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/int/ 30488891: World of Tanks thread

iqbalperkasa Avatar

now that is fully upgraded the Jagdpanther looks like a midget with a huge fucking erection

trueblood_33 Avatar

i have a fully upgraded tiger II and i regret every minute of grind for it.
its a horrible game.

ah_lice Avatar

This is now a war thunder thread

are russian tanks overpowered ?
russian ammo was known for duds
and the crew ran away on sight of a tiger

robergd Avatar

I see you blocked out your in-game name again because you are a coward or an autist

mugukamil Avatar

You'll WoT cowards don't even have your own bernd clan.

iamglimy Avatar

Why do you still play this piece of shit and not War Thunder?

otozk Avatar

bumping perhaps the most important thread on page 2

The jumbo is a up armored sherman with a ridiculous thick turret
then they shoot and SHIT ITS A JUMBO
and then they die

joshjoshmatson Avatar


=BERND= pride worldwide

areus Avatar

WoT > WT

horaciobella Avatar


is historical balans based on sekrti documents )))))))))


Are you part of the =BERND= squadron?

mandalareopens Avatar

>are russian tanks overpowered

The game was developed in Russia, what do you think?

armcivor Avatar


They are overpowered on T2 and T5.

The Germans are overpowered on T3 and T4.

Americans just suck.

mwarkentin Avatar

No i quit playing some time ago

Game is totally rigged
I think the outcome is decided by modifiers before the game even starts

mbilalsiddique1 Avatar

can i be part of bernd squad? I am shit at tonks but i can fly plane good. I have no active warthunder frends anymore

markgamzy Avatar

Yes, that's a free kill.

emilioiantorno Avatar


Tell us your ingame name

I can approve you on saturday at best, but there still are officers

moynihan Avatar

Not easy to hit
Even harder when you are hulldown

syswarren Avatar



A 30cm spot on a plate that's autobounce even for the Panther's gun.

alek_djuric Avatar

>are Russian tanks OP
No, they just have the best armor and best alpha damage.

aio___ Avatar

Damn, I didn't even knew that there is a clan.

tereshenkov Avatar


cat_audi Avatar


Will do.

syntetyc Avatar

You make me want to install again but I know that I quit again after a few games.

Bernd Avatar

I used to play War Thunder but I stopped a while ago because I've been too busy lately. Last time I checked they nerfed the Hellcat's speed.

id835559 Avatar

This round thingy is not that good at reflecting projectiles.
Matters not that much. Sherman's/Jumbo's gun is not that dangerous at great distances and this spot is easy to hit at a close range.

a_khadeko Avatar


The hellcat was the death of 5.0 games. The bad thing is that the nerfs meant to hit it also hit other tanks.

thomweerd Avatar

dropped this shit 3 years ago
the times of T29 raping everyone up to lvl9 were fun though

stuartlcrawford Avatar


WoT is much better now

heikopaiko Avatar

How do i join Bernd WT clan?

ionuss Avatar

I knew when that thing would be added that it would become so meta that it would rule the game.

Paper armor that dies to .50 cal maybe, but the things can cap points before anyone else, and in good hands can rule a game. I wrecked with it.

kennyadr Avatar

Even the tank maps in RO2 are better than WoT, and they're an afterthought. Why do you enjoy playing this, Bernd?

raquelwilson Avatar

yea the gun is weak
but you got the armor to tank

hull down you can stop a entire swarm on enemy tanks

carlyson Avatar

WoT is fucking shit now. All my tanks that used to be fun are absolute garbage now.

syswarren Avatar


Menu > Squadron > Search for 'Bernd' > apply

craigelimeliah Avatar

you;ll cowards dont even play on lowest settings for max fps on shitty overheating laptop

also, is there bernd clan? but not the kind where they make you join twice a week for clan wars and other such obligatory bullshit, i got 3 tier 10s to help

itsracine Avatar

Hows the Tiger? I had the thing and I liked it.

You have to be patient with it.

Jagdpanther was much better in my opinion, I reached that long before the tiger, but when they added mixed US/Soviet teams I was getting buttfucked.

cheezonbread Avatar

tfw I gotta do 2k dmg to TDs but as soon as I have chance to shoot at TD it evaporates due to arty fire or other teammates fire.

woodydotmx Avatar


The Tiger has its only reliable counters on 6.3/6.7, the Jackson and the IS-2 obr. 44.

