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/int/ 33131161: #BREAKING Russia ministry says 'serious grounds' to suspect Turkey preparing to invade Syria

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It's right there in the OP.

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Look who's asking for another round of shot down bomber

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>Russia ministry says

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I hope they nuke Istanbul.

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They should, but they won't.

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Roles reversed. It is Russia's turn to cry wolf.

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They would probably just take the Turkmen clay.
Kurds are already defacto autonomous.
Syria is going to be partitioned somehow in any case.
Russians showed that you can just reclaim clay if you got enough force.
Why not.

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> Russian Defence Mınıstry

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If erdoshit keeps chimping out this outcome is likely.

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Oh doge, what now

Btw info is legit

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t. byzantine empire widow

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Yes. That's exactly what Turkey wants...

Don't be naïve.

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imagine turkey tries to go through kurds and gets rekt

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They can't use their air force, though. I think.

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Who is that?

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whose side would they be?

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It's fucking nothing

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>Russians showed that you can just reclaim clay if you got enough force.

you forgot popular support also

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Gain Turkmen soil, lose Kurdish soil. Sounds legit. Less Turkey is better for humanity.

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Faggot could have reached it diplomatically, if he didn't snap like hysterical bitch with that bomber

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But if turksmells invade syria they can't rely on NATO and I doubt that they will be able to withstand against combined russian, syrian and iranian retaliation. They are also literally surrounded by enemies and every single neighbor either dislikes them or hates them with passion. Going to agressive war in such circumstances is truly erdogan tier.

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If he only had worked together with Russia some easy clay grabbings would be had. With approval from Assad too.

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Rךךסer קrס

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Intervention of NATO isn't tied to defensive treaty only.
If USA decides to intervene they will find enough reasons easily.
Though unless actually Turkish soil is invaded they won't care much.

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Why wouldn't Turkmen support it.

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דווקא הפעם לא

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We'll back turksmells and enforce no fly zone, shooting down pidorashkan aircraft

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All kürt clay belongs to the türks.

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why is syria such a fucking clusterfuck

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I'd be surprised if they are not already well prepared for that eventuality. Not even worth denying its just common sense.

Still I hope Russia and Turkey will have a modern war confined to Syria so we can see what happens. The F-35s Turkey ordered have yet to be delivered so they might have a chance.

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Green team probably.

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Anti-Assad and anti-Kurds... I guess

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Sacrificing a pawn was the plan of Obama and Putin. They need blood to expose the jihadist Erdogan. It's not an easy task and there are forces beyond Obama who will meddle to the very end, comforted by the fact that the bombs won't reach their homes.

I said yesterday I was surprised that no other parties had taken an advantage on the situation. This could be the reason, now that the western kurds have advanced into mercenary area.

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On the rebel's side obviously, Sherlock.

Particularly on the side of the Turkemens, a Turkish speaking minority whose fighters fight for the al-Nusra Front (which itself fights together with all the other rebel groups).

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>enforce no fly zone

done thru UN security council where russia has veto power

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Do Turkmen speak Turkish?

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There are also some independent Turkmen brigades.

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They speak Turkish and Arabic and some few also Azerbaidjani.

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Have you looked at your own cuntry?
It's similar almost anywhere. It requires some serious effort to forge a nation.
Though for arabs it's even harder, considering they're so tribal.

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Didn't Russia pretty much bomb all the Turkmen into dust?

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Turkey blocks Russian open skies flight request. I wonder what they could be hiding.

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Nope. The USA can do it themselves, and no-one gives a fuck about UN and Russia. We already saw how russians did nothing over a plane shot down by tukrey. Now expect a few nimitz-class carriers near syria.

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Russia only really focused on those in Jabal al-Turkmen in Latakia. Which is also where most armed Turkmen groups are..

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We have confirmation from RT

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>The USA can do it themselves
they have no legal reasons, it will be act of war

> We already saw how russians did nothing over a plane shot down by tukrey
they had legal reasons since it was turkish clay (or very very close)

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100% proofs confirmed

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Now that's objective journalism!

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Russia had no legal reasons to invade crimea. What are you gonna do, seize all those russian houses held by american politicians? Forbid them to visit Adler?

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Turkshits getting desperate, this is nothing surprising. I hope they all get murdered and by 2016, there's no fucking Istanbul, only ground zero.

