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/int/ 36503138: Apparently you're expected to be gay in Saudi Arabia as long as you don't identify as it...

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“They’re quite shameless about it.” Talal, a Syrian who moved to Riyadh in 2000, calls the Saudi capital a “gay heaven.”

This is surprising enough. But what seems more startling, at least from a Western perspective, is that some of the men having sex with other men don’t consider themselves gay. For many Saudis, the fact that a man has sex with another man has little to do with “gayness.” The act may fulfill a desire or a need, but it doesn’t constitute an identity. Nor does it strip a man of his masculinity, as long as he is in the “top,” or active, role. This attitude gives Saudi men who engage in homosexual behavior a degree of freedom. But as a more Westernized notion of gayness—a notion that stresses orientation over acts—takes hold in the country, will this delicate balance survive?

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It was Russian-tier, and it was in Saudia.

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Now, there are some people who like the culture and parts of the Middle East are a haven for gay men – as it is a man’s world – though it is a bit underground. If that is your world then you might want to explore further but I don’t know that world. I went and left as a married heterosexual. If you are a single male, realize you may well live in that subculture and be housed and sometimes room with members of that subculture. If you are married, as I was, you are housed in different housing settings for married people and families.

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>but it doesn’t constitute an identity

Which is how it should be honestly.

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>calls the Saudi capital a “gay heaven

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I bet it was one of THOSE boys anyway

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Oh sorry here's the link to the original post's full article:

“When I was new here, I was worried when six or seven cars would follow me as I walked down the street,” Jamie, a 31-year-old Filipino florist living in Jeddah, told me. “Especially if you’re pretty like me, they won’t stop chasing you.”

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They still need bottom gay right. Do they call the police after they fucked them?

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my boyfriend is actually half saudi

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I am 110% ok with this and don't see the contradiction with hanging faggots from cranes

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t. 85% heterosexual

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>guys, we need a positive article about saudi arabia, maybe something about hidden tolerance of gay subculture? you will become shill of the month.

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Criminals are still criminals even if they but fugg each-other in prison

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Same, Greeks new.
Women for breeding, boys for pleasing.

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Same.Being a homo and being a fag fruitcake are two different things.

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No difference. Both spread AIDS

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>fuck guy's ass
>no homo lol, praise allah

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>the fact that a man has sex with another man has little to do with “gayness.” The act may fulfill a desire or a need, but it doesn’t constitute an identity. Nor does it strip a man of his masculinity, as long as he is in the “top,” or active, role.

Sounds very Russian. Most Russians will agree to this attitude. Culture of prison rape.

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proofs there is nothing gay about wanting to fuck a cuteboy

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it's haram but it feels so halal

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Slaves, my man. They probably buy Slavic boys from orphanages and use them as sex toys.

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This thread gave me a boner.

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Toild you so, all muslims are gay, especially Turks. But y'all /pol/lacks were like "noooo, muslims will save us from homo degeneracy, it's haram and shit!"

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>especially Turks
what did you mean by this

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All of you are flaming gay.

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we are not gay

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I should go. I love me some dark and masculine men

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Fucking liar. I lived among Turks for over 5 years. You guys are so gay it's hilarious, it's like out of a bad porno movie.

>50 year old Turk: "Hey, do you know MR XY? Does he live here?"
>Me: "Sorry, Dunno."
>50 year old Turk: "Ah, I see. Can I suck you off?"

Or how about the time when two kids asked me to star in a porn movie with them? No "There will be girls, too" does not make it more convincing.

Or how about the teenagers cat calling me (I'm a guy)? I have more stories... too many actually.

In b4 "They were Kurds!"

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>Or how about the time when two kids asked me to star in a porn movie with them? No "There will be girls, too" does not make it more convincing.
sounds like you are a gay

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You're almost as gay as Russia.

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>In b4 "They were Kurds!"

every time

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arabs literally live like prison niggers and it's permissible in their society

just think about that

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>this delicate balance
hmmm really made me think

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Yemenis are gay as fuck. I've been to Saudi too and the OP certainly rings true. Moroccans are massive homos and so are the Turks, who are so horny they openly proposition you in the street.

