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/int/ 36503135: Horny Turks rape children and media stays silent

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The journalist who reported the rape for the newspaper Birgun, said that that he and the newspaper received countless death threats on social media for reporting the case.

Turkey's constitutional court in July annulled a criminal code provision punishing all sexual acts involving children under the age of 15 as "sexual abuse", giving a six-month period for parliament to draw up a new law.

The facts on the ground indicate that the sexual abuse of children in Turkey is extremely widespread and the Turkish state authorities are not acting responsibly.

When Syrian babies and other children, as well as women, are being raped and treated horribly in Turkey, and their abusers go free; when journalists covering these abuses are threatened; when publication bans are imposed on the crimes committed against Syrians, and when criminals are given "good conduct abatement" by courts, Turkey seems to be one of the last countries on earth to have the moral right to demand visa-free travel in Europe or anywhere els

Nine-Month-Old Syrian Baby Raped; Media Blackout Imposed

A 9-month-old Syrian baby was raped
in the Islahiye district of Gaziantep on August 19. The baby is the child of a Syrian family who fled the war in Syria, according to the newspaper Birgun. The family, agricultural day-laborers in Gaziantep, had set up a tent in the field where they work.

On the day of the rape, the parents left their baby with an 18-year-old man before leaving to work a field 100 meters away.

When the parents returned, they saw the young man, a Turkish citizen who works as a shepherd, walking away from the tent. The mother noticed that her baby girl had been raped and took her to a local hospital, where the attack was confirmed.

The governor's office of Antep announced that the young man had been arrested and brought to court.

Huseyin Simsek, the journalist who covered the incident for the newspaper Birgun, said that that he and the newspaper received countless death threats on social media for reporting the rape.

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>Turkey seems to be one of the last countries on earth to have the moral right to demand visa-free travel in Europe or anywhere els
What it has to do with anything

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They are all Norwegian

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Maybe, but judging from the faces I can easily say they're not Finnish.

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So these people are closest thing to a pure Norwegian.

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I am also R1a with the Norwegian variety.
But I'm not alone in Finland with this, actually 5% of population in Satakunta has it. And the population is 220 000.

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Hurr durr, the ruling of Turkey's constitutional court was right and logical. If, by default, having sex with a 14 yo is different to having sex with a 4 yo, they shouldn't be punished the same. The court didn't rule that having sex with a 14 yo should go unpunished, just stated that they should have different sentences. Fuck, even many states in the USA has similar laws (sex with under 13 yo is under different law than with a 14 yo / 16 yo, et cetera)

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>Gatestone was founded in 2012 by Nina Rosenwald, who serves as its president.

>A descendant of philanthropists and Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe, Rosenwald has focused on donating to pro-Israel organizations. She has been described as "an ardent Zionist all her life".[4] Some critics have categorized her and the Gatestone Institute as anti-Muslim.

yes good goyim

also when you switch website to turkish no such news because it is smear propaganda

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I wouldn't say it's propaganda, the Western media is just low-quality non-fact-checking copypaste sensational clickbait news. The same news circulated in Finland ("TURKEY LEGALIZED CHILD RAPE!" was literally a headline) when in fact all the constitutional court did was requiring a different law of age of consent to pubescent people because the act of having sex with a pubertal person is not the same as having sex with a pre-pubertal person, there's really nothing sensational about it.

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Exact same thing happened in Norway.

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all right wing english websites are the same

they use pew(more like jew :-DDD) polls which are bullshit to begin with
and incorrectly translated(usually by kurds :DD) articles from turkish newspapers

i am in germany and this place has more jihadis and way less safe than turkkey


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All it would had required is just one journalist to fact-check instead of copypaste the news, but I guess the newspapers these days don't even read the articles they publish.

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Why they do this to Turks?

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Newspapers never fact-checked consistently in all it's history.
That some ideal newspaper like that existed is mere myth.

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It's sad. When I saw the Finnish headlines how Turkey legalized child rape and pedophilia it literally took me like 15 seconds in google to see it's nothing but bullshit and a canard.

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rich amerijews think they help israel by smearing every single country that doesn't bend down to israel

they do it to china and russia too. but mostly its directed towards iran

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then go back to turgay LMAO

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>works as a shepherd

memes are too real