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>whatabout crimea

what about some random war from the 1500's

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What's Erdogan thinking? He wouldn't dare anger russia alone. Are the americans telling to go on and piss the russians off? I wouldn't trust the americans further than I could throw them, especially since NATO is not obligated to help in case of russian attack.

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>Are the americans telling to go on and piss the russians off?

they already did so with Georgia

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Crimea happened a year ago

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Russia doesn't have such a strong position with respect to Turkey as you think it has.

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The man's a literal retard who thinks he can just go ahead and reclaim all the clay the Ottoman Empire once had. (IIRC that's kinda the agenda of ISIS). He doesn't think, he just #YOLOs this shit. All or bust I guess, he doesn't care if his country dies in the process, in fact I don't think he even considers that an option, he'll just hide behind the LOL NATO thing. Little does he know NATO isn't really obliged to help you if YOU are the aggressor.

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If the war starts, i'll join to the Army to remove turksmell.

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>Crimea happened a year ago

no one remembers it anymore though

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Erdo is YOLO but lol if you think Russia would go to war over some Syrian clay.

Erdo would probably play the same card as Russia has in Abkhazia and stuff. We are here to protect. Not to annex.

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I do think Russians would be more than happy to fuck up Turkey. But only if NATO leaves them to their own fate.

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ebin, then when Russia complains they can tell them to go Crimea river

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Russians couldn't fuck up Turkey without nukes and I think even Germans would be butthurt if Russia starts blowing up nukes in Europe.

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hurr: the durr

>twitter message
>ministry suspects some made up shit
nobody cares.

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>Russians couldn't fuck up Turkey without nukes

nigga pls

garand Avatar

>History will fight my wars for me
Turkey is no 3rdb rate military power. It would take significant commitment. Contrary to your belief, nations rarely go to war solely because of butthurt.

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Kill them Turks, Ivan. Kill them all.

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Are you aware of the USA being in a military alliance with turkey?

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On a plain and simple 1-on-1, it wouldn't even be that close.

Sure, Turkey wouldn't be a pushover and it wouldn't be done in days, but still...

Also, don't forget, Turks are fucking sandniggers. They aren't any better at waging war than Iraq or Iran. Or Saudi Arabia.

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Who care?

Turkey will be the first NATO country wrecked by Russia. Then others NATO countries will be bombed too.

The train must never stop

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those rotter pros man im telling you

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>russia says
Into the trash it goes.

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Yeah, but we have the option to honor it , or not, if Turkey is being reckless, and using bad judgement.

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Do you honestly think "global firepower" is a good source?

> Turks are fucking sandniggers
And Russians are mongoloids.

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>On a plain and simple 1-on-1, it wouldn't even be that close.

>Russia will withdraw equipment and troops from other districts and focus them all on Turkey
It doesn't really work that way. And Russia has no way to directly use their land power on Turks.

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>Russia says

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>Turks are fucking sandniggers. They aren't any better at waging war than Iraq or Iran. Or Saudi Arabia

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>And Russians are mongoloids.

So are you, and you still managed the Winter War.

It's a fucking site which compares numbers, how could this be a bad source?

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You do not really have that option, no

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>We could once w-w-wage w-w-war and win b-battles with overwhelming numbers and s-s-shitloads of c-c-casualites, we c-c-can totally into w-w-war now! I s-s-swear!

Yeah Tayyip, keep on dreaming while tanks are pushing up to your presidential mosque in Ankara.

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>Russian ministry says

Lol. They do this shit all the time. They say this, vatniks get all excited, they have interesting drama and excitement. Then, when nothing happens because Turkey has no such plans, shills came on here and :

>kokoko STRONK Rossiya forced turks to back blyad swear me mum suka blyad

remiallegre Avatar

i didn't mean that.
You said
"Turks are fucking sandniggers. They aren't any better at waging war than Iraq or Iran. Or Saudi Arabia."

Unfortunately you're wrong

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Proof it. Annex Syria.

kinday Avatar

>Lol. They do this shit all the time. They say this, vatniks get all excited, they have interesting drama and excitement.

How about Estonian/Swedish/etc governments doing statements "Russia's gonn invade us anytime soon" every fucking month?

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D-G please let it happen.

