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/int/ 38547687: All you had to do was follow the damn train

zackeeler Avatar

I decided to play a 12 year old game again. It has been fun until this iconic mission.

Why can't Big Smoke aim better?

rahmeen Avatar

You just suck at games.

t. completer of this mission on turn 1-2 tops

350d Avatar


About to try it for the 6th time.

Maybe I am just a busta.

xspirits Avatar

I swear to god I never had any problems with this mission in all the runs I had with this game and never understood this meme

And I'm not a good video game player

likewings Avatar

Because he's a traitor, remember?

snowwrite Avatar

The worst missions are with the RC plane. The thing is almost impossible to control

craigelimeliah Avatar

I really hate it when I keep failing missions and they play the same dialog over and over and over. Might be good writing the first time around, but every repetition makes it grating, annoying, and mocking.

millinet Avatar

GTA games are too long

t. quit GTAV after like 25 hours gameplay

It would have been good if it ended at 20 hours or so with free DLC story later. Playing like 60 hours of a single player game at once is overwhelming

joynalrab Avatar


I never really understood that meme. I had some problems with some missions, but that one I don't even remember, I must have completed it first time through.

dutchnadia Avatar

Drive on the same level as the guy you're shooting at but on the far side of the track. Then smoke will actually hit the bad guys instead of the train/miss

andrewgurylev Avatar

Bonus points if the savepoint is right before an unskippable cutscene.

canapud Avatar


I liked how in IV there were two different dialogs for nearly every mission, then on the third one I think they kept quiet as far as I remember.

While a smaller game, which had its problems, IV had some really nice touches that it was clear the developers really put thought into. In V one of the biggest things I missed from IV is how you could knock someone out with melee put not kill them.

oaktreemedia Avatar

>Why can't Big Smoke aim better?
Spoiler Alert!!
Big Smoke is actually working with the Ballas that's why he does his best to sabotage the Grove Street and to crush CJs spirit by being a poor shot. And one time when I was smoking funny cigarettes I also realized that this was the reason he was busy "eating food" in that mission where cj, ryder, sweet and him go to the drive thru and are intercepted by ballas.

emilioiantorno Avatar

I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.

polarity Avatar

Drive at the edge of the neighboring rail.
Problems weren't, my big smoke complimented me.

michigangraham Avatar

It's finished.


Maybe you are good and just modest.


After you bought him 6 meals from KFC too, the nerve of some people.


For sure, the concept is so funny that it makes it worth though.

turkutuuli Avatar

wtf are you cheating? where do you have smg from?

a_khadeko Avatar

Piss easy mission. All you need to do is to follow the damn train. Zero and flying missions are much harder imo. I guess the train mission works as a casual filter so they never even get to the harder parts.

vaughanmoffitt Avatar

The one with RC heli is easy, though. Probably even easier than the one in VC.

coreyhaggard Avatar

I completed this missions in the 6th try. You need to keep a certain distance from the train. There is an elevated portion, in or before the tunnel if I'm not mistaken, which is perfect.

dhooyenga Avatar

The worst mission is with the RC helicopter where you have to bomb tanks and escort a car through the battlefield. It's not that hard but it's so boring

maiklam Avatar

Those are not mandatory though.

thierrymeier_ Avatar

You don't have to buy guns, you can find them in hidden locations all over the city

suribbles Avatar

i know

rangafangs Avatar

I remember my kid brother begging me to play through the RC heli missions in Vice city and SA. Never got why those are so hard especially since he knew how helicopters were controlled in that game.

keyuri85 Avatar


It just occurred to me this playthrough as well.


It had a nice atmosphere. A big problem with it is that it lacked the goofy, over the top events like stealing a jetpack from area 51.

All the games set in Liberty City seem to be grey and somber, while LA and Miami are whacky adventures.

fatihturan Avatar

This game has so many interesting moments.

leonfedotov Avatar


No not cheating. I kept it from that mission where you stop the Balla/Russian arms trade.

thehacker Avatar

>Why can't Big Smoke aim better?

Drive up close to the train and then jerk suddenly away. The bike will be at an angle that gives Smoke clearer shots on the enemies on top of the train.

It wasn't until imageboards that I discovered that this mission was supposed to be hard for people.

iamkarna Avatar

The whole government/conspiracy/aliens subplot is so damn cool

karalek Avatar


This, it triggers just to remember.

