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/int/ 33350231: Jewish Girls ONLY

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More Jewess sluts please! (pics, webm's and links to top vids)

English-Jewesses have got to be the biggest whores of old Europe:

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more of 2nd pls

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Danuta Lato - Touch My Heart
(nsfw music video by polish-jewess whore)

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**CAUTION** don't get addicted (wendy fiore)

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That confused feel when my black wife is obsessed with Judaism and often digresses about converting when a Jewish person turns up in a tv show. No idea how to feel about it tbh.

I actually look sort of Jewish despite being a filthy goy and it makes me wonder if that attracted her a bit.

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The Jews are Neanderthals, even famous jewessses have this Neanderthal look.

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The racial study of jewesses

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areus:#33350605 (jana defi)

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I want to hatefuck all of them :D

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I never found jewesses to be seductive at all, just ugly hook nosed broads.

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Indeed, their sexdrive is pretty high.

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That's not even a Jewish nose. The girl looks Slav.

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It's also perfectly explain our struggle with them, we're just different species(and Talmud agrees with it), in the past we(Cro-Magnon) almost exterminated them, so what Hitler did was nothing new.

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Mr. Hideofsky and Dr. Sagestein

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here's a whole 1 hour of her!

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You're right about us being cro magnon but sadly no kiles got gassed. It will happen for real that's for sure but when is the question. Mixed bastard kikes have proven over and over again to be not humans.

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You're retarded. Jews are simply mutts. The largest Neandertal admixture is found in Tuscany, not Israel.

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Anthropology is not nazi you stupid and claiming kikes are not hyperbrachycephal neanderthals is retarded to start with. Aschkenasim aren't even semites but mongrelized slavs.

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macxim:#33350910 tanya song

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Suspicious fat tits. Where do they come from?

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Is this considered kosher porn?

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But they do look like Neanderthals so i believe it. They're muts with neanderthal DNA dominating.

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israel was the southernmost point of neanderthal expansion, and there are some famous neanderthal excavation sites there

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Chesty Morgan was born Liliana Wilczkowska on October 15, 1937.[citation needed] As a young girl growing up near Warsaw, Poland, she was orphaned when her parents were killed by the Nazis after the invasion of Poland. Sent to Israel, she lived in a series of orphanages before ending up in a kibbutz,[1] Ein Gev.[citation needed]

In the 1960s, Morgan married an American, Joseph Wilczkowski, and moved to New York. Wilczkowski was killed in a Brooklyn robbery in 1965, when she was 27, and her two daughters, Eva and Lila, were four years old and four months old. [she got into topless dancing]

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You have rather distorted idea of what neanderthals looked like.

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Neandertals are actually Celts. Jews are some Asiatic-Semitic-African mixture. That's also why they often look so weird (outbreeding depression). Generally, they Jewish type is physically weak and cowardly, which is not Neandertal at all. The confusion stems from the fact that Jews, like Celts, often have a barrel-like chest. In Jews, this is because of their weak lungs, which enlarge over the years. Celts are just physically strong (barrel chest isn't pathological in them).There's lots of other stuff, but the Jewish-neandertal connection doesn't make sense and is some US pop science.

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>implying we know how neandertals looked like

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stop polluting a good thread with your bullshit. you're an autistic 12 year old and you don't know anything. make a separate conspiracy thread if you wish to promote your adl funded disinformation tripe.

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jews are 100% caucasoid though

they are certainly mixed with almost every caucasoid sub race, but only recently in the modern day did asians and africans start contributing into the already vast jewish gene pool

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Like cavemen? That's how we usually imagine Neanderthals.

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Jewish girls can have really big tits. Thank Jehovah for this great gift to mankind. As a boobs man, at least half of the girls I dated had full or partial Jewish ancestry.

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political autists and "let me tell you about the jews and the slavs" faggots please delete your posts/move them to a separate 'serious' thread and stop basing your opinions or rather making rash conclusions about world history on blogs you found through a 5 second search on a censored jewish search engine (google) or pretending the opinions of imageboard wankers matters ..thank you in advance. i trust i am not being overly optimistic in expecting your cooperation on this.

t. bobby fischer

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How do you know she's Jewish?

Not a single mention of this:

She doesn't really look Jewish, more like a typical face of a Russian village woman, one third Tatar, one third Finnic, one third Slavic.

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niggers dont have that only whites

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Man, why are you goyim so fucking gullible? Kikes are per definition the most ugliest collective that dares to call hemselves the "Jews". You can smell and see a curly haired nigger kike with his jewfro from hundred meters. You will spot a brownshitskinned kike by his big ears, short neck and rattish face (aschkenasim also but in "white").

Considering kikes to be whites and even aryans is what is killing us slowly.

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i never considered jews as white i only said they are caucasoid which is true, any self respecting jew would never identify with white people, especially after the holocaust

jesus manchild you gotta chill a little

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Bobby Fischer though speaks truth about jews also say some bullshit like America should belong to the redskins. This is why we can't trust them completely.

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>believing in the schlomocaust

my grandpa survived the gulag and I will make the kiles pay for it. I thought about hanging them.upside down a tree and letting a nigger mutilate their dicks. :3

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The one on the left might just be misnamed.
Trust a kike...

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>first pic

I have no problem with this. Stupid Arabs deserved this, if not for being Muslims (which is enough though), then for being mindless militant Islamists.

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Oy vey

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Palestinians are hated by the rest of Arabs, they aren't part of their brotherhood. They just live there and Jews stole their land and made them 2nd class citizens.

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Aschkenasim are first class, mizrahi second and palestinians are no class citizens. That's why I can't take brownish kikes for serious. They only are needed for holding down the goyim same with freemasons.

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with this one sentence i found out exactly how deluded and out of touch with reality you are manchild

hahaha my nigga, whyd you stop making threads?

i used to refresh them religiously, they were always hilarious

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money talks bullshit walks

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Top kek, i have been to israel with a mizrahi kike I know and damn mizrahi veing second class shitskins is pretty mainstream. How deluded are you, stranger?

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Imageboards are the worst thing i ever did for my social life. I lost all momentum I had, started losing touch with reality and forgot all my skills that I worked hard to learn for 20-some years and even how to do basic things like talk to people. And don't say you only come here to relax because even a few minutes a day is enough to get you thinking like a retard (hang out with losers and you become one). Yet the people on here still pretend like you'll learn something valuable on here and there is some kind of progress being made or knowledge being accumulated. Even if you did learn something on here, it wouldn't be worth the 99 poisons that came before it. Plus why would you want to, the fun in life is figuring things out for yourself, not ruining the surprise and making everything seem mechanical and common (instead of having an intimate experience of personal glory). Basically y'all are morans. Peace out

babes love a man who reads about politics he can't change late into the night.

"Stupid as a man, say the women: cowardly as a woman, say the men. Stupidity in a woman is unfeminine.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

(..women have common sense. Men get sidetracked by stupid obsessions (space exploration, increasing video resolutions and processor speeds, etc) and pointless hobbies)

here's the ebook (that will get all the girls wet for you, i'm talking more ass than a toilet seat ..mad pussy)

If the book don't work, Just be yourself. And if that doesn't work, start browsing interwebs daily. Works every time!

porn vids, animes, comedy vlogs, cuck literature, video games, and especially pua blogs and talking tough on boards. all these make you irresistible to the opposite sex [and perhaps the same sex irresistible to you].

p.p.s. (x3)
I'm really glad I enriched myself by bringing all of you and your high-level thoughts and worthy opinions into my life. Fuck off -viper.

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Abbi Secraa

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fuck the hollywood ones, post the facebook photos of the sexy amateur ones in boston, ny, etc

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kike rat

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she was more cute on first pic

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her real name is Karin Spolnikova also she used names as:Ala Passtel, Gabriela, Gabriella Hunter, Gabrielle, Gabrielle Saint, Gretchen, Gretchen Arita, Lucy C. Acording to my info she's half czech, half jew.

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My first waifu

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hmm.. what about now?

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Russian libertarian jew Vera Kichanova: "In the concentration camp of my dream jews will be a warders"

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she's beautiful
please post more

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are you on drugs?

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israel.. 'we suffer more than the palestinians'

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jewish girls are the ultimate tease. they only want a guy who went to harvard, but you got bad grades in high school because you were busy wanking to their cleavage. the pleasure from a normal girl isn't enough for your lustful tastes. so then you finally get one, but she makes you convert and get circumcized - destroying the pleasure, and gives you hell for not making enough money because you didn't get into harvard.

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Why the big tits? Because milk is free

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what happened to the treacherous jewesses website?

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Bobby Fischer is amazing.
A new york jew born from a jewish mother.
Yet he hates jews, with reason!

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what do you mean "yet", more like because he got exposed to them in NY.

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if you wanna throw up read this

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Bump so I can save this later

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Everybody enjoying this thread is a schlomosexual.

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Just passing by.

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nothing more stupid than that NF pic

she's not exactly convincing as a warrior

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>>33350847 < this!

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better than 90% of what is posted ITT

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how do you know these girls are Jews?

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A few of them are and most of them are listed on a website that tries to catalogue jewesses and crypto jewesses in porn (and uses user hints to identify them (regardless how shitty the hint is). and tries to establish small waist, big breasts = jew)

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They're Jewesses at least biologically (mischlings). Some of them are quite pleasant for example the Russian ones like Yulia Nova, Anya Sakova and Tanya Song, and the White-trash ones like Christy Marks, not only because they're mixed with at least one White or gentile parent but because they weren't raised Jewish culturally. So they took on the mentality of their host nation instead of having a sense of superiority and exceptionalism, a couple of them might not even know of their Ashkenazi or Sephardic heritage if they come from broken families. September Carrino probably had a Jewish mom and was probably raised as a hispanic-latina like all her friends. She just had big boobs so she got into online "modeling" to cash in instead of sitting at home collecting welfare. It seems that Jana Defi and Abbi Secraa might have been raised Jewish or at least been told since they were young they w ere and made to feel proud of it and special for it but they're from Czech Republic and Poland so they're still sweeter and more feminine and with a better personality than any American girl. Of course Sha Rizel aka Katya Sidorenko looks like she picked up the worst slut/gold-digger traits from both the Hohols and Israel. You could mistake her for any whore from Romania or Georgia, (or the rest of Eastern Europe ) ,going to the disco in high heels looking for a sugar daddy. But at her eyes I think she takes self-absorption and Cleopatra-level female-entitlement to a whole new level the way only a Jewish Princess bitch could. Consider the name she and her [probably Jewish] agent/producers chose over her old one when it was clear she would rise to the top of soft-core internet porn. Pure arrogance. These girls couldn't be anything else and Sha in particular has delicious tits that will become saggy pan-cakes stretching down to her legs by the time she's 30. And if you think she'll mellow out and have less expectations when she's old and not giving or receiving sex anymore, you're sadly mistaken. There's a reason why most Jews in LA and elsewhere divorce their wives after the kids go off to college and hitch up with obedient fob Asians usually Chinese or Korean.

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Jennifer Garner ain't according to this legit source

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dude where's my car / jennifer garner

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Where did Jews get red hair from?

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Lots of places. Neanderthal traits from eastern europe/armenia and inbreeding so the recessive traits didn't get lost after they picked up genes from celts and slavs in europe. Fathers would prostitute out their daughters to any European who would fuck them for a few coins, they would give birth to half breeds and slowly go from black hair and dark skin to more modern features. Whenever a Western European wanted to get his dick sucked, he would go to the seedy party of town (ghettos) and ask for a "Jewess". Naturally only the least noble of the White men would do this (and pass on their weak conscience and less them righteous character to their bastard children), considering it was the 19th century and prior and Christianity and high morals was a big part of the culture. Or it would be White-trash in the American wild west where prostitution was the closest thing to romance.

--- ---
‘A Jew, mon ami, a veritable Jew! And he hasn’t even the decency to be ashamed of it. To think that I, a captain in the Russian Army—have I ever told you, mon ami, that I was a captain in the Second Siberian Rifles? Yes, a captain, and my father was a colonel. And here I am, eating the bread of a Jew. A Jew . . .

‘I will tell you what Jews are like. Once, in the early months of the war, we were on the march, and we had halted at a village for the night. A horrible old Jew, with a red beard like Judas Iscariot, came sneaking up to my billet. I asked him what he wanted. “Your honour,” he said, “I have brought a girl for you, a beautiful young girl only seventeen. It will only be fifty francs.” “Thank you,” I said, “you can take her away again. I don’t want to catch any diseases.” “Diseases!” cried the Jew, “mais, monsieur le capitaine, there’s no fear of that. It’s my own daughter!” That is the Jewish national character for you.

‘Have I ever told you, mon ami, that in the old Russian Army it was considered bad form to spit on a Jew? Yes, we thought a Russian officer’s spittle was too precious to be wasted on Jews . . . ’ etc. etc.

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Is Nigella Jewish? I never knew

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TFW no Jewish suggar mommy with massive tits.

Why even live.

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TFW no Jewish suggar mommy with massive tits.

Why even live.

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Jews marrying their busty daughters into aristocracy are the ones who started the stereotype of the English slag with cleavage. Fathers would rack up gambling debts and then marry their sons with a Jewess to have it forgiven. And then the upper class of England went from dashing courageous Aryans to wimpy, ugly, ..Prince Charles

joshkennedy Avatar

so ya saying i need to get in a gambling debt with a jewish father to marry his big boob daughter?

t1mmen Avatar

if you have a position of power.. yes


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Nigga this explanation was complete unadulterated horseshit and you are insane

But you're cool

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I'll read this later on


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I would really like her if it wasn't for her messed up front tooth.

I just can't stop noticing it.

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she would like you if it wasn't for your autism, she can't stop noticing

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thank you captain obvious

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Question: Should I go to Israel for sex?

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Up for the sake of titties

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more pics of her please

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bump for important information