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/int/ 35651628: I can get 100mbit fibre, 200mbit fibre, or 500mbit fibr...

anjhero Avatar

I can get 100mbit fibre, 200mbit fibre, or 500mbit fibre.

Would I even be able to tell the difference? I'm thinking 100mbit is probably more than enough.

ayalacw Avatar

If you have to ask...
>Would I even be able to tell the difference?

vovkasolovev Avatar

Probably not.

If your network card/switch is older, it'll have 10/100 mbit connection instead of 10/100/1000, so it'll bottleneck your connection.

mat_walker Avatar

It is probably enough. I have 250mbit and 100 wasn't much worse. Of course faster is better, but all depends how much more it costs.

leandrovaranda Avatar

If you have to ask...

t1mmen Avatar

My computer is from last year, so I should think it would be alright.

Pic rel.

But based on what >>35651644 and >>35652008 said, I think I'll probably go with the 100mbit.

tube_man Avatar

It comes down to money and only you can weight what extra 6 or 14 euros a month is worth to you. On the high speed side I can say that if your computer can show the high quality versions then assuming real transfer rate in megabytes/second to be 0.07*listed speed you'll have 7, 14 and 35.

5 gigs downloads in 12, 6 or 2 minutes.

I am a kind of guy who wastes money on comfort and that is why extra 14 euros a month for 500mbit wouldn't seem too large. I spend much more every month on comforts that bring me much less joy than fast internet.