It's amazing.

newbrushes Avatar

I was really surprised at how well the thing did when I first got it. the 88 gun it uses wasn't the Pak43 that's used on the Jagpanther, so it had shorter range, but with proper positioning it could take out almost anything.

The problem I had was more with German teams not moving out of spawn and therefore losing the match due to their camping.

syntetyc Avatar


Yeah, the nazibunker mene is there for a reason sadly.

The Tiger is the best 5.7 tank with no doubt though. It can angle like hell and has infinite autobounce zones on the "flat" front.

mat_stevens Avatar

Much of it is that German teams don't fully understand the role of the Tiger. It may be slow moving, but it was still designed as a breakthrough tank, which means that it was intended to spearhead armor advances towards and objective.

That means advancing and stopping only to support other Tigers on targets at range.

Leave the German TDs to defend against an enemy advance.

jqueryalmeida Avatar


t. KV-1S player

aiiaiiaii Avatar


And the Germ TDs are damn good at that job.

Can't wait for more glass cannons or Sturmpanzers.

i_ganin Avatar

I went German TDs before heavy tanks.

Most German tanks are shit though, it has nothing to do with how they are balanced, but rather their fundamental design flaws.

The only German tanks that I found to be worthwhile were the Jagdpanther, the Tiger, and Hetzer. The PzIV shows it's obsolescence and the Panther does not at all make up for it as a replacement.

The Sherman was much better than any German tank I played, but the thing hits a brick wall against German heavy tanks until you get the 76mm variants.

bluesix Avatar

Who here plays BOTES

kennyadr Avatar

I do but I'm tired of getting torpedoed by my teammates because they are fucking retarded.

Bernd Avatar

you get some exceptional retards then because that happened to me maybe once.

nerrsoft Avatar


I played during Closed Beta and got to Tier 8

I really have no motivation to grind all over again

syntetyc Avatar

me in the chat tab

mrxloka Avatar

I did, but then my computer died and I couldn't rek the noobs underestimating the jap cruisers. ;_;

sketi_ndlela Avatar

This game is rigged as shit, the developers admit it, and their forums are full of trolls. (plus WG got in trouble for having employees propagandizing and libeling War Thunder on War Thunder's forums).

alek_djuric Avatar


warthunder was doing the same

soyeljuaco Avatar

Top kek, doeas anyone still play this shit? I play since 2010 and have shitton of tank in the hangar, can I sell it somehow? And why do you still play this?

betraydan Avatar

WoWs is pretty nice so far as far as game itself goes.

But theres that massive bullsgit that the Royal Navy will be the fifth navy introduced, after USN, IJN (already in-game), Kriegsmarine and Soviet Navy (coming autumn).

sindresorhus Avatar

They they just became better at hiding it
Old players remember those invulnerability moments.
Where you or the enemy tank just wont die.

clubb3rry Avatar

I want to play WT.
Tell me what nations tanks are best!
I've heard heavies suck because they are not fast enough later.
Is it like in wot, where all German tanks have paper armor?
Are Russian tanks made from Stalinium?

strikewan Avatar

There will be much pain until you reach panther or tiger

samihah Avatar


Well I'd say so.
Wasn't the Royal Navy bigger than any other Navy at the start of the war?
And what did the Kriegsmarine ever do apart from losing the Bismarck and massive submarine shenanigans?

juaumlol Avatar

>One of the most anticipated navies
>Let's implement it as the last.

Dog damnit.

doooon Avatar


Is there are nations that is with less pain?
Are russians better?
How about US? I don't like their tanks though, Sherman and Pershing are boring.

romanbulah Avatar

U-boots sunk plenty large Allied surface ships.

Also the first tiers in WoWs are WW1 ships.

thierrymeier_ Avatar


Can you play a submarine in WoWs?

thomasgeisen Avatar

Kein U-boots. They would massively mess up the game.

pdugan19 Avatar

No and Wargaming stated submarines dont fit game meta so will never be in.

jasontdsn Avatar

russian is the easiest

murika got a very good tier3 combo
with the jumbo m18 and that AA truck with combined cannon and machineguns

Shriiiiimp Avatar

Destroyers act like submarines in the game though.

They can only be detected within very short range by the time they have already launched torpedo salvos. In the hands of a good player (and playing against retards) its not impossible to rek half the enemy fleet.

adammarsbar Avatar

>not liking WoT

romanbulah Avatar

Oh and that AA truck loaded up with frag and incendiary you will get 6-7 kills each game
assuming your on the losing side and the enemy teams got points to spend on planes

nehemiasec Avatar

>Are Russian tanks made from Stalinium?

Russian tanks fucking suck until you get to tierIV.

ultragex Avatar

stop talking about WT
this is a WoT thread

tweet_john Avatar

Never understood people who play that crappy game.

millinet Avatar

I never understood bydlo too.

breehype Avatar


Why is wargaming always keeping the Ger-man down?
German navy is only good at u boating and they don't implement it.
German tanks are only good at very long range and they force every engagement to under 600m thanks to engine limitations.
German planes are only good at CAS and WoWp doesn't have that.

ma_tiax Avatar

WoT is nice. Missions are shit though. Ruin my wn8. I did the arti missions for the first two sets recently and it took me ca 100 games with an average wn8 of 600.

Eh, whatever.

trueblood_33 Avatar

Not if you go for the StuG life

i_ganin Avatar

I already did first two sets of missions and am now taking it easy, feels good man. I skipped arty altogether.
T28 is pretty much OP versus most of what it faces but slightly boring to play.

atariboy Avatar

fuck this fucking baler

malgordon Avatar

Jap ships are very good?

silv3rgvn Avatar

hard to say yet as that's tier 5 (my highest), but it's a peice of shit, turrets cant keep up with a sharp turn (and it turns like a battleship).

bassamology Avatar

Very good. Especially glorious jap carriers.

ripplemdk Avatar

is there a trailer for that game? I wanna see them ships firing

mandalareopens Avatar

You want this right? too bad here grind for you!

Also I can already unlock Myoko but will rather spare free xp for upgrades.
Depends on class and tier, but generally USN and IJN ships are pretty matched. IJN cruisers have weaker armour but have torpedos, IJN DDs have better torps but USN DD turrets can tear them to pieces, and so on.

Though stock battleships are usually pure suffering, the tier 6 Fuso stock has 13km range, enemy BBs just keep distance and tear you to pieces (upgraded version has 22km).

turkutuuli Avatar

theres millions of gameplay videos, tried to screenshot a full salvo here but only the first two is visible

zackeeler Avatar

That game for retards.

christauziet Avatar


Did that too, but skipping a tree means 20% less waifus. And arti tree is really easy. Took me ~100 games in 2 days for stug and htc while doing the GW panther stock grind.

rdbannon Avatar

wot has become pretty decent lately and WT matchmaking is rigged as fuck

kylefrost Avatar

I just tried this game.
So much disappointment. I understand that WG games are basically silly arcades for small children, but could they at least make sounds more realistic, ship moving, turning sinking, explosion and shots look like in Silent Hunter? All ships are practically silent, this is so weird. Ships themselves look okay I guess, but water is meh and sea is always too calm. Silent Hunter 3 was years ago and still it have more interesting looking water and waves and weather.
Can't wait for War Thunder warships.

ripplemdk Avatar

WG games are notorious for having shitty audio except for the music which is decent(still I got on 0 volume).
When I installed engine and gun sound mods I was like "holy fuck is this even the same game? It feels so much better now".

samscouto Avatar


nateschulte Avatar

Guies eggsblain carriers in WoWs plox.

chatyrko Avatar

This seriously tempted me until I heard there are no subs. What I've seen from gameplay video is that is basically like playing Warship Gunner 2 against human opponents (that are as retarded as WS2's AI).

iamglimy Avatar


>You'll WoT cowards don't even have your own bernd clan.

>Bernd clan.

Is there even in point to clans in WT?

In WoT you have to manage your clan base and fight other clans for territory control on the world map.

steynviljoen Avatar


>until I heard there are no subs

Subs ruined warships warfare, why would they add subs?

baluli Avatar

If you turn the music to zero ambient sounds will become very noticeable, say the engine actually sounds like it should so does turrets firing.
>sea is always too calm
Wargaming says they'll introduce weather, night battles etc., its only in beta.
Carriers play bit like RTS, you can move the ship around but itself is hopeless against enemies. CVs carry fighters, torp planes or dive bombers as consumables, a wing is 4-5 planes and have reserves (see pic).

You play in this tactical sort of top-down view, order wings to go here, defend this ship, attack this. The only thing so far you can involve yourself is manually setting torp plane attacks like in pic (game can do this automatically but its useless against non-retards).

I think carrier game is meh as it is but some updates and changes are promised to make it more interesting and less so automatic.

iamglimy Avatar

Subs are perfect for killing BBs, carriers and tankers, and that's why they're awesome.

polarity Avatar

PS fuck BdU and whoever designed the magnetic influence detonators.

millinet Avatar

And thats exactly why they won't be introduced to the game, the swarm of planes of high tier CVs can already be overwhelming, even though its realistic how aerial power rapes surface units.

n_tassone Avatar

They could get rendered useless by semi-intelligent DD/CA/CL players coordinating with a CV though, especially because you can't go past 7/8 knots while submerged. And going that fast while submerged is suicide since you make a lot of noise.

cbracco Avatar

This game is incomparable with Silent Hunter, forget about. Gameplay is very simplistic and ships mechanic is very arcade like. Maybe it is fine for multiplayer experience, but I got bored with it very fast. Literally no immersion and atmosphere at all.

jpotts18 Avatar

bumply reminder for bernds to join =BERND= squadron in war thunder

iamkarna Avatar

But why?

joeymurdah Avatar

63% average
2% until first mark

jpotts18 Avatar

Now that I'm almost out of fish I get the same convoy contact as before again, another convoy contact and a task force? How typical of you, Silent Hunter. At least chasing the task force was the right choice, I guess.

shesgared Avatar


christauziet Avatar

I just bought a BT7 in WT.
How is it better than the Bt5?
It has the same gun.

Shriiiiimp Avatar


I also have unlocked the Leopard 1 in WoT but I am 3 million monies short.

javorszky Avatar


Leopar 1 is really nice

but since I already had the 13 90 I decided to make the new AMX 30 line

husamyousf Avatar


I wonder what's better Amx30 or Leo1.
Because I have the 1390, too and don't know if I should go for bat chat or amx30

orkuncaylar Avatar


Leopard 1 is still the overall best
STB-1 has great depression and it's amazing in ridge lines
AMX30b is pretty much as good as the Leopard 1 but with diferent tweaks

adriancogliano Avatar

Not all tanks are better
you just have to grind them to get to the next

romanbulah Avatar

It's fucking fast

shalt0ni Avatar

>war thunder thread
>are russian tanks overpowered ?

No. Tbere were shermans and other shit-tanks underpowered in reality.

alexcican Avatar

>t. KV-1S player
КВАС как танк?

tube_man Avatar


After the sloping changes T-34s need uptiering though, and T5 is bias mode

Since Germany is overpowered at 3 and 4 it's a little more level.

Also at 4.7 there's a brutally strong TD line-up for the Krauts, Hetzer, JPzIV and StuG III G just slaughter the opposition.

Unless it's a jumbo.

fritzronel Avatar


Bernd Avatar

What game is that?

areus Avatar

World of Warships

garand Avatar

Now I have played a few games, I have a T-50 and my tanks get penetrated 100% of the time and 60% of the time everyone in my turret is dead.
I have a lot of onehits kills, but often I need several penetrations, on a T34 it tool several hits in the back of the turret even when it said I penetrated everytime.
Now how can the German tanks be OP?
Are they hard to penetrate?

jamesmbickerton Avatar


Verily so.

Also their guns are railguns. Compare the IS-1 to the Tiger, it is pathetic.

kinday Avatar

I have t-43 and I had Tiger I, but i sold it because i didn't like it.

When will WoWs be released?

thierrymeier_ Avatar

It's already in open beta

Research the good ammo and use your agility to avoid getting shot, maybe try to shoot on the move if you can

pdugan19 Avatar

but after the end of the open beta everybody will lose their ships, right?

adriancogliano Avatar

I hope not.
Please tell me if that's true.
Actually, they already recieving money for WoWs and sell premium ships so I doubt it.

umurgdk Avatar

Using a light tank you have to flank
This is done by reading the map and the flow of the game.
maps like poland and kursk dont give you a lot of options but the jungle map and the open wood map does
or tag a long a bigger tank that will soak up the fire

aadesh Avatar

I hope that there will be a wipe it would really annoying to see people who start with t10 ships just because they had access since closed beta.

oaktreemedia Avatar


But the gun on the IS really had a weak propellant charge compared to the Tiger.
In WOT there is no noticeable difference.

saulihirvi Avatar


I was already doing that from the beginning.
Felt very proud when I appeared on the flank of 5 tanks snuffed them all before they knew what's going on.
But I guess they were noobs.

necodymiconer Avatar

It gets harder by time when people learn the good camping spots and angles

But you are in a low tier and should have plenty left to exploit the maps

bluesix Avatar

> Now how can the German tanks be OP?
Germans have "The Railgun" F2 and Stug with the same gun.

dhooyenga Avatar

Warthunder is shit

bassamology Avatar

Here is your reply

Bernd Avatar

F2 is worse than any of the t-34 or shermans.

kiwiupover Avatar

It's best of tier 2.

kazukichi_0914 Avatar

Hello, don't mind me, just shattering your sky :D

puzik Avatar


this is true

itskawsar Avatar

>cutting out your name

adammarsbar Avatar


I don't want to draw attention to myself :D

Chakintosh Avatar


How much to the T92? that is a real ground shaker.

damenleeturks Avatar


checkedy check those laurels

dmackerman Avatar

That's why you are posting?
That's pretty hypocritical

cyril_gaillard Avatar


>Arty without BiA

Isn't that retarded?

yassiryahya Avatar


this baby reloads in 36 seconds

who needs BIA

lightory Avatar

WarGayming will do everything to boost soviet shit and place other techincs (especially german) in a shitty dispostition.
Historical battles - soviet union suck cocks without 5v1 ratio. - Historical battles canceled.

Opposition battles (nation vs nation):
Germans and Americans were fucking soviet (even upped via "hurr durr bluprint uber canon") in an every possible way. Yep, it's canceled.

What do you have - counter strike on a tanks with soviet propaganda.
(Hurr durr we won't remove "for the Stalin!" tank marks because IT'S HISTORY and ban for every implying on reich symbols)
And all those actions 75 years of throwing meat under Kursk or other.

Yep, I'm butthurting but I can't stand with that kind of bullshit.

nasirwd Avatar

You sound even more Nazi than we Germans, geez.

rangafangs Avatar

dat pic

romanbulah Avatar

Are there gamemodes which disable the outdoor vision for tanks? Normally tanks had horrible visions through their optics, and here you seem to see always everything

nehemiasec Avatar

retard hohol with commie mentality.
they are making money obviously, which is the main reason why you fight tanks that are 2 levels above you in random, a much bigger problem.
tank games is only popular in russia and cis, no one else in world gives two shits about tanks.
russians do becouse on genetical level it reminds them of horse archery in vast steppes.

gojeanyn Avatar

Please no hohlosrach.

kinday Avatar

closed beta ships were wiped but I doubt they will wipe open beta ones, there are all ready premium ships plus the IJN and USN lines are complete.

It doesn't affect you in any way that some peopel play at T10 already, you wont meet them until you reach t7-8.

adhiardana Avatar

WT and WoT are not serious simulation games.
I wish WT had such mode though.

vicivadeline Avatar

> you wont meet them until you reach t7-8
When I reach t7-8 there will be lots of players with t10

vaughanmoffitt Avatar

There will be people grinding the upcoming German, Russian, British etc. lines.

jqueryalmeida Avatar


War Thunder's simulator mode comes sort of comes close. The camera is locked to where the commander would be if he had his head out of the cupola.

sokaniwaal Avatar

battle tanks t34 vs tiger is a REAL tanksim

garand Avatar


I've heard that Steel Fury is better.

t. currently downloading Steel Fury

davidtoltesy Avatar

here is some gameplay
with external camera enabled

VinThomas Avatar

Isn't Operation Flashpoint a better tank sim than both WT and WOT?

craighenneberry Avatar



jeremyworboys Avatar

OP, the 88mm gun is the better of the two to use overall

soyeljuaco Avatar


nah, my best game was with the 10cm almost 5k damage

ryanjohnson_me Avatar


my best game is the with the 88mm, nearly 5k damage

scottgallant Avatar

well its a sim
enjoy your tanks with health bars

grafxiq Avatar


My highest damage on any tank is 5.6k with my Jtiger 8.8cm.
It's a very dangerous gun!

necodymiconer Avatar


my highest damage in the game was nearly 8k in the t30

that 155mm!

timgthomas Avatar


too slow and needs a good hull down position

joshclark17 Avatar

This is a tank

yangpeiyuan Avatar

Why battleships in WoWs miss so much?

andyisonline Avatar

Why waste time playing this arcadish pay to win garbage on shities game engine ever made with retarded grind if there is War Thunder, a game better in every single thing

cat_audi Avatar

My Panther onehits every single Russian tank. learn to aim and Russian tanks will not be a problem.

Also stay away from arcade its garbage

turkutuuli Avatar

And Panther oneshotting tanks is a good thing?
GF balance is all over the place.

uxdiogenes Avatar

With Russian tanks you have to flank.

The soviet mediums are faster than their contemporaries, so their strength is in avoiding direct confrontation by rolling around the enemy using hills and vegetation as cover.

German tanks are strongest near open areas where they can use range to their advantage.

American tanks use hills or cities, but especially rolling hills.

edobene Avatar

Because the guns will get inaccurate beyond 10 Kilometers.

a_khadeko Avatar

What is the purpose of upgrading when everyone else upgrades too?

orkuncaylar Avatar

I won't play war thunder because ultra slav is still a thing.

joshuapekera Avatar

Reminder that the Soviet Union fielded IS-2 and T-54 exclusively in 1945.

Game is of maximum Realism.

breehype Avatar


That is the way they found to balance battleships vs cruisers.

Battleships do massive damage and have very long range while cruisers shoot faster and have more accuracy.

You usually want to get closer with battleships to get in range of your secondary guns, after a certain tier (I think over Fuso in IJN) your secondaries completely rip cruisers.

VinThomas Avatar

I absolutely hate that shot too and wish they would man up and just add the fucking bushes as permanent. Still better than WoT though.

suribbles Avatar

BBs also seem to be pretty helpless against destroyers, at least on low tiers.

devankoshal Avatar

>88mm pens the side and front of a T-34
>no effect
>shots go wide at basically meelee range

War Thunder is more realistic than that.

okcoker Avatar

>fielded IS-2 and T-54 exclusively in 1945.

horaciobella Avatar

Well nazis have Leopard, a tank made in what? 1965 vs IS4 from 1949?

urbanjahvier Avatar

Matchmaking depends on battlerating of the vehicle, it's not historic.
So late WW II tanks can meet vehicles from the Russian future.
This is a picture of me flying my F4 after my Tiger II was killed.
You can see a Mig 9 in the background. Luckily he wasn't interested in me for some reason.

The difference is that the Leopard has no armor, so anything can easily kill it from any range and angle, while T-54 are invulnerable from the front, can penetrate everything, and are faster than the heavy German tanks they meet when they get downtiered.

subtik Avatar

Reminder that Germany only fielded Panthers and Tigers in 1944 by the time they had already lost.

mbilderbach Avatar

Why are you using the regular MM and not set historical matches?

pf_creative Avatar


Tiger I was already there in '42.
Tiger II production started in '43.

to_soham Avatar

History is unbalanced in tank warfare, so I fundamentally agree with ahistorical matchmaking.
Their current one is pretty bad to the point where historical would actually work better for planes though, and they are too stubborn to even admit that. For tanks, the main issue is that there's no weighted matchmaking. You can deal with T-54 in a Tiger II, and with Tiger I if you're in a Sherman, but not when it's an entire team of superior tanks versus an entire team of inferior tanks. Then you just get slaughtered. And that happens way too often, because people flock to certain tanks that are performing well and that means that shit tanks in the battlerating range of these machines constantly fight very unfair battles.

There's also issues with certain mechanics missing from the game (overmatching is not there, a 150mm AP shell will be deflected by tinfoil if the angle is flat enough), american 76mm shells being underperforming and Russian 85mm shells having twice as much HE filler as they historically had (and thus extremely lethal after armor effects).

mshwery Avatar


Yep not to mention different planes were used for different objectives. most people who complain about muh historical accuracy in pub auto matchmaking games are stupid.

If you want historical accuracy join RP guilds who play realistic battles all the times with specific missions and objectives

BillSKenney Avatar

Yeah, bombers and heavy fighters are cancer in the game, because 90% of the game is about fighting enemy fighters, and they just suck at that.

Same can be said to a lesser degree about ground vehicles that were designed for infantry support.

guischmitt Avatar

I did well with some heavy fighters

cat_audi Avatar


I thought heavy fighters are good at destroying fighters. Aren't they faster and better armed?

mbilderbach Avatar

No, they are slower and less agile.
They're designed to attack bombers or unarmored ground targets.

armcivor Avatar


They were designed to outrun single engine fighters.
The designers just sucked at their job.

robergd Avatar

bumpety bump

souuf Avatar


>Why can't I club Shermans and T-34s this game blows