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/int/ 36219657: Serious question

stevenfabre Avatar

Why is the media pushing veganism down people's throats?

It's almost impossible to receive all of the required nutrition through a vegan diet, why do people do it? It's Literally the equivalent of starving your own body.

n1ght_coder Avatar

Because cows are evil. In order to starve them we need to eat their food.

tube_man Avatar

Agenda 21

souuf Avatar

>It's Literally the equivalent of starving your own body.
>t. obesity levels +9000%

Maybe you should think about (((starving))) your body. In other words, eating less.

gojeanyn Avatar

Forgot webm

hibrahimsafak Avatar

And how do you know how much I weigh?

kuldarkalvik Avatar

what's the pic supposed to prove? there are vegan hot dogs you know

juaumlol Avatar

>media pushing veganism
Are you media?
The only place i hear about vegans is imageboards

mauriolg Avatar

It's don't. It's double don't.

1. I don't see anything in the media. Literally nothing.

2. Eating less food is better for the environment. A pig needs to fed with lots of corn, until it produced the meat you want. Lots of water lost too. Much more than what it would cost to eat the same amount of vegetables.

Also, you can figure out how to get all nutrients.

t. haver of fully healthy vegetarian friends
(I seldomly eat meat, but I do it)

kennyadr Avatar

I'm just pointing out that malnourishment is not a public health issue at the moment.

You're worrying about a thing that doesn't really exist in the West at the same time when tons of people keel over from heart attacks and diabeetus.

antonyryndya Avatar

To make the serfs weaker and easier to control. Thankfully it's currently based on propaganda and encouragement instead of being enforced on everyone, so only the most gullible fools suffer.

jamesmbickerton Avatar

>Why is the media pushing veganism down people's throats?
Are they? I wouldn't know. Maybe try watching/reading/listening something else?

rangafangs Avatar

are they?

no one gives a fuck about them

soyeljuaco Avatar

Maybe it's different in poorer countries. Here our national propaganda company YLE is promoting vegan lifestyle all the time.

cat_audi Avatar

No they are actually not.
Latel they frequently report on how bad veganism is for unborn children.

polarity Avatar


Lol, standard veggiefaggot kneejerk response.

>hurrrrffff everyone who eats meat only eats MCdolans 24/7 and weighs 150kg

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>Why is the media pushing veganism down people's throats?

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

lack of brotein in the future

cat_audi Avatar

>It's almost impossible to receive all of the required nutrition through a vegan diet
From what I know you get it all, except for one B-something vitamin or so, which you can take a pill.

Also, I would argue that the average vegan probably eats a lot healthier than the average non-vegan.

yehudab Avatar

Fake meat, fake cheese, fake everything.

matt3224 Avatar

You never have to ask someone if he is a vegan eater. He will tell you anyway.

enjoythetau Avatar

>It's almost impossible to receive all of the required nutrition through a vegan diet


ah_lice Avatar

The worst part of the whole vegan fad is that it's mostly popular among women.
- Women bleed once a month which often causes them to have low hemoglobin
- They are often prone to osteoporosis
The best way to prevent osteoporosis is to eat a lot of milk-based products like milk, cheese etc. The best way to increase your hemoglobin is to eat meat and blood. Vegans eat neither. I wonder what kind of health problem this whole vegan boom will have in the near future.

csswizardry Avatar

Because it's healthy and meat is murder and causes cancer.

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orkuncaylar Avatar

I think they don't. There are just more and more vegans because it's the newest trend and media tries to appeal to them.

BrianPurkiss Avatar

Meat is wasteful, causes cancer, diabetes, is cruel and is destroying the world.

A vegan diet plus b12 gives you all you need.

wahidanggara Avatar


Cruelty is an empty concept, because there is no mercy to compare it to.

cmzhang Avatar

Milk causes osteoporosis, the biggest study on milk consumption a prospective cohort of Swedish females shows it very clearly. The best thing you can eat for your bones is leafy greens, the worst is milk.

dutchnadia Avatar

The only thing worse than a vegan retard is an anti-vegan retard. Both should shut the fuck up.

irsouza Avatar

They can make even more shekels by selling us meat ersatz from soy beans instead of real meat.
Real meat is more expensive to produce.