350d Avatar

Serious question: does Syria still exist as a political/diplomatic entity in the international law?
Do they still have embassies outside of russia and few other countries? Do they participate in UN?
Maybe they aren't a country anymore?

naupintos Avatar

One day we will in the name of Tarhun.

robergd Avatar

This will be the 6th time somebody has announced that Turkey is about to join that war, and nothing has ever happened, except that they guarded that tomb for a short time.

350d Avatar

Finnish imbecile posters isn't a source at all.

There is a railroad to Armenia which is has border with Turkey :D

Why Finns are so stupid? No wonder, you never win a war.

christianoliff Avatar

Course of future events:
>Turkey invades Syria
>Russian airbase is kill
>Russia nukes Turkey to test NATO
>NATO dies a death
>Russia probably dies a death too

albertaugustin Avatar

Also, when we start to bomb turksmell, trillions of horny rapefugees will move to Germany, Greeks will liberate North Cyprus, Constantinople will be Christian again.

win-win situation for everyone

iqbalperkasa Avatar

> Tarhun
AHahaha, we had a soda drink called like that in soviet times :D

anass_hassouni Avatar

...and no way to enforce amphibic landing. Boring air war.

>how could this be a bad source
It's misleading. Russia doesn't have a single tank brigade in the Caucasus Military district, for example, and T-72 are useless against Leopard 2, anyway

davidtoltesy Avatar

Is this what vatniks fap to?

_vojto Avatar

Finland lost IHWC 2016 anyway

puzik Avatar

if i ever see a single muslim in here i'll personally come to Russia and ram my dick up your ass
Deus vult btw

sindresorhus Avatar

Turkey stronk
Russia weak
And the Turks have like a kajillion reservists who are not on Vodka or Krokodil, Turkey never feared the Russian, never in its history did it back away from Ivan and they sure as hell won't now.
I HIGHLY doubt that Russia is gonna lift a finger for Assad, if Erdolf invades Syria. Never gonna happen.

mj_berthelsen Avatar

>So are you, and you still managed the Winter War.
Russians aren't anything special which was something you implied with your derogatory term with Turks.

>It's a fucking site which compares numbers, how could this be a bad source?
Numbers on what? Turkey has about 90 maneuver brigades which is about the same number Russia has if they scrape up all the possible bottoms of their long term storages. How are they going to take 1:1 adversary which is over seas?
That's more realistic estimate about Russian capabilities.

andrewgurylev Avatar

>Russia says


mbilderbach Avatar

Hockey is bydlo sport anyway

markgamzy Avatar

No wonder it is so popular in finland

thierrymeier_ Avatar

Turkey's tanks are outdated

rohan30993 Avatar

Are you guys seriously debating over a possibility of ground war? That's impossible. Turkey is a mountainous shithole with 80mil population pretty far away from Russia. There won't be a land war. If we're lucky Russia will just use nukes after Turkey hits their bases in Syria or Crimea or blocks their naval traffic through Bosphorus.

areus Avatar


Here, have sources! FROM SWEDES.

Okay Mehmet, when and how did you ever make it into Finland and how are you still alive?

aiiaiiaii Avatar

Hey that's unfair, it's popular in Russia too.

adammarsbar Avatar

> Turkmen clay

It's Russian clay.

cbracco Avatar

finnish hockey fans are worst then footbal fans which is unique situation.

andina Avatar

Why do people imagine this potential war as some kind of WW2 scenario, their armies will barely meet each other. Russians can rek few Turkish bases/airports with cruise missiles and destroy any plane that leaves Turkey, Turkey can attack their ships, submarines, and base in Syria.

The war would probably end at that point, when Turgs realize that there is no point getting nuked so Americans can remove Russia from Syria and that they gain nothing from such war.

thomweerd Avatar

So? What's wrong with the numbers and estimates in it?

