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/int/ 31588963: You are so INCOMPETENT that a guy with literally NO BRAIN is more successful than you

joynalrab Avatar

-has only empty space in skull
-has social life
-has own family
-has job
-has sex
-has kids

Of course, pic very related. (the right panels show a normal brain for comparison)

abotap Avatar

I could have all of those, if i gave a damn.

edobene Avatar

This, I could be a playboy if I wanted.

giuliusa Avatar

I don't know why but that seems sisgusting to me. Having so much fluid in your head and having only a slim sheet of a brain?

moynihan Avatar

Maybe I have an even smaller brain. How would I know?

albertodebo Avatar

This is far more amazing. I'm speechless, I don't know how to react. Can anyone help me to explain this? I thought the cerebellum was pretty much required.

i3tef Avatar

>I thought the cerebellum was pretty much required.
not for women

artheft_ua Avatar

Human brain is extremely adaptable, especially during childhood years.
If some critical part is missing, it will just rewire and modify itself to work without it.

jajodia_saket Avatar

IQ of 75? I'm assuming this guy is white, because that means he's still smarter than the average nigger.

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terryxlife Avatar

If you are German, do watch this!
It starts at minute 8+
at 19:40min there are other pics in the vid like OPs

ionuss Avatar

Retard in OP > Nigger > Average bernd

At least average nigger gets pussy.

turkutuuli Avatar

> all that matters in life is pussy

trueblood_33 Avatar

> all that matters in life is pussy

This is quite true, given you want humanity to persist;
and if you want humanity to survive, it is rather important WHO gets WHOSE pussy to use, because, you know, evolution is always there and we could very easily out-breed out intelligence and everything that is good about humans.

christauziet Avatar

Well, they must be smarter than me so it's surely for the best.

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alv Avatar

Well with an IQ of 75 you don't really have the mental capacity to start worrying about dumb shit before you do it and then panic over the possibility of failure.

i3tef Avatar

Imagine (if you can) how it feels to be less desirable to women than men with no brain, literally deformed men, dogs, farm animals, pieces of plastic, being glassed, having acid thrown in your face, cutting holes in your arm, and suicide.

Please have some understanding before you bully.

kennyadr Avatar

>-has only empty space in skull
>-has social life
>-has own family
>-has job
>-has sex
>-has kids

I dont see #1 PVP char in random korean MMORPG here, he just fucking looser at life

RussellBishop Avatar

Would be ebin if he was 190cm and 12" cock.

That means girls don't care about brain. They jsut want brainless meat sack to ride on.

bighanddesign Avatar

im hikkykomori

jacobbennett Avatar

>-has only empty space in skull (IQ of 75)
>-has social life
>-has own family
>-has job
>-has sex
>-has kids

I don't see any contradictions. He is not retarded and not reflexive due to low IQ. So it will be easy to socialize (social life, family, sex, kids). Also there are a lot of jobs that do not require intellectual work.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

I am not really that unsuccesful, I just never had a gf or sex.

falvarad Avatar

> worked as a civil servant.

He was probably the smartest guy in his entire department.

antonkudin Avatar

> Intelligence tests showed the man had an IQ of 75

andychipster Avatar

Until now mankind has no answer how a brain really works, so it is useless to compare size of the brain because it seems to doesnt matter.

jodytaggart Avatar

with an IQ of 75 you can still be president of the united states

joe_black Avatar

Oy, my father worked as a civil servant and he'd probably agree.

olgary Avatar

If that's the case for you, just change yourself. It's all your fault because you see the problem but don't want to solve it for some reason.

aleclarsoniv Avatar

>-has only empty space in skull
but that's clearly not the case as your picture shows

m4rio Avatar

The fact that a problem can be observed doesn't mean there is a solution.

n_tassone Avatar

im surprised no one asked for proofs yet

joshclark17 Avatar

Except it does in this case.

iamglimy Avatar

Oh, you're that Aussie with first world problems again, right?

kurafire Avatar

It only proves that you don't need a brain to be a keinbernd.

jajodia_saket Avatar

> visually, it is more than a 50 to 75 per cent reduction

You don't even need half a brain :-DDD