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/int/ 34917799: How humiliating would it be to be kcmodded by a grill a...

romanbulah Avatar

How humiliating would it be to be kcmodded by a grill after spending 2000 euros to go see her in person just to get a kiss?

ritapetrilli87 Avatar

did you fly to other part of the world just to see some grill?

souuf Avatar

Well if something like that happened, then it would be kc tire, but I am sure that no self respecting German would do such a thing.

pf_creative Avatar


key word is self respecting

xarax Avatar

>146826 rub
never spend than much money even on my gf

m4rio Avatar

Well I had this pal Johann, he travelled to Algeria, just to pet a rare breed of desert fox.

woodydotmx Avatar

what city did you fly to? how long are you here for?

vikashpathak18 Avatar

Germany is full of furries...

krdesigndotit Avatar

I know, my other Pal wants a Lynx as a pet.

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trickyolddog Avatar

I used to travel to far places to meet girls I met online, but I just sort of made a legit vacation out of it, and with her as my local tour guide. So even if it never went anywhere with the girl, I still had a great vacation. This how I did in Europe. I ended up going to Asia and marrying an Asian girl instead, but good times were had before too in other parts of the world.

terpimost Avatar

This thread is cringe

lisakey1986 Avatar

Your penis wasn't big enough for white girls?

ma_tiax Avatar

>Not having girls travelling to your country to fugg you

1st world kcmod tier

shalt0ni Avatar

>he couldn't even get a regular wife

cat_audi Avatar

I once spent a weeken on the Vienna.
I met a guy who flew in from Hamburg to meet a grill he met online.
She introduced him to his boyfriend right away. He the got piss drunk on on 60€ 0,3l bottles of Jack Daniels.
What a fuggen faggot.

t. also got drunk on expensive shitty Schnaps

tube_man Avatar

I remembr a thread where bernd got rejection after trying to date an "escort girl" whore.

Bill: 4000 euros XDDD

Drama on all KC boards at once, that's how humilating (but Bernd would still write a post about his loss)

joshuapekera Avatar

There may have been a time when rubles weren't worth less than the paper they were printed on

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Never had a penis complaint, I am just picky about who I wanted to marry. Wanted a genuine girl that isn;t crazy and full of drama, and would turn me on and still make a great wife. That just happened to be where I found her. I'm not picky about ethnicity or nationality (as long as she isn't black)

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Is that Arab girl who's brothers didn't let you kiss?