I'm not Turkish but you should GTFO of Hungary, Igor.

lanceguyatt Avatar

Rebels from Azaz supposedly are preparing to refuge.

nelshd Avatar

We're one of those few countries where hockey is more popular than football, which leads to all the bydlo following hockey and football being more sophisticated and high-class sport in some way.

iamsteffen Avatar

Northern rebels are rekt.

crhysdave Avatar

GERMANY 3.000.000

yangpeiyuan Avatar

And the Russian Black Sea Fleet wouldn't leave Black sea ever again.

chanpory Avatar

You know why Turkey fucks with Russia?!
Because Crimea is Turkic and now Russia fucks with Turkmens too, this won't go unpunished.

adhiardana Avatar

Russias are too.

alessandroribe Avatar

Hehe, rats leaving the sinking ship.

armcivor Avatar

>Crimea is turkic
Not anymore.

kimcool Avatar

We'll nuke new channel.

cat_audi Avatar

Thank u, mr Thierry Cassey, you are the best geopolitics specialist herez.

darcystonge Avatar

They have enough firepower there to make a new sea out of that part of Turkey. Turks are not stupid/insane enough to lose a major city only to spite Russia, that's hohol tier.

joshclark17 Avatar

Do the Kurds not let them move supplies through their territory?
I thought Kurds were trying to be neutral in the fight between FSA and Assad?

t. Syria noob

antonyryndya Avatar

> victory in cicil war
I thought Russia lost the civil war against soviets.

turkutuuli Avatar

The ones on the map are not, they counted only T-90 for some reason.

vigobronx Avatar

We have base in Syria.

Every ship in Black Sea can be destroyed by the land based anti ship missiles

christianoliff Avatar

Russia's answer to anything is to nuke it.

Buy a new Lada or we'll nuke u.

terryxlife Avatar

It's hard to tell who'd win, it's not like we saw Turkey in action at all recently? Or maybe I missed something? Sure Russia will never win trying to invade Turkey itself, because patriotic Turks will easily wreck us, via large number + guerilla.

But a conflict outside of Turkey is a totally different story.

The sheer numbers does not mean much, look at Jews vs. Arabs, Jews are capable of resisting 10 times bigger Arabic packs with little effort.

suprb Avatar

And every ship going through Bosphorus can be sunk even with a AT manpad.

jonkspr Avatar

> Russia's answer to anything is to nuke it.

And how often we have it done?
Ummm, not a single one?

silv3rgvn Avatar

i nuked your mom last night if you know what I mean

herrhaase Avatar

The Bosphorus will be independent christian territory.

The Besphorus Democratic republic.

hibrahimsafak Avatar

>And every ship going through Bosphorus can be sunk even with a AT manpad.

there's just georgia between us and Russia, I think we can easily roll through Georgia if we have to :D

okcoker Avatar

>there's just georgia between us and Russia
Turksmell detected :-D

joki4 Avatar

This thread is so funny. I'm gonna need another pack of sunflower seeds.

bruno_mart Avatar

>-s-shitloads of c-c-casualites

Lol. Mohacs was one of the shortest battles in history. 2 hours lmao

aiiaiiaii Avatar

Turkish weakness is lack of good ground launched AA missiles.
But they have +200 upgraded F-16 which are a still pretty good.

Unclear of how many combat worthy fighter aircraft Russia actually has.

Turkey has no way to prevent Russia from striking their vital targets with cruise missiles / short range ballistic missiles.

But if Turkey doesn't simply cave in it would be a tall order for Russia to win. They would lose quite a large chunk of their air force, and again, for what purpose?

Russian Black Sea Fleet would probably be deterred by the 13 subs Turkey has. Tough Russia has 5 bigger subs and 4 of them upgraded.

350d Avatar

prepare lube

_zm Avatar

Crimea was Turkish clay after an days.

shesgared Avatar

I'm sorry, but we got enough firepower without nukes just to set all turkey on fire.

bouyghajden Avatar

Its a defensive alliance only. We are under no obligation to follow other NATO members to offensive battle, even if they are getting their shit pushed in by Russia.

clementc Avatar

Turks have supersonic missiles too.

clementc Avatar

North Atlantic Treaty, Article 5:

>The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all and consequently they agree that, if such an armed attack occurs, each of them, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defence recognised by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, will assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other Parties, such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area.

>Any such armed attack and all measures taken as a result thereof shall immediately be reported to the Security Council. Such measures shall be terminated when the Security Council has taken the measures necessary to restore and maintain international peace and security.

