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Why do all these nerds think they're cool for lifting weights? It's like almost every imageboard loser thinks they're cool and kein for doing starting strength and eating the paleo diet. Like, they saw goodlooking chads lift weights for football, so they think "I will be cool and attractive if I lift too!"

It isn't cool. It's dull and primitive. Who is healthier? Some idiot nerd who eats greasy meats, or a runner who abstains from animal products? A thin body is more attractive than the meathead physiques these morons idolise anyway. Fat, bloated, impractical would describe the bodybuilding and powerlifting bodies imageboard retards look up to. The squatting and dead lifting obsession makes it even more hilarious. Evangelizing putting hundreds of pounds on your spine and squatting down on a big invisible cock, grinding your knees into calcium powder.

And what is this for? To try to slightly bolster your chances with slutty women. Congrats at spending all those hours on something so bestial and useless. You would have gotten higher class, smarter girls with a thin body and fashionable clothes anyway.

Spending 3 hours a week levitating some metal off the ground. What an alpha male. Such limitless dedication. And for what? What did this accomplish? Health? No. It destroys your joints. The only benefit it has, like I stated previously, is attracting bottom of the barrel gutter sluts.

danro Avatar

Greasy meats are fine, though.

My grandad ate it all his life and was strong as a bull to the end.

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It's the religion of our time.

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Running is retarded. Pic related. It's you.

joemdesign Avatar

Someone with that body shape would never grow bigger muscles from lifting weights. It wouldn't make a difference.

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I jog and love meat.
Stop talking like a fag pls.

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Is this copypasta?

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i haven't been able to run for 2½ weeks, fucking injuries, i'd have recovered by now if i were 21, this is what it's like getting old, it's fucking annoying.

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I love how the whole thing was started by a guy whose father was a cardiologist, born into a family that had a known history for heart diseases, and then somehow he dies unexpectedly from "heart failure".

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Half my chest is missing, so it doesn't matter what I do. I border on underweight, and because of my deformity it still looks like I've been drinking a six pack every night for the last five years.

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I suffer a lot after twice weekly tma. Sometimes it's hard to walk for a couple of days.