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>wog logic

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fuck off we are not gay

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russia is western, you dont have culture of cute boys there

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Yeh sure

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those are ottomans
not turks

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homosex is natural and rational. women are shit and guys can be pretty too

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for all intents and purposes, this is the average arab

someone tell me i'm wrong

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>Or how about the teenagers cat calling me (I'm a guy)?

Where did that happen? I wanna move there. I might not be as hot as you but still.

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didnt the ottomans legalize homosexuality centuries before europe?

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> so are the Turks, who are so horny they openly proposition you in the street.

been several times to Constantinople and this has never happened to me, WTF WTF, WHY!

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they are lying

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He is too black to be an arab.

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damage control

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You are, really.

Everytime I spend my holiday in Antalya, there are twice as many homos who hit on me than girls.

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but your guys are so fucking impossibly cute: petite, dark, skinny, cute faces.


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You're u might have autism Ivan.

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where did teenagers cat call you? i demand to know

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But they are right, nothing wrong with fucking a feminine cute person who happens to have a dick. Only westerns don't understand this.

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You're all fucking degenerate faggots who will never have GF

it was arab tier and it was on KC

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> Only westerns don't understand this
we used to. Christians fucked everything up.

>The act may fulfill a desire or a need, but it doesn’t constitute an identity. Nor does it strip a man of his masculinity, as long as he is in the “top,” or active, role
sums up greeco-roman views of homosexuality

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t. ali

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Q. Did Islam create the conditions which cause Arab homosex, or does Islam merely repress what is already a homo nature?

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Homosexuality is a crime in islam

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Not all Islamic cultures are homopaederastic cultures, so I guess Islam's contribution to it isn't so big.

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[citation needed]

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> Not all Islamic cultures are homopaederastic cultures
just most of them

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>no qt german bf to watch get buttraped by horny turks
bad feels man

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Very intradesting.
TFW no Saudi boypussy.

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So basically this.

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Confirmed for not gay

now how do I find a qt boy to fugg? Will I get aids from grindr?

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I know a Bulgarian who spent two months in KSA. When he told me "they're all gay there" I quickly dismissed it and said "nah, you don't understand Arab men hold hands blah blah, but that doesn't mean they're gay", then he told me how was propositioned several times, just like that, they see a pale foreigner (he's pale) and go up to him and ask him for sex.

I found it shocking but then I found that article that confirms what he's told me.

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All religions that cause repression do boy buggery.
Orthodox Jews and Catholic priests also fuck boys.

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This is exactly how it happens in Moslem countries I have visited and worked in.

donjain Avatar

>worked in

for what pvrpose

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Men don't hold hands everywhere in Ireland or Spain and they don't come up and sexually proposition or assault you typically. Try going there and being Mr We Are All The Same.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

just go to local oil wrestling gig

christianoliff Avatar

Have a fucking guess

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That's from Pakistan's Hidden Shame. I really liked the 'main character' - Imran.

joeymurdah Avatar

Weapons or oil drilling.

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Damn, what a qt. His asshole must be open wider than the Mangla Dam.

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I've been to Turkey (and briefly in Jordan, Syria, and Nazareth) but I've never been anywhere close to being proposed sex. And I really REALLY like Turks.

iamgarth Avatar

english? oil? military?

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That article is actually really sad. I pity anyone who has to live in that horrible hellhole.

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I felt very very sorry for him, so much so I wanted to adopt him. They sent him to rehab because he got into drugs and was suicidal, at first he was going well but then he escaped and god knows if he's still alive :((

You should watch the documentary.

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Just how the fuck do you know about the Mangla Dam?? It's indeed huuuuge. Are you autistic or hydroengineer?

haydn_woods Avatar

I have actually seen it, there was livestram a few years back where bernds would show documentaries. It is very sad, true. And no, I'm just hyperautist my man.

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I thought everyone was like that. Are there men who never ever fapped thinking men? I would definitely have sex with a guy, but I do not consider myself gay. I don't see myself being romantically involved with a man, I'm against gay marriage and gay public displays of affection and homosexual propaganda etc.

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How do YOU know about it fgt? Do you travel a lot or are you just a curious autist with interwebs?

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That's Greek tier

gmourier Avatar

I didn't know about the Mangla Dam until that britpost above.

>I would definitely have sex with a guy


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u homo?
show ass

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Ναί, πούστης είμαι.

Sorry, I'm not taking a photo of that and posting it.

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What's Bulgaria like for gays? Do buff Bulgars beat buggers black n blue?

andrewofficer Avatar

That must only be a thing in the Gulf countries.

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Τι κάνεις; καιρό έχω να σε δω ^^

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I'm too assburger to know the "gay scene" as I don't have gay friends. Most of the homos are of the annoying flamboyant type, bleurgh.

And no, nobody gets beaten up here for being a fag, we're not savages like the Serbs/Russians. Fags are hated though and there's a deep rooted phobia amongst Bulgarian men "lest someone think I'm gay", we're nothing like the Czechs or Ukrainians who have a lot more relaxed attitude and you can easily find nice no homo guy to suck off or fuck you.

fffabs Avatar

>assburger bf
Cute. Cute!
This thread is now super homo. Bulgaria I want you to come over and discuss dams with me while we cuddle and discuss Visegrad Group politics.

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Θά 'θελα να πω ότι είμαι μια χαρά όμως δεν είμαι. Εσύ ποιά ελληνομπάλλα είσαι; Μου φαίνεται να έχει νέες τώρα εδώ. Κι εσύ πώς τα πας;

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Arab men here LOVE traps more than anything.

jehnglynn Avatar

I'm up for a meet, I've plenty of days off left for this year but I really don't wanna go to the UK.

How about Dublin?? Ryanair is to start flying there from Sofia in October and I wanna visit.

marcusgorillius Avatar

film your fuggenings

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Γιατί δεν είσαι καλά αγαπημένε φίλε; :(
Ούτε εγώ είμαι καλά αλλά πικ ριλεητεντ

canapud Avatar

You got it wrong fatmaster, that's a grille with a benis, not a man.

karsh Avatar

A-are you serious, senpai?

judzhin_miles Avatar

επειδή η ζωή μου δεν πάει πουθενά

δεν έχω φίλους, τίποτε δεν μου κάνει κέφι, νιώθω αηδία προς όλα. απώς δεν αντέχω πια και δεν μπορώ ούτε θέλω να ζω έτσι :(

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That's because not everyone there is a priest. It's well-known priests are all faggots.

Bernd Avatar

They still need bottom gay right. Do they call the police after they fucked them?

doronmalki Avatar

>Nor does it strip a man of his masculinity, as long as he is in the “top,” or active, role.
Wow just like in Russia.

top kek

degandhi024 Avatar

Going abroad is the only thing that keeps me somewhat alive, it's my way of escapism.

And I don't like going alone so yeah, I'm serious about getting to know new people and a bit of travelling.

Just so you know, whatever fantasies you might have for me I'm not not attractive or anything.

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Are you the cubeboo Bulgariaball?

antonkudin Avatar

Shabat shalom :)

Ken, ze ani.

terpimost Avatar

I'd meet you here for a bier if I wasn't a hickikikori

Bernd Avatar

I'm only playing with the whole lecherous thing. I'd actually be quite happy to meet you - I've always wanted to meet another bernd. But it wouldn't be October I'm afraid, as I'm working abroad then. Perhaps late November?

vicivadeline Avatar

Lama l'azazel sh'mishehu yehiye cubeboo?

ionuss Avatar

Are you the guy with a Bulgarian granddad?

jacobbennett Avatar

Is lesbianism rampant in Arab countries too?

emileboudeling Avatar

Not him.

n1ght_coder Avatar

If you read the article posted here, it says yes. They're all filthy degenerates there, even the women.

mauriolg Avatar

email me at [email protected]

Yeah, November should be OK too, I guess the weather in Dublin is equally shit all year round.

And I hope you won't stand me up for some silly reason, I'd feel so gutted going on about alone there.

keyuri85 Avatar

I almost had gay sex with a student from the UAE but I had really bad diarrhea that day so I had to postpone but he never talked to me since ;_;

joemdesign Avatar

ffs get a room you two

davidbaldie Avatar

>but I had really bad diarrhea that day so I had to postpone


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>I've had a weird fascination with Israel for many many years. And I'll tell you something that'll make sound like a total fag but: I visited Israel from Jordan, when I got on the bus from the Jordanian border to cross into Israel and we reached the Israeli side where you can already see the Israeli flags I literally had tears in my eyes when I saw them.

That is a little weird, but whatever. Israelis do love their flags.

>A big part of my Israelboosim also derives from the fact that I like Hebrew very much, I'm a language autist and when I like a language I also get to like the country :S
Sadly here there's nowhere to learn it.

Why Hebrew?

Anyway, if you're serious about learning Hebrew, look into kibbutz ulpan programs. This one is probably best:

You'll trade labor for room, board, and Hebrew lessons. I think it's free.

markgamzy Avatar

Of course I meet people, like I'm talking to you right now.

remiallegre Avatar

>I'll tell you something that'll make sound like a total fag
As if we didn't know that already x--DDDDDDd

ah_lice Avatar

Frankly, you're all ghosts to me. You could all just be figments of my imagination.
You can only be sure of bernd's tangible existence until you meet them.

herrhaase Avatar

This is so wrong for so many reasons.

motionthinks Avatar

Those progroms will all cheat you, there were even cases where the people running it used it to get favors from blond Goyesses.

thomasgeisen Avatar

I got the impression you're too assburger to meet people in real life.

Well, it's not about the flags, it's just that when I saw them I felt overwhelmed with joy of already being basically in Israel already.

I don't know, I just like some languages for what they are, Hebrew, Greek and Persian are my top favourite languages. I know someone who did the Haifa uni summer courses, apparently they're the best and I've thought about it but for the past few years I've sunk into a shitty depressed mood, I can't concentrate for shit and I've given up on all things I used to enjoy doing before such as learning languages for hobby.

I'll keep the link for reference though. Thanks.

albertodebo Avatar

>I want to fuck guys but I'm not gay
same logic as kc

rangafangs Avatar


necodymiconer Avatar

Yes, that's why I recommended Maagan Michael, which has an excellent reputation and is run by a kibbutz that's doing financially well so they don't need to screw the students.

I can't think of any other cheap option.

shadowfreakapps Avatar

>Hebrew, Greek and Persian
Srssly, what keeps you motivated into such a long term commitment as learning a totally language? What do you use it for? When you don't get to use it you forget it.

nicoleglynn Avatar


>t. 85% heterosexual
The memories about the threads are coming back. I almost forgot about this guy.
He did porn movies for 1000€ where other me pissed on him, right?

rahmeen Avatar

>. I know someone who did the Haifa uni summer courses, apparently they're the best

False. Hebrew University in Jerusalem is the best. Haifa is best for learning Arabic. Not even trolling

shesgared Avatar

I only ever managed to learn Greek on an advanced level, it was super easy actually because Greek is actually easy and I was literally obsessed when I was learning it. I never actually use it for more than talking to Greeks when in Greece and once you learn a language on some advanced level you don't really forget it, whereas I never learnt Hebrew or Persian so well.

It's just a hobby, something that I genuinely used to enjoy doing and the more I learnt it the more I wanted to dig into it, pretty much the only thing I have a talent for.

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>Damn, what a qt. His asshole must be open wider than the Mangla Dam.

meisso_jarno Avatar

I'm reading this and holy fuck I'm disgusted by Muslims even if I'm not surprised

Why we have leftards on this planet that defend these subhumans is beyond me

alta1r Avatar

Everyday I see tranny threads and now this.
Lets face it, the majority of KC /int/ is gay. What a mess.

vikashpathak18 Avatar


all sandniggers are gay - send them to labourcamp PAIN III b

syswarren Avatar

I got you covered, I have more rage inducing material:

rahmeen Avatar


what a dumbass, what did she expect?

i_ganin Avatar

You are retarded, there are only a few people that post OPs and gay people espiecially like attention

layerssss Avatar

I believe this thread has already established that fucking men isnt gay

chaabane_wail Avatar

Purest form of love my man. Vaginas are messy and alien. Two bernds admiring each other's souls and bodies is totally not gay and is in fact a means to communicate with our inner Greek mentality, no homo.