So attacking Turkey is attacking all the other NATO countries, and all the other NATO countries will respond as Turkey is too strategically important to throw under the bus. If you think there will be no response, you need to look at a map for a while and consider why Turkey, regardless of their actions, is a NATO lynchpin.

abotap Avatar

They have that option even if Turkey is attacked.

souuf Avatar

>in Europe or North America

I didnt realize Syria was Europe. Or is it North America?

mfacchinello Avatar

t. proxyhoholian wishful thinking

okcoker Avatar

How is this suddenly a question?

johnriordan Avatar

Syria is 1488% white Europe

marshallchen_ Avatar


>in Europe or North America

So Russians can go all the way to Istanbul?

exevil Avatar

>Any such armed attack and all measures taken as a result thereof shall immediately be reported to the Security Council. Such measures shall be terminated when the Security Council has taken the measures necessary to restore and maintain international peace and security.

sucks that Russia and China are there, innit

anyway, if shit is going to happen it's going to happen and nobody will give a fuck about those treaties

carloscrvntsg Avatar

Stefan Batory survived this shit xDDD

kriegs Avatar

>this thread
>those retards

aaronstump Avatar

Article 6 states that NATO covers the entire Mediterranean.

Because Russian shills think NATO is like a bogeyman, used to scare them. They need reminding that it exists.

Can you actually read? It says the war won't stop until the Security Council says so, not that NATO needs its permission to start defensive operations.

i3tef Avatar

if our goberment was a decent goberment, i'd support Turkey
but i support Rossiya
all hail Rossiya

marciotoledo Avatar

> all hail Rossiya
glory to Rossiya!

mbilalsiddique1 Avatar

beating other at countryball roleplay

kuldarkalvik Avatar

At the end of the day, Turkey invading Syria is not considered an attack against Turkey.

vovkasolovev Avatar

but they are already fighting in yemen

clementc Avatar

Those Saudi madmen - getting humiliated by Yemenis is simply not enough for them, they want to get rekt in Syria too.

thehacker Avatar

Turkey weak

coreyhaggard Avatar

Meh. I'd like to see some real analysis of how they are doing in Yemen instead of some imageboard REKT geen texting.

samscouto Avatar

Today Russian "consulters" and bunch of °Syrian "generals" died :3

orkuncaylar Avatar

>Russia: 84.5

bobwassermann Avatar

Turkmen were like 10 guys anyway, 99% of them had migrated to Turkey. Turks talked about them as an excuse to intervene and to satiate their own public's questions on what the fuck they were doing in Syria. Russians later started talking about killing them non-stop, because they wanted to satiate vatnik butthurt on how they were avenging their rekt pilot.

In reality, pretty much all the people there are arabs.

bruno_mart Avatar

In any case, see any Jewish vs. Arabic war ever. Arabs are pretty dumb people when it comes to their generals.

SAA was shit before they replaced Arab generals with Russian ones.

tereshenkov Avatar

>a country that might or might not have nukes

They don't, infa 100%. There's only one nuclear test in history unaccounted for, the Vela incident, and it's basically an open secret that it was the cubes.

stevenfabre Avatar

People from Aleppo leaving for Turkey & Europe. Looks like Germany will break last years refugee records easily this year.

abotap Avatar

The guy proves himself a retard in the very beginning - yes oil prices are falling and Saudi Arabia is an oil producing country, great you know these - but you are too dumb to know that Saudi Arabia IS the one lowering the price, on purpose, and using the reserves they built up in a global game of chicken.

romanbulah Avatar

These days you don't necessarily need a test.
You can simulate it. That's how all the new nukes are developed.

ayalacw Avatar

They're guided by Allah and Uncle Sam so they cannot loose.

jasontdsn Avatar

Wow :DD And who's telling that? :DD

Russia ALREADY invaded Syria

Yet they're blaming Turkey for preparations :DDD

pdugan19 Avatar

This, Saudi Arabia is the strongest - soon they will form grat wahhabi Caliphate with EU and no force on earth will be able to stop them.

iamglimy Avatar

>People from Aleppo leaving for Turkey & Europe

Those are people who probably bragged on twitter and everywhere about FSA being cool and Assad is to be removed; now they understand they're going to be rekt once Assad returns and police starts investigating each case for aiding terrorists lol.

