't have to prove anything, do it yourself

If he has such knowledge someone like me can't dig up, then the burden of proof is obviously on him

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You only buy eco-friendly homosex-gender chicken?

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Okay then let me flip it around and ask you to show me proof that Jews don't control the media.
Can you do that? Would you even bother doing that for the sake of an argument with some Bernd who's opinion won't change as a result of you doing so anyway?

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The mayor newspapers are: Aftonbladet, DN, SvD and Expressen. Bonniers owns DN, SvD and Expressen. I don't think jews owning the media is the main problem though. Aftonbladet and SVT are just as bad, but you cannot deny that the media to a large part IS owned by jews in sweden. It is just a fact.