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/int/ 30660502: Why do sandnigs do this? It seems really wasteful....

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Why do sandnigs do this? It seems really wasteful.

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Why does anyone do anything dude, like woah

oscarowusu Avatar

It's easier to water a circle than a square. And it's not like they don't have enough space.

amboy00 Avatar

culture of unable to think 2 steps ahead.
anyway good products because no pests and very clean water.

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I'm interested in this specific thing, not all things.

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Well they have to farm somewhere, don't they?

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autist triggered.

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What is being wasted here exactly?

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But I'm not an Autist, I just have Asperger's.

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I'm pretty sure this kind of farm is an american invention.

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Maybe they shouldn't be farming in a place where there is no rain?

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It's wasteful in clay. But more efficient in terms of human workforce involved and maybe water.

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why do I remember flying over that shit in ace combat?

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Then what will they eat?

grafxiq Avatar

Do you want grain to Sandland?
Is that your problem?
Didn't know the french were merchants.

Also, it's not like the water is removed from earth. It will come back eventually.

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you see it all over the place. israelis sold their river in fruits all over the world and are now building some strange plant + pumping station with the jordanis because the dead sea levels have been falling for years.

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Most likely they would like to be more self-sufficient when it comes to food not coming straight out of a camel. What I wonder is why they use these above-ground rolling sprinklers instead of making a proper dripping system next to or slightly below the ground. That would use a lot less water and thus be much more environmentally healthy as well as more economical.

wahidanggara Avatar

The geometric shapes are kind of cool.

But there is no soil there, it is just sand. They have to import soil, and then drill for fossil water. It just seems stupid and wasteful.

dhooyenga Avatar

The geometric shapes are kind of cool.

But there is no soil there, it is just sand. They have to import soil, and then drill for fossil water. It just seems stupid and wasteful.

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it's fossile water from underground caverns. so no, it won't come back any time soon.

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Water doesn't go back to underground caverns ... ? Where does it go? In the ocean?

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>It just seems stupid and wasteful
welcome to the 21 century

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The water they pump out from those caverns is vaporized into the air and yes, it will eventually fall down on some far away land and maybe end up in the sea. Only one thing is sure, the water they pump out will not get back to those caverns any time soon.

areus Avatar


This idea seems bretty cool. I wonder if it can work on a large scale.

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That looks like something dreamed up after having seen a proper drip irrigation system after half a kilo of LSD. Somehow I suspect that thing is too complex to actually work.

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Oh. I somewhat expected it would rain down and seep back.

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Did they give up on the Toshka Lakes scheme after Mubarak was ousted?

I remember reading about this a few years ago and thinking holy shit what a massively stupid idea :D

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Not a bad guess and almost correct. It will rain down, just not anywhere near to the place where pumping takes place.

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Well it seems to work, more or less. The article says there have been some since the 1990s. But I guess they are not so efficient because they are not widely used?
Idk. I think the company has a project in the UAE going.

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A drip irrigation system like that would be much less efficient than those pivot systems. Much more surface area for evaporation compared to the more intensive methods. They're doing the best with what they have, pretty much.

t. gardener.

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how would i know?

anyway this sounds OKish...
>In 1978 Egypt began building the Sadat Canal NW from Lake Nasser through Wadi Toshka to allow water levels higher than 178 metres (584 ft) to be drained off into a depression at the south end of the Eocene limestone plateau.

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I haven't encountered this setup personally.
Don't wanna be one of those "Oh no, you're thinking of the OTHER Arabs" Arabs (even if it's great fun), but if this is the Gulf, they may have done it just for the appearance. Blowing money is practically a contest there.

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Oh I thought the plan was to create massive permanent lakes by constantly flowing Nile water into them in order to replace the huge daily evaporation. I think I read that Mubarak wanted to create some massive new megacity there.

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Why don't they institute a long term program of first "fixing" the sand with stage 1 coloniser plants and gradually building up viable soil. It takes a long time, but it's better than just "hurr import soil!"

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>I somewhat expected it would rain down and seep back.
>North Africa
You're cute :3

They have like less than 10 rain days a year and maybe one flood every decade or so. If their ground water runs out they're fucked - unless we found an easy way to transfer salt water into fresh water or have unlimited power to use current systems. Either way its gambling with their (and our) future.

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What was stupid about it?

zackeeler Avatar

This area looks too messy. Looks like Egyptian and Libyan sandnigs have more Ordnung than Saudi sandnigs.

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because lack of water is the problem.

and really it's not a bad idea. so what if they use up the cavern water? if they don't then it just goes unused. this sort of thing can be used before using more expensive methods like desalination.

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better to use vertical farms, at least water wise

lisakey1986 Avatar


That's actually the proper way to do it.

Circles = center beam irrigation = less water

Squares = regular sprinkler system = more water

kimcool Avatar


>vertical farms
>less water intensive

given that no commercial vertical farms exist especially not here in Drought-stricken California, I'm not convinced

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إنت مصري؟

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Well I think you need a lot of water to supply your goods. That would mean you have a lot of unwanted stuff in salt water (like salt) which you need to filter. It might work but you'd had to change the
filters every day I think.

Lets research:

>Tomato - 1 kg - 214 liter water
>This means that every kilogram (roughly one litre by volume) of seawater has approximately 35 grams (1.2 oz) of dissolved salts.

That means 1 kilo of tomatoes would cause nearly 7.5 kilo of salt you need to filter out of the water. I think its close to impossible to achieve that. You need some modern systems to filter the salt out and that costs a lot of power which makes your products way more expensive than imported products from Europe, Asia or the US.

Page 14

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that's because the japanese are the pioneers in this field

>The new Kyoto facility is expected to cost approximately 2 billion yen, or about $22 million, and open in 2017 – but it’s a lofty investment. Spread says it is able to recycle 98 per cent of the water used for cultivation, while cutting labour costs by 50 per cent through automation, using cheap LEDs for artificial lighting.

they've built a couple of them for sand people

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Remember: That egypt ball is just an aussi on vacation.

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Non je suis français :D

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there is a third one somewhere ._.

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>Spread says it is able to recycle 98 per cent of the water used for cultivation


then again, you can't expect japs to know anything about agriculture when they have to import food

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you have no option but desalination if there's no source of fresh water.

the only question is if it's economically viable, which it probably is in such a hot place.

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and they don't filter out all of the salt in desalination, they just get some fresh water, and waste water that has much higher salt content than sea water, which is just pumped back into the sea.

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>you can't expect japs to know anything about agriculture when they have to import food
What is population density? What is unusable terrain? I wouldnt be surprised if two or three US states have more usable free land than Japan has (while your population is not even three times the one of Japan).

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and notice how we flood japan with cheap food

crhysdave Avatar

Looks like Qatari sandnigs can't into central pivot irrigation. Or maybe they just want to show how they waste water to make other sandnigs jealous.

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We do that in France too.
What you see in these pics is a deforested pine forest with mostly infertile (only suitable for pine trees) sand. Tons of fertilizers, water and importing soil made this land cultivable.

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> you have no option but desalination if there's no source of fresh water.
Well you can import your food.

Hahaha :-------------D

> they just get some fresh water, and waste water that has much higher salt content than sea water, which is just pumped back into the sea.
The point is still there. You need to get a lot of salt out of the water and just by air vaporizing salt water you cant do that - I think. Just imagine how those filters would look like after few days...

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But that doesnt mean they are bad at agriculture, its just a tiny island with too many mountains and rice eater.

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in this pic*

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> you have no option but desalination if there's no source of fresh water.
Another though: What price does a liter of water need to have that importing it by pipelines would be profitable?

I hope arabs use all their water so we can trade a liter of fresh water for a liter of oil :3

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jeremyworboys Avatar

It does get refilled every year, but not by much. Aquifers are a national treasure and need to be maintained. Once you drain too much water the water quality drops significantly. There must always be a certain level of water inside the aquifer. But people can get greedy, or desperate, and overuse it.

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>We do that in France too.

I wonder why, given the fact that EU produces more food than it can use. Isn't that a great waste of taxpayer's money?

kershmallow Avatar

Agricultural lobby is still strong in France.
Maintaining a good agricultural sector here is a price most of our politicians and the population too I believe is willing to pay plus if shit hits the fan relying on countries thousands of kilometres away to produce your food would be really unwise.
Agriculture in France is seen as a strategical sector which we must save at all costs, it's economically retarded short term wise but in the long run it makes sense.

murrayswift Avatar


I understand that, but you are producing more than enough food for these needs in the fertile parts of France anyway.

albertaugustin Avatar

>but in the long run it makes sense.
Only if in the long term you actually do need to depend on home grown products.

However, if you look at it as insurance I guess that makes it worthwhile.

I wish our government would force the supermarkets to pay our dairy farmers a decent amount, because they are all being driven out of business.

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> If their ground water runs out they're fucked

Not really. They will arrive in Munich :)

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I remember seeing that shit flying over Arizona/Southern California. It looks really surreal seeing thousands of them from a plane.

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>Tomato - 1 kg - 214 liter water

stop trolling pls

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Yeah, because we accept economic refuges. Because we Bavarians and the CSU are well known to be c*cks and just accept everyone :---DDD lmao

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>I cant imagine it, stob teh trollin
There are a lot of sources about it, some even mention we need up to 50 liter for a single tomato from a plant.

I even provided a source before, just google it yourself. Those plants need a fucking lot to grow, to be healthy and create fruits.

Now back to the bathroom. The toilet wont clean itself.

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Greens got 22% in your last election, cuckseppl.

ninjad3m0 Avatar

Soon :)

vocino Avatar

8.6% you fuckhead, not to mention that the conservatives have the absolute majority on them own - again. I total we have like 60 years of CSU ruling alone. They even had over 60% of the votes sometimes which is really really rare in Germany.

We are the last beta state in this fucked up sissy country. Everytime you hear politicians step up and call thing by their names its someone from the CSU. North CDU is more like a conservative SPD.

Damn, its good to be me.

