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iamkeithmason Avatar

I really wonder what it's like being a kid, like i was when i entered the internet, on imageboards or reddit, and to be confronted with memes like this in this time and age.

karsh Avatar

the next generation will bring forth memes of unprecedented irony

dpg Avatar

Oh no
Thank god it's don't

christianoliff Avatar

Most kids don't actually go on imageboards, which is why imageboards are stagnating and filled with older users. They just spend most of their time on Facebook or other social media sites.

aleclarsoniv Avatar

There were plenty of memes around when I first started using the internet.

You probably don't remember the ones that were around when you started, because they appeared to be gibberish and nonsense.

antonyryndya Avatar

yeah but none of the memes now are of the type of HERE COME DAT BOIIIIII and the likes.

syswarren Avatar

that's not true

typical user age has gone from 18-20 to 21-23 in the last 7 years here.