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/int/ 35601390: Ex-commander of Nato had concerning, warlike e-mails

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Nato ex-commander, general Philip Mark Breedloves e-mail had been hacked. Once published people were concerned about the content. However not in Finland, which kept media silence.

The hacked mail is found in DC Leaks -site and they show that Breedlove was partially response for the USA backed civil war in Ukraine.

A message from the year 2014 said that Breedlove wants to meet a former foreign minister general Colin Powel to get advice on how to force Barack Obama government against Russia.

In February the Breedlove was fearmongering in the Finnish media about Russia.

The hacked mails show that Breedlove spreaded false intelligence information about Russias attack on the Ukraine, so that USA and Nato would eventually attack Russia.

The mails also show that Breedlove, Nuland, Ukrainian man named Geoffrey Pyatt and several others were responsible to what eventually lead to Maidan in Ukraine.

Lets look on how Russia is being demonized in Finland, to make peoples opinions about Russia unfavorable: Vladimir Putins visit on the Finland was written like this in Helsingin Sanomat:
”Russian president made it clear in his visit on Finland that Nato is not acceptable path for Finland."

Putin actually said this:
”Finland in Nato would mean that Finlands army is no longer independent but a part of Nato military, having now a long border with Russia. Would we keep our top military forces 1500km away from Finnish cities then? What do you think? Putin asked.”

Four Finnish military training bases, are situated in near the Russian border, and Finland shares 1324 km long border with Russia.

Objective reporting of these things in media would make it clear that that there is a very long border between Finland and Russia and it is very hard to keep military forces at least thousand kilometers away from large cities.

Finnish docent, professor Pekka Visuri wrote this:
”After the Putins speech the Russians made clear that in the Leningrad area and in Murmansk there is no large ground forces near Finnish border. And this is truth. The Finnish-Russian border from south to all the way to Arkangel has been 15 years devoid of military ground forces. There are troops near St. Petersburg and in the Arctic ocean. These are Navy troops. It is not erroneus or a lie for Putin to say that Russian ground military tropps are 1500 km away from Finnish cities.

One of the tactics the media uses is simply not telling about what is happening. The media didn't raport what happened in Borgå in 2015 when Finland was having a Nato conference there, in the Finnish soil. And it was not in the media. Media is also silent about Breedloves mails.

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Why do you keep bringing this russian bs here from mvlehti.

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It's not from MV-lehti, it was written by Riikka Söyring from the now defunct Itsenäisyyspuolue. She wrotes his stuff on the webpage They are anti-Nato group but have nothing to do with MV-lehti. They are antiracists, you see. Unlike MV-lehti.

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