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/int/ 31424680: It doesn't make sense. Why are scrap and looters no...

joemdesign Avatar

It doesn't make sense. Why are scrap and looters not tearing these giant ships apart for minerals?

iamgarth Avatar

there are no gypsies and russians in the future

andrewgurylev Avatar

Maybe because it's Tatooine 2.0 but without the jawas. Or maybe all the important scrap was already taken and it's just the carcass.

starburst1977 Avatar

SW is actually something depicting the past.

tjisousa Avatar

It takes place in the past.
Likely it has been looted, but nobody has invested the kind of cash to start taking apart the massive modules. The Hutts are probably eyeballing it but the Empire likely has its eyes on it too.

garand Avatar

Jawas are gypsies in SW

garethbjenkins Avatar

they could have stripped the inside and just haven't gotten to the hull yet, stupid canuck, its the size of a small city and its only been a decade or two

stevenfabre Avatar

that makes it even more bullshit

artcalvin Avatar

>they could have stripped the inside and just haven't gotten to the hull yet
Likely, as I don't think you can fly a fighter through the engine and out of other side of an Imperial II class if it were intact.
>stupid canuck
>its the size of a small city and its only been a decade or two
You don't know if it has been there since the original trilogy Jamal.

bluesix Avatar

It's made of stuff that is pretty hard to reuse, a bit like Kevlar, good at its specific function but it takes more effort to refit for new jobs then it would take to just make a new one.

iamkeithmason Avatar

>there are no gypsies and russians in the future

chrisvanderkooi Avatar

That vessel is of post-Republic design.

nasirwd Avatar

>expecting star wars to make sense

hibrahimsafak Avatar

The "design" was contemporary with the Republic. Called "Imperator" - it was renamed "Imperial" during the Empire's tenure. The current revision is 2, "Imperial II" class and it is still used by the Empire in this new movie. That ship could have dropped there a month before the trailer's time for all the audience knows.

fluidbrush Avatar

Maybe because it's in the middle of a desert or perhaps the planet does not have a population which does that sort of thing. It may not be economic to travel all the way out there.

javorszky Avatar

The Jawas know better than to play with Imperial shit.

markmushiva Avatar

Nope. Republic basically used Venatores, not even the Victory class appeared in the prequel movies.
Also, if you mean the hull, instead of useful parts, simply, a desert planet, without population enough, or the tech to dismantle the whole thing.

hota_v Avatar

No Orks.

kurafire Avatar

I said the design is from the Republic's time, not the ships themselves.

But you're wrong anyway, it was used by the Republic during the Clone Wars. Suck my cock you stupid faggot.

baluli Avatar

Empire have killed all the jawas and there are no looters left.
Empire is very-very evil.

emmakardaras Avatar

No the official reports say the sand people did it.

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yigitpinarbasi Avatar

Also what could have possibly caused Imperial Star Destroyer to fall relatively intact? Even if we presume that ISD is capable of atmospheric flight then it had to go down so low to be shot by something (probably ion cannon) so it can crash in this way without exploding. Why would it even do so?
Whatever Disney, go on.

shesgared Avatar

>Star Wars
>orbital mechanics
Pick one

exevil Avatar

>We will never see Homeworld: Shipbreakers

melvindidit Avatar

but jews are present

ajaxy_ru Avatar

>Even if we presume that ISD is capable of atmospheric flight
Why wouldn't you?

sementiy Avatar

Cause Imperial Star Destroyer is a battleship/carrier unlike Acclamator which is basically a troop transport. Episode V never shows ISDs entering Hoth atmosphere. Why? It would make the job of taking out rebels so much easier that even ground assault would've been unnecessary.

gretacastellana Avatar

"The Star Destroyer could use its guns and TIE starfighters to support any surface action. If a planet required a lasting presence, a Star Destroyer could quickly deploy a prefabricated garrison base.[18] Like most other Star Destroyer models, the Imperial-class was capable of entering atmospheres and supporting ground operations directly.[31][32][33]"

Chakintosh Avatar

Why Empire still use Tie-fighters? inb4 they are trademark
Where are Tie-defenders?

mandalareopens Avatar

>Why Empire still use Tie-fighters? inb4 they are trademark
The Empire is apparently gone, and we're dealing with the "First Order" who are Imperial fanatics.

You'd think at this point the Republic would have an easy time annihilating them, unless they've become smarter and adapting to Rebel tactics. Abrams compared these guys to some fantasy about the remaining Nazis coming to Argentina and working together to take over the world or some shit.

dpg Avatar

> at this point the Republic would have an easy time annihilating them
In fact, I think that the New Republic is impotent shithole without normal government and with shitton of pregnant moderate ewok minorities. Which actually was portrayed in the books.
And I always wondered why the rebel scum and other faggots refer to the Empire as to something distant. While the Empire are their neighbors, their brothers and sisters. Even Luke wanted to go to some imperial academy.

bighanddesign Avatar

>Which actually was portrayed in the books.
Problem, books have been un-made.

wiljanslofstra Avatar

>it doesn't make any sense

Just be quiet and enjoy the entertainment, damn assburgers.

mr_arcadio Avatar

I mean, you seem to be justified to kill Imperial soldiers in any numbers. While they are ordinary people, not even clones, moreover, they representatives of the State.

hampusmalmberg Avatar

I've been reading and apparently the "First Order" has a new Star Destroyer called "Finalizer" - which is gay and against the normal practice of naming them with "e" words, Executor etc.

But are we to conclude that they only have one fucking SD?

joshhemsley Avatar

The references for that "capacity" are:
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (shit)
Star Wars: Battlefront II (good but all games are the last source of canon)
Dark Empire II (shit and non-canon now)
So if they are able to enter atmosphere, why weren't they shown supporting troops on Hoth or Endor? Because Imperials are stupid or what?
Also it's not like I'm saying it cannot enter atmosphere, just for me it's strange that this capacity is never used to any effect besides some intimidating shadow in some of the games.

First, this is just a rumour. Second, why not? A minority of Star Destoyers are starting with "E" anyway (the only one besides "Executor" starting with E is "Eclipse").