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/int/ 35602671: How much do bridge tolls cost in your country? Here ...

jitachi Avatar

How much do bridge tolls cost in your country?

Here this newly built İzmit Bay Bridge's toll costs 31$, more expensive than Dane/Swede bridges.

iamgarth Avatar

>more expensive than Dane/Swede bridges.

And do you think this is normal?

keyuri85 Avatar

I don't think there are many tolled bridges in BR. There's the Rio-niterói one and that's probably it.

kosmar Avatar

It's crazy but at least it's made by a Danish company not some Chinese shit.

murrayswift Avatar

Fucking capitalists. Bridges are free here.

joynalrab Avatar

>more expensive than Dane/Swede bridges

1 way on that bridge is 50€

intertarik Avatar

>bridge tolls

malgordon Avatar

idk there aren't bridge tolls near me but I heard Jew York was like $15

carlyson Avatar

golden gate bridge is $6, oakland-bay bridge is $5

stevenfabre Avatar


san mateo bridge is only $3 off-peak

Bernd Avatar

>golden gate 6$
>bay 5$

Is the gasoline saved using the shorter bridge more than 1$?

mbilderbach Avatar

>bridge tolls
the fuck
fact that highways are privately owned and paid is enough madness
when government basically force you to use them

pakhandrin Avatar

Depends when you cross it, they use tolling to moderate traffic as well as fund construction

turkutuuli Avatar


no because north bay residents either pay the $6 Golden Gate toll, or a $5 San Rafael bridge toll and the $5 Bay Bridge toll

bassamology Avatar


in burgerland all highways are public places paid for by gas taxes. Bridges get taxes because they have special maintenance needs

joshhemsley Avatar

Holy shit, that's almost half of what it costs to ride all our Autobahnen as much as you want for one year.

xravil Avatar

There's too much bay. It adds at least 25 miles/40 minutes drive. See the distance between Sausalito (where the golden gate goes) and Oakland on the east of the bay, you'd still have to cross another bridge in San Rafael to get across the water unless you want to drive to Napa.

The bay bridge is a lot longer, but it wasn't a big deal when it came out and its not painted orange like the golden gate. Jeremy Clarkson hates the golden gate

they go to diff

illyzoren Avatar

das one impressive bridge turksmell. gotta hand it to you.

hope IS bombs it

joe_black Avatar


turks are doing their part to keep europe pure, don't need churkas coming in from asia minor. this way only tourists can afford it

macxim Avatar

Who else will pay for it?

aaronstump Avatar


trains from Budapest to Istanbul only cost about $5