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A former translator for Valve Corporation is suing the game maker for more than $3 million, alleging that her supervisor at the company created a hostile work environment by referring to her as "it" following her sex reassignment surgery.

The employee, who is identified only by initials in the lawsuit, also says that Valve fired her after she complained to human resources about the company's practice of "utilizing people who were interested in their products to provide translation services for free."

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Seattle takes normal passive aggressiveness and turns them into lawsuits.

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Your legal culture rewards it because it can result in major payouts. 3 million for an offense? In the Negerlands shit payouts are standardized. 500 for an insult, 1500 for bodily harm, etc.

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I don't see the problem

a) HR should have stopped that, and
b) complaining about a scummy business practice is not cause for firing someone

Note that suing for $3 million means nothing, people always start out with large amounts on their notice of claim. When you launch a lawsuit, you typically have only a very general idea of what it's worth because you haven't had access to the opposing side's documents and witnesses.

In my province, you're not even supposed to put the amount you want precisely because you aren't expected to know. It just encourages people to name ridiculous amounts in order to get attention and avoid any possibility of missing something out.

Also note that punitive damages which I assume she's claiming typically have no relation to the harm suffered because the point is to punish and deter the wrongdoer, so it has to be an amount proportionate to their resources. Punitive damages for an individual might have a serious effect at a few thousand, but for large corporations they have to be a lot larger. They're also really hard to get.

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Both a) and b) are wrong

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Trannies are fucking drama whores, what a surprise. If you ever meet one IRL get the hell out of their way before they sue you.

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They are both legally correct in all civilized countries that have legislation against discrimination in employment and require cause to fire someone without notice/pay in lieu so I mean

Deal with it lad

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based Valve

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i blame our shitty mental healthcare. people wouldn't have to "embrace" transsexuality, gender dysphoria, and autism as normal behavior if we actually provided adequate treatment for those illnesses.

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Nothing civilized about nanny states.

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I'm so fucking sick of this shit

what are we going to destroy next?

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Western civilization. The last civilization that embraced trannies was the Roman Empire. Guess what happened next.

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Why is this transsexuality even a thing in USA now?

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I don't think you can treat these people. They're just too broken to begin with, you can't fix that.

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Keeps the people's minds off real problems.

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You can. It's called a prescription of a cyanide pill.

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We lost, so that is out of the question.

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>In my province
go away cucktario

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Blame California and other liberal hippie faggot states.

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>in all civilized countries
In all kc-molded le current year cuntries, you mean

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Muh pronouns muh discrimination.