In any such war, I'd rather just prefer be neutral.

t. MKAY man

mutlu82 Avatar


You gonna ... get enriched

mactopus Avatar



kosmar Avatar

>Russia ALREADY invaded Syria

We did so at request of official Syrian govt, so technically it's not invasion.

vovkasolovev Avatar


Saudi money built the Pakistani nuclear program. They are under their nuclear umbrella, and don't need their own nuclear weapons.

iamglimy Avatar

>We did so at request of official Syrian govt,
How well did that work out in Afghanistan?

breehype Avatar

Officialy recognised syrian government asked Russia for military aid.

lanceguyatt Avatar

If they're going in they're going in to fight the Kurds.

jimmywebdev Avatar

It is invasion when gayrope and uncle sam don't like it.

artheft_ua Avatar

More like they will stop kürt expansion to the west, but won't actually touch them where they are already established. Murka won't let them actually fuck with kurds in syria in a scale which will threaten their interests, unless kurds go full retard later and try to get in with russia or some shit that will change those interests

edobene Avatar

>How well did that work out in Afghanistan?

I did not say anything about it being good or bad. I'm just noting that it's formally not an invasion, because we were asked with military help from the official Syrian government. Our bases and most people are found on territories held by the official Syrian government and they do not object to it.

Meanwhile if Turkey decides to do something in Syria, it's going to be an actual invasion.

langate Avatar

And Kurds invited an American airfield in North East Syria.

thinkleft Avatar

>bragged on twitter and everywhere about FSA being cool
lel I think most of them are FSA fighters with their families. Embrace them Europe

tomgreever Avatar

>I'm just noting that it's formally not an invasion,
Yeah and that was the same thing in Afghanistan, and yet Soviet "intervention" there is now pretty much universally regarded as an invasion, including by prominent people in late-USSR such as Sakharov

ayalacw Avatar

> hurr durr nothing will happens
> derp derp who will trust russians hurr durr
> meanwhile completely forgot Turkey invaded Iraq not so long time ago.

Some bernds on /int/ are just plain retarded.

n1ght_coder Avatar

>And Kurds invited an American airfield in North East Syria

So if I go to Finland, capture some town and then invite Russian forces to help, it won't be an invasion? Crimea wasn't an invasion?

Russia did so on behalf of the actual Syrian government in Damascus, not a bunch of who knows who, who knows where.

kylefrost Avatar

Turkey will rekt Russia?

areus Avatar

>and yet Soviet "intervention" there is now pretty much universally regarded as an invasion

Well I could not care less how some random people interpret it.
In any case, the original point was that Turkey suddenly invading Northern Syria without asking anyone is somehow identical to Russia's situation, which is false.

iamkarna Avatar

What even funnier 80% of this so called "FSA" thing is Al-Nusra which is basically syrian AL-Quaeda. Think of all this democracy they will now spread in germoney.

adhiardana Avatar

You can call it whatever you want. You can only enforce it with force.

iamglimy Avatar

>Russian bernds are about to be deployed to the middle east through compulsory military service

herrhaase Avatar

At first i wanted to type
But then i remembered that in accordance with new metodichka we consider twitter valid news source now=/ It's hard being a shill.

peterlandt Avatar


likewings Avatar

The official government does not control the country for more than 3 years. Or would you say that Assad is responsible for ISIS because they're Syrian citizens? :D And maybe Assad has ANY power in ISIS controlled territories? :D

Nope. Syria is now what Assad controls. ISIS + Rebels + YPG is not Syria anymore.

And one more thing. Assad lost territories more than 3 years ago. Then asked Russian help and it looks fine to you.
So probably Ukraine can ask USA to bomb the shit out of Crimea and it would be fine? :D
And that will be "Officialy recognised syrian Ukrainian government" which asked US to liberate Crimea. So it would be ok, right? :D

aiiaiiaii Avatar

that feel when assad probably hired some people to archive ALL twitter/facebook/etc posts so he can clean house when this is all over

going to be super ebin when the lion has his feast

andina Avatar

People should stop teasing habbedings that they cannot deliver.

ayalacw Avatar

Roaches border drawning what else?

syswarren Avatar

You think some paper signed by some baath party heir gives you immunity before history and reality, and that is factually incorrect as shown by the Afghanistan example.

Your "excuse" is hurr Assad asked us. Your "excuse" when invading Crimea was something completely different. Etc.