The fucking fuel that would run out ridiculously fast and those retards all over San Fierro you had to kill.

stuartlcrawford Avatar


The best point in the game imo.

starburst1977 Avatar

>All the games set in Liberty City seem to be grey and somber, while LA and Miami are whacky adventures.
Coincidence. V is also more "serious", just a tone shift.

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dutchnadia Avatar

The trick was to land the plane and use it as a gun emplacement when truck stops at the red light, then fly to the next one. Shooting them from the air is over complicating everything.

carlosgavina Avatar

A better tactic is to match the target's speed and attack them from behind

terpimost Avatar

Heh, I also did those missions for my cousins. But when I played it for the first time, I managed to beat it only on twentieth time or so. Well, I never was keen on flying simulators, even the most arcade ones.

>V is also more "serious"
It doesn't, it's just more adult, I'd say. Trevor doesn't allow the game to take itself serious.

justinrhee Avatar


Fair enough.

I thought the scene with the night vision and bong was trying too hard to be funny.

marrimo Avatar

>Trevor doesn't allow the game to take itself serious.
He's totally insane, but not wacky. He's actually acting the way the player does most of the time, killing pedestrians just because they are there.

langate Avatar


That's mean, but the fact that they didn't play one of the best games makes them deserve it.

markolschesky Avatar

Dunno, his dialogues are comedy gold. He might be my favorite character from GTA series.

wtrsld Avatar


Same. When I got to this point I had the largest grin.

alv Avatar

This. Unskippable dialogue and intros in games should incur the death penalty.

mj_berthelsen Avatar

Often these are used to "hide" loading screens

aadesh Avatar

That reminds me, up until recently AssCreed games had unskippable 20+ minutes credits. Not cool if you want to grab the remaining collectibles or whatever.

joeymurdah Avatar

Kek, everyone has beated that mission from 1-3 try. 10 year later on internet - "muh difficult mission".

macxim Avatar

Those games had such promise but it sounds like they went to shit? Was it worth playing after 2? I think a 20 minutes credit roll would have me either walk away for a piss and a cup of tea or kill the process in the task manager to do something else instead.

ryanjohnson_me Avatar

> kill the process in the task manager
If you wanted to stop playing this game and not touch it anymore, yes. But you'd have to watch it again if you didn't let it play out fully.

It's the typical Ubisoft open world formula. Find towers to unlock the map, do the same stuff over and over. Climbing still really great, though. When I played II for the first time I thought "this is the Tomb Raider game Tomb Raider itself should be".

ah_lice Avatar

Just jump on train whike still in lossantos docks and kill them manually with smg

rahmeen Avatar

For me I always really enjoy those games for the first while and then I realise it's another umpteen hours of grinding and doing the same tasks to unlock or collect things and get to the cool stuff or the story and the map is full of fillers and huge and I lose interest. Happened with Just Cause 2 (massive cookie cutter maps and missions) Farcry 2 (same again), etc. Blood Dragon was just the right size and had enough variation and set pieces to make it fun and interesting all the way while still having an open world that didn't require me to collect X 150 times and collect Y 500 times and so on.

starburst1977 Avatar

I finished that mission on the first go with no problems, then for some reason I had to do it again and it took me several tries. Not more than 4 though I think.

dmackerman Avatar

Playtime sells. Doesn't matter what it's filled with.

HenryHoffman Avatar

Well it matters to me and others who read reviews and opinions online. I can't stop others from buying bad games.

andina Avatar

I've never had problems with that mission. I dont have problems until the racing missions

velagapati Avatar

You can't have games with only unique stuff, though. There's bound to be repetition, if only to develop the skills you need in the game.

ankitind Avatar

I've never understood the appeal of this fellow

yesmeck Avatar

At least that's not the reply I expected, which would be more hostile.

ah_lice Avatar

I replayed all GTA games about 2 years ago. Got zero problems with that train or RC-helicopter in Vice City.

alta1r Avatar

brobably the best game ever

buleswapnil Avatar

I disagree. After doing something a billion times I don't need to do it a billion and one. I learned all the skills long before. Abe's Oddysee and other good platformers show a much more fun skill progression that actually expands skills and presents new challanges as you go. Not DO X TEN MILLION TIMES TO UNLOCK SHIT. The latter is lