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What do you do when you see a girl look at you and smile?

I was sitting innocently on a public bench today smoking a cigarette when I noticed a girl walking up to where I was smiling at me. My first thought was 'oh bloody hell I bet she wants one' but she kept walking up to me with that smile, looking right at me.

I broke out into heatenings and looked away and she passed me by (she seemed to have stopped smiling). What did she want from me and what could I have done to give her the dick if she wanted it?

karlkanall Avatar

Maybe you just looked humorous?

illyzoren Avatar

probably female bernd that wanted contact

because you didnt smile back her social anxiety complex only strengthened and shes given up trying to go out and fit in

shes browsing krautchan right now

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Couldn't you just have acknowledged that you noticed her too by giving her a quick hello or even a bloody smile? You fucking autistic shits really make fucking molehills into mountains!

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I don't know, it has never happened to me.

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Hardest part is smiling back. This usually helps to produce a warm, hearty, true smile:

Imagine her walking naked. Look at her pubic area. It's shaved. You can clearly see the slit. Imagine seeing her naked slit. This will produce a healthy smile on your face, it's actually very hard not to smile at a naked woman's slit.

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I was wearing a poppy outside a university so maybe she was being one of those smug leftists. Thanks m8 I'll punch the shit out of her next time I see her.

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You're talking to the wrong man, where I'm from they're a serious political statement.

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>Couldn't you just have acknowledged that you noticed her too by giving her a quick hello or even a bloody smile?

you dont understand britain

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>read post
>man germans are fucking weird
>tried it
>find myself smiling

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Naw, Anglesey.

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U fukin wot m8. So I'm supposed to smile at her and then start talking to a total stranger in a non-social situation who might have places to be?

What do I even talk about "hey miss, its awfully nice pavement we have today. Wouldn't you agree? (If so please be my gf)"

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they are foreign and don't realise that interacting with other people is haram

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Jesus christ did no one teach you how to small talk? All you needed was a "Hi" or "hello" and if she stopped to chat a "how's it going", "what's your name", "how's your day", "do you go here" would suffice.

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>Jesus christ did no one teach you how to small talk?
You know, that's why 99% of us are still Bernds.

seanwashington Avatar

>just saying 'hi' to someone

fucking hell m8

this isn't a bernd thing, it's just the biggest social faux pas imaginable

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You're not randomly choosing to say hi to her. You both made eye-contact and had a moment; I think this is a universal green light to engage. Surely this isn't just american.

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american or not, it's most certainly not the case here.

I'm getting heatenings just thinking about it and I'm a keinbernd. You can't just do this sort of thing.

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>I think this is a universal green light to engage
It's not about when to engage, it's about how to engage without seeming like a loser creep.

olgary Avatar

How can anyone think it's appropriate to interrupt strangers just because you have the urge to make them hear your voice?

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I once smiled at a girl in metro and she smiled back

sgaurav_baghel Avatar

They didn't have "a moment". They looked at each other at the same time.

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Fuck, is that not dangerous in Russia? I was told that a Slavic smile indicates drunkenness, mental disability or him thinking he has you by the short hairs.

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You' know I was going to say that such an action would be Arab as fuck but then I realized that it might be why my country is going to hell. Okay next time I will pretend I'm Joey from friends.

>did no one teach you how to small talk?

Small talk is situation based here. You wouldn't ask the guy in line with you his name.

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She was laughing at you. Infa 100%

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Read the OP again. There was a smile involved, followed by disappointment.

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mediocre burns m8

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>arab as fuck

fug you're right

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>You wouldn't ask the guy in line with you his name.
I wouldn't ask him his name as my opener. That's after you've chatted. You're trying to paint some ridiculous scenario here and failing.

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>people in queues

dead silence

unless you have to wait for ages and are both visibly exasperated, or you step on their shoe or something

>taking forever init, ive got places to be

>oh shit sorry

that's the extent of conversation, followed by hoping beyond hope they don't talk to you

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>after you've chatted
you don't chat

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She was already smiling. She didn't break into a smile after their eyes met. In fact she stopped smiling.

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frown and look away

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Why would you talk to him at all? He is obviously waiting for some service, not to talk to you.

pdugan19 Avatar

I look away.
Seriously. Today I had to shake a cute grills hand. It made me sick.

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This is the most spineless, pussy-ass never leaves his basement line of thinking I've ever heard. Seriously what kind of self-loathing worm things like this lmfao.

You seriously thing you interrupt someone's day by speaking to them? As if your voice is truly some deterrent to whatever they had to do. Ahaha - oh wow. Not only is it self-loathing it some how comes off as narcissistic as well. Trust me, you won't ruin someone's day by talking to them - even out of the blue without any prior warning; Which wasn't the case for the OP, I might add.

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Usually just smile back, nothing more. Maybe add a hello if she keeps smiling and looking, but striking up a conversation with someone while she is walking by is just harassment.

Once I struck up conversation in the train to a girl that smiled to me on the platform. She responded positively, but cringe a bit when I think back to it.

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Well, the OP stated she was smiling at him. I wasn't there so assuming anything else would be speculation with faulty reasoning. I think the OP is competent enough to know when someone is smiling at him, or maybe not he sounds pretty socially inept.

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If someone talked to me out of the blue, I'd tell them to fuck off or ignore them and so would every single person I know. Please, do not presume to tell others about what is socially acceptable in their countries.

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maybe you are autistic

the correct response is something that is polite but closes down the conversation and doesn't open up further small talk, followed by mutual awkwardness.

grantrobinson Avatar

not only do I not think you would do that, I think you faggots overplay this whole "no one talks to each other in public here in yurop" way too much. Sounds like bullshit to me, even the most modest of cultures, does the picture you social degenerates paint exists. Infa 1000%

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Maybe she was zoning out and wasn't aware of where she was looking.

> You seriously thing you interrupt someone's day by speaking to them?
What else it could be than an interruption of their day? You are intruding on someone's peace and privacy and imposing on them an expectation to respond to you politely in order to maintain a level of decorum that you have already violated. It's rude and offensive.

fritzronel Avatar

you're simply wrong

t. not the guy you're responding to

buses, trains, hundreds of people sitting in silence.

ritapetrilli87 Avatar

They've already annoyed me enough by derailing my train of thought, a steely glare is the most they can hope for.

Strangers just do not talk to each other in the streets here, it's not a difficult concept to grasp.

thehacker Avatar

if you do react how you said you do you have autisms

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>girl look at you and smile?
Never happened

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Sorry, but the way you're portraying is hard to accept. The majority People are just too social of creatures to never talk to each other. There are too many situations where talking to another person is just acceptable, polite, and courteous thing to do. I refuse to believe that if I go to England, and I ask a random guy a question that I'd truly effect his day or him personally in any negative fashion. Get over your fucking self, you don't live in a bubble, people will eventually talk to you just because of how random life is; and if your reaction is to get upset for no reason then you are the problem.

solid_color Avatar

I'm definitely not autistic, I'm just a cunt. There is a difference.

areus Avatar

Come here and try it, seriously. The best reaction you will experience is bemused courtesy because you're a silly foreigner. You'd have your throat cut for it in Finland, no joke.

jimmywebdev Avatar

> people will eventually talk to you just because of how random life is

But people like you do it intentionally

cheezonbread Avatar

As opposed to unintentionally doing it? Fuck off retard

kreativosweb Avatar

As opposed to it happening randomly.

i_ganin Avatar

I believe it was Carl Jung who noticed that the Americans took the talkative nature of the negro and integrated it into their own culture. Absolutely disgusting.

It's cute to notice American tourists who can't grasp this concept, however.

alexcican Avatar


Asking a random person something, intentionally isn't random. Ok. I get it. If I take any time for consideration, or contemplate anything beforehand it was a malicious singling out. I "intentionally" bothered that person.

Seriously though, fucking wot?

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>talking to strangers on the street is normal
Not even here. There certainly are situations in which you would find it totally acceptable, like, say, if you are having a coffee alone by yourself in a cafe, but it most certainly is not the norm in the situations our american friends are mentioning. Those don't go beyond nice weather elevator-tire small talk.

itsracine Avatar

>Those don't go beyond nice weather elevator-tire small talk.
you pretty much attempted to contradict my argument, but completely backtracked and actually enforced what I've been saying with that last line.