They will also have an excuse whatever they do. Humanitarian aid for refugees or whatever. It won't be better than your paper signed by Assad Jr., it won't be worse. Excuses like that are things fed to plebs like you, international politics works on a higher level.

eduardostuart Avatar

They can ask amerifats as much as they want. The problem is that fatties don't attack countries that can defend themselves one of which Russia apparently is. They won't risk defeat to appease bunch of mentally retarded salo niggers that made putsch and now want to force everybody to accept them as rightful rulers of ukraine.

herrhaase Avatar

You don't understand: Syria and Iraq are finished, they're done. Even if Assad 'wins', he will rule over the Alawite State of Latakia rather than Syria. If the Iraqi government still stands at the end of all this, it will be a vassal of Iran.

zacsnider Avatar

Sounds lawful.
t. Brzezinski
I'm sure Putin as a lawyer would concur.

carlyson Avatar

You seem to be buttdevastated that your jihadi bros in syria are loosing ground - don't worry, soon you will have them all in germoney as "refugees". If you're lucky maybe you will get to participate in glorious revolt against christian dictator which merkel is and imposing of new democratic government that follows by just rules of sharia law.

pakhandrin Avatar

>If the Iraqi government still stands at the end of all this, it will be a vassal of Iran.
And it won't include the Kurd area who are practically independent now and, interestingly, aligned more with Turkey (and don't seem to mind Turks killing Kurds within Turkey at the moment)

enriquemmorgan Avatar


herrhaase Avatar

>if you dispute my propaganda memes with facts, then you must be supporting those guys
it was vatnik tier and it was in polan

cheezonbread Avatar

>So it would be ok, right? :D
From legal standpoint it would be.
Russian actions in Crimea were illegal whetever you support them or not.

commoncentssss Avatar

>The problem is that fatties don't attack countries that can defend themselves one of which Russia apparently is.
No. The problem is that Russia will eventually collapse anyway just like the USSR. It's easier to just wait instead of starting WW3.

rahmeen Avatar

> collapse anyway just like the USSR.
Technically, USSR still had economic growth till the very end and people were more or less united and intended on preserving USSR. Collapse is purely the result of Yeltsin's coup and his actions and there's no way someone would let second Yeltsin in power. So if Russia collapses it will be entirely different scenario.

yassiryahya Avatar

>Technically, USSR still had economic growth till the very end
Any PROOFS on that was actual growth and not some shit a wrinkled old guy made up in GOSPLAN? Because, you know, muh bread lines.

albertodebo Avatar

>no way someone would let second Yeltsin in power.
That's why Russians ousted him in 1996

oh wait

cbracco Avatar

GDP was never calculated officially in USSR. All the numbers you see are modern estimates.

garethbjenkins Avatar

>GDP was never calculated officially in USSR.
What did they base their growth numbers on?

jonesdigidesign Avatar

> Any PROOFS on that was actual growth and not some shit a wrinkled old guy made up in GOSPLAN?
Official statistics, western estimates. Looks legit.
> Because, you know, muh bread lines.
That happened post-dissolution when supply chains broke down due to "new economic climate".
That's kinda an open secret that 1996 elections were rigged as fuck. Most popular vote was "against all" by a gigantic margic according to non-state estimates, all those votes just mysteriously weren't accounted for in state statistics.

terpimost Avatar

It'll be Afghanistan all over again.

mutlu82 Avatar

>That happened post-dissolution when supply chains broke down due to "new economic climate".
Pretty sure they were around before too with the Gorby reforms

>That's kinda an open secret that 1996 elections were rigged as fuck
I'm not saying the elections were legit, I'm saying that nobody deposed Yeltsin in the end, even though he wasn't wanted and it's likely the same thing will happen again.

armcivor Avatar

More conflicts in Eurasia - stronger America and China

stevenfabre Avatar

> Pretty sure they were around before too with the Gorby reforms
Let me extrapoalte a bit. USSR was reliant on food imports since Khrushev times(1/3 of grain was imported in final years of USSR IIRC) and to buy the food gommies needed hard cash. Without the eastern europe as proxies getting hard cash was more prohibitive so imports dropped and resulted in shortages. Then in autumn '91 came total breakdown and famous empty shelves.
> I'm saying that nobody deposed Yeltsin in the end,
He was deposed in the end when in the wake of '98 default ex-Leningrad branch of KGB finally toppled Yeltsin clique and installed their own men. Given that state institutions now hold supreme power and they are not really interested in ruining everything for petty profit at least I hope so Yeltsin scenario(oligarchy taking power and running the show) is highly unlikely. Of course you can argue that we just have different oligarchs in power and you would be somewhat right but they at least have the decency to pretend they are making Russia great again instead of mindless destruction in the name of profits.