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/int/ 31574761: Does "Jew playing violin" stereotype exist ou...

greenbes Avatar

Does "Jew playing violin" stereotype exist outside the former USSR?

_zm Avatar

no, only "jews fucking that stupid latvian's mother over and over again" kind of thing
you know

oh wait, of course you know, how silly of me

velagapati Avatar

I still remember that copypasta about the Russian ruining that violin Jew's life. Does anybody have it? It always cheered me up.

guischmitt Avatar

I dunno know you tell me.

vocino Avatar

If I were a rich man, yubby dibby dibby dum.

amboy00 Avatar

jew playing piano Vladmir Horowitz anton rubinstein vladimir ashkenazy lazar berman leonard bernstein

intertarik Avatar

i think horowitz once said something like "there are three types of pianists - jewish pianists, gay pianists and bad pianists"

and he was right

nicoleglynn Avatar

Today he would also have to mention Chinese pianists.

krdesigndotit Avatar


Truly the greatest thing ever written.

tereshenkov Avatar

Dunno this one is pretty epic too

alexcican Avatar

Is he jew?

ayalacw Avatar

personally i don't think east asia has produced a great pianist yet. many of them play very skilfully but they all play coldly and woodenly like they got pressured to enter some expensive conservatory by their parents at age 3, which in fact they usually did. interpretation and expression is the final and toughest step towards becoming a great pianist and i don't think most asians have the guts to play western classical music with the spirit it deserves.

mefahad Avatar

this they are memetier
only good pianists come from russia with exception of michelangeli
also there are no good women pianists

murrayswift Avatar

i hope he made that up

oanacr Avatar

The poster was russian, don't bet on it

bnquoctoan Avatar

What is your opinion on Lang Lang?

emilioiantorno Avatar

Daily reminder:
Soviet culture and science was Jewish

robinlayfield Avatar

There's also the Jew playing the victim and the new playing the goyim