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Ok, I stand corrected, that might work. But it looks overly complicated when compared to drip irrigation.

joemdesign Avatar

Jokes on you: If Germany goes down you all go with us. Im not scared about this crisis, but cute that you are, sissy poland.

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You are probably thinking of the New Valley Project, which aims to build a 300 km long irrigation canal snaking northwards from the Toshka Lakes. The canal is about 80% done.
They're trying to open up the valley for agriculture, not build a megacity. From what photos I have seen there's not a lot of agriculture yet, but at least they got plenty of fish in the Toshka Lakes.

That would be a true megaproject. More large-scale vegetation cover would change wind patterns, bringing more rain to the desert.

Graphene filters seem like a promising avenue of research. Because they are so thin there is little energy wasted on forcing water through them. Basically just the power necessary for the pumps, and pumping water is something we do on industrial scales. Where applicable gravity is enough, but you need a gradient for that. Maybe a future opportunity for Egypt to turn the Quattara Depression into a sweet water lake along with a hydro power plants where the tunnels breach the ridge separating the depression from the Mediterranean.

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Serious question.
Can one make a fertilizer business out of volcano earth.
A bag of volcano earth in your front garden or better for Euopean fields to grow more fertil.

Would that work?

joynalrab Avatar

Im more worried about the amount of filter one would need. 7.5kg of salt per kilo tomatoes is quite a lot. We talk about tons of salt which have to be filtered out.
How expensive are the filters? How easy are they clean? How do they work?

iqbalperkasa Avatar

>some even mention we need up to 50 liter for a single tomato

Just think about what you wrote.

solid_color Avatar

I did and its still valid.

Are you mentally ill? :DD

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is volcano earth even fertile?

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More than ur mums vag, and still you are there.

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and there is no way you can stop me

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1 800 000

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You have to accept new reality.

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I couldnt care less. In this reality I shitpost, have a polish cleaning lady cleaning my flat on every tuesday, have nice food and can play vydia games.


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afaik yes

leelkennedy Avatar

> have a polish cleaning lady cleaning my flat on every tuesday
how much that costs?

romanbulah Avatar

Crimea. Those fields are 1km diameter

jonkspr Avatar

strong russian agriculture

dmackerman Avatar


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so 80 an month
hmmm, probably not worth it yet

hampusmalmberg Avatar

> have a polish cleaning lady cleaning my flat on every tuesday

What a mess of a man you must be if you can't take care of your flat.

sindresorhus Avatar

oh maybe he just hates to clean and can afford 80 euros an month

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Well we share it and by that we avoid fights about who cleans what, when etc. Quick whipe in our bathroom, living room and kitchen plus vacuum. Based polish pussies.

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yeah 40 is fine

bouyghajden Avatar

No no, we pay 20bucks. I pay less obviously.
She only need 1,5hrs, max 2hrs.

christauziet Avatar

i meant an month

georgedyjr Avatar

2 hours a week
and there are at least two people in the flat

so it'd roughly take 10 min a day for a person to do this

germon economey xD

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ah kkk

yigitpinarbasi Avatar

These sand people need a Kwisatz Haderach to make their lands green and fertile.

bassamology Avatar


fritzronel Avatar

Did I triggered you?

Consider this a trigger warning ;)

hibrahimsafak Avatar

that will never happen, water is cheap.

and underground aqueducts are much cheaper than oil pipelines because of increased volume, and much less concern about leaks (pipe line bursts you lose half a day worth of water production, instead of causing a ecological disaster)

the actual cost of desalinated water is about 8-10 times that of recycled water in cities for reverse osmosis.

for arabs it would probably cost about $500 for 1km^3 of fresh water. they could switch to desalination and grow their own crops if they needed, but it's not really economical at the moment.

pjnes Avatar

>Why do sandnigs do this
Because everybody does this?
e.g. this is a picture from Kansas, not exactly the most fertile and wet area ...

dhooyenga Avatar

> water is cheap
Now it is. How about mid east and africa in 100 years after most ground water has been used?

souuf Avatar

That's rather irrelevant to me since in my country it has a tendency to fall out of the sky for free with regularity. Don't care about the shitskins, they only survive because of our charity anyway.

sindresorhus Avatar

You mean when the Sahara is going to get green again because of the climate change, like most of the models show?
Yea, that will show the africans not to use that water ...

zacsnider Avatar

> the Sahara is going to get green again because of the climate change, like most of the models
What the fugg kinda models show that?

marciotoledo Avatar

Knsan confirmed for sandnigers

iamsteffen Avatar

from model business

chris_frees Avatar

that feel when no model gf ;_;

kosmar Avatar

>> 30662348

>Kansas has nearly 3 million irrigated acres. State water law requires that water be used beneficially for the overall good of the citizens of Kansas. Approximately 85% of the water in Kansas that is diverted from groundwater and surface water supplies is used for irrigation. This irrigation water is utilized on 14% of cropland.

terryxlife Avatar

Damn, that looks crazy.

artcalvin Avatar

>$500 for 1km^3 of fresh water from desal

u even read nigger?