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/int/ 31447781: Inside a Luxury refugee hotel

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The popular ski resort "Riksgränsen" has been turned into a refugee camp and is currently housing almost 600 refugees while more are expected. It's a high class hotel and the refugees are treated as normal guests by the hotel, everything paid for by the tax-payers.

First up is the lounge with Wi-Fi, here the refugees can relax.

The eating times has been divided up based on language. Apparently people speak everything from Farsi to African languages to Indian in Syria. The chefs has also put good effort into cooking middle-eastern food so the guests won't have to eat Swedish food.

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jag älskar negerkuk

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>people who ran away instead of fighting ISIS are living better than the poor from your own country


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Those poor, helpless refugees cannot choose where they are put, this is all staged to get the public opinion against them.
t. average leftist/humanities student

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>t. average leftist/humanities student
I understand the leftist part but why do you have to bring humanities into this?

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> Riksgränsen
That is the farthest to the north with some kind of civilization you can come in sweden. It is pretty dark there now.

Also that feel when no tax paid ski vacation at one of the most popular ski resorts.

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I wish I was a refugee to get free staying in luxury hotel.

Sweden pls adopt.

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Are you brown enough to pass for Syrian? Just come here and say you are from Syria. No passport needed because you had to leave everything behind in Syria.

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I'm light brown, but I suppose I could just say that I'm descendent of Iranians.

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so what you are saying come winter they will all get depressed and kill eachother?

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When does winter begin in Sweden?
I wonder how many will die because it's cold.

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As you know, it worked successfully in the past and is why Sweden currently has no niggers or muslims.

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of the coldness*

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as a swedish tax-payer, this enrages me greatly.

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> light brown
Go for it.

No, they will complain and leave before that. Riksgränsen is pretty far away from anything. It is a ski resort.

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Because only retards go for humanities degrees.