Either this is a lost in translation moment or you people are full of shit.

zacsnider Avatar

>everything that isn't America is one big country

cmzhang Avatar

I didn't even imply that.

heikopaiko Avatar

You are not supposed to actually talk. You say some cliche thing which is answered by the same kind of response pretty much demonstrating solidarity in making the situation less awkward, but indicating that no further interaction is welcome.
The only people I can think of genuinely trying to make small talk are bored old farts.

350d Avatar

Exactly, motherfucker. That's what I'm saying here. Did you read the OP's post? This was the moment for that "cliche" thing. a A polite social utterence to another human being, acknowledging they exist.

I argued this, and I pretty much got some guy saying that if someone did this to them they would tell them to "fuck off" -- but no, you idiot wants to harp on some stereotype that americans are overly social to fault, without even looking into what I'm arguing here.
I'm done with you fucking mental midgets. Holy fuck int

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nah man you don't get it.

baluli Avatar

I should remind you that you just replied to a Spaniard. If some stranger tells me in the middle of the street that the weather is nice I will politely push him away with a newspaper because I'm not interested in buying anything from him.

a_harris88 Avatar

Talking to a passer-by who just smiled at you is borderline haram.
I was actually referring to a supermarket line/hospital/bus kind of interaction.
t. just smile back in such cases

mwarkentin Avatar

Smile back.

See if it's a one time thing. If it's not, go say hey.

sindresorhus Avatar

>If some stranger tells me in the middle of the street that the weather is nice I will politely push him away with a newspaper because I'm not interested in buying anything

1. I know who i'm talking to. I respond to him because it is assumed he is taking the side of the people who say saying "hello" to the girl who made eye contact, and smiled at the OP would've beeen a huge fucking faux pas.

2.That's a nice strawman you put up. If you're in the middle of the street, and someone says nice whether I'm grabbing for my wallet. If I'm sitting down in front of a university, and a girl is walking towards me, while making eye contact, while smiling, and says "nice weather" I'm definitely not going to push her away, tell her to fuck off, her look down like the OP did.

splashing75 Avatar

>her looking down

karalek Avatar

>If I'm sitting down in front of a university, and a girl is walking towards me, while making eye contact, while smiling, and says "nice weather"

And in this case, most Northern Europeans would give her a "what the fuck are you doing"-look while cautiously replying.

layerssss Avatar

I like how you're allowed to talk in generalities but when I do it everything that's not in america is one big country

clementc Avatar

>most Northern Europeans

This is different from 'Yurop', that big country full of librul faggits n castles yo.

xarax Avatar

He appears to believe Britain, Spain, the Netherlands and Australia are all the same place.

mylesb Avatar

It's true for Britain, the Netherlands (although some small talk on public transport is somewhat acceptable sometimes), Belgium, Germany and definitely Finland.

Northern Europeans are reserved among strangers, Mediterraneans start fights with men and make kissing sounds to women, and Eastern Europeans punch you if you smile or wear non-grey clothes. This is common knowledge here.

puzik Avatar

No I don't. I replied to to an Australian and Spaniard who were arguing the same premise. If anyone believes they're the same places is you who argue that outside of america things are done your way. That in "northern europe" people do it that way, and etc.

dpg Avatar

> What do you do when you see a girl look at you and smile?

Wake up

iamsteffen Avatar

>What do you do when you see a girl look at you and smile?

This happens?

kylefrost Avatar

>small talk on public transport

I have never spoken to anyone on public transport who I didn't know, aside from 'excuse me', 'cheers' to the bus driver and on the train the other week where incidentally an American started a conversation.

Sitting next to someone in silence, everyone else, sitting next to someone in silence.

darcystonge Avatar


Same. The only person I've ever seen attempt it was stoned off his arse.

vigobronx Avatar

>What do you do when you see a girl look at you and smile?

That never happened to me with stranger girls

donjain Avatar

>smiling in russia

tmstrada Avatar

Fucking this. I think I'll try this whenever I need to smile. It seems to have worked.

mrzero158 Avatar

I meant to refer to only here in the Netherlands. It happens now and then, and when it does it usually has somewhat more substance than a nice-leather-comment, but it is by no means the rule. I did have one conversation on public transport in Germany once but that was with an Auslander.

Although I do remember that story of the Brit who was talking to a girl on the train and said that he wasn't flirting with her because he thought she would be shit in bed.

betraydan Avatar

I remember that. That thread was years ago. Conversations between strangers on public transport is exceedingly rare