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/int/ 31565855: So, how's the quest for gf going?...

nelshd Avatar

So, how's the quest for gf going?

vocino Avatar

It's dont

ionuss Avatar

A single mother looked at me outside a shop while she was smoking.
I couldn't tell if she wanted some dirty action or if she was disgusted.

suprb Avatar

Not good. Meanwhile to my internet bernd friends recently both got gfs.

timgthomas Avatar

Tried online dating and suceeded.
Talked to her a bit, then she demanded a meeting.
I met her in a restaurant, she seemed to be into me.
I ran away when she went to the bathroom and threw away my sim card.
Clearly something is wrong with me.

rdbannon Avatar

Awful. I can only think of my exgf.

subburam Avatar

how can you even live with yourself after that?
have you no shame?

juaumlol Avatar

Going ok, I went on a date with a huehuehue from Sao Paulo. She was cute, liked socialism and bagels. I think I talked too much about how Portugal used to rule, muh heritage, and how I'd like to retire to Lisbon. My only saving grace is I didn't bring up BRs on the internet. She hasn't texted me much so I'm thinking she's cold on me, though I had a great time.

marcusgorillius Avatar

>how can you even live with yourself after that?
It was yesterday.
I couldn't handle it. She looked cute on her pictures, but she was a real stunner IRL.
I met her at the bar in the restaurant, I couldn't speak anymore when I saw her.
So we sat down and started talking, after calming down a bit it went pretty well.
So suddenly she starts complimenting me, how handsome I am, if I lift because I look so fit.
I've never had that, I just lost a shitton of weight, and I've never hears somebody say something like that to me when it wasn't supposed to be a joke.

posterjob Avatar

good. it just made a warm meal. for the second time today. mild suspections shes trying to get me fat and less desirable for competition

will give her a speciality of the batch-slapping variety (once im just the right amount of intoxicated) in return later anyways.

t. haver of gf since 2 years longer than the average marriage lasts

alexcican Avatar

Oh fuck off with your fucking pussy licking. Gf this, gf that.

Bernd Avatar

women who actually know how to cook are good wife material, marry her already and settle down

ayalacw Avatar

you should have felt good
ok, taking compliments is not always easy, but don't you have any self-restraint and decency of a human being not to run when you're actually doing well?
it was extremely wrong my mon

marciotoledo Avatar

What the fuck.
She's going to feel fucking dejected now and be out for your blood xD