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devankoshal Avatar

I heard an ad on the radio that 1 in 4 children in my state were starving or something. How the fuck could that be possible? I've never seen 1 starving person in my fucking life, seriously. There are so many EBT programs, church food lines, etc. that you have to be brain dead to starve here

oanacr Avatar

you've never seen an american weight less than 400 lbs? cause I've seen plenty of these poor starving bastards

cheezonbread Avatar

I'll redpill you OP. They had a study and everyone who checked the box that said "Are some food products a bit expensive at times for you?" are considered starving

zacsnider Avatar

In america you could even live in Compton without realizing it's a ghetto.

anaami Avatar

It is just misrepresentation by bleeding hearts. The real survey question is "has it happened at least once during the past year when you went to bed hungry". Some % of the kids answer yes, and bleeding hearts say they need money for dem programs, but in reality it might as well be that kids went to bed hungry because mum and dad came from am evening at restaurant and went straight to bedroom and didn't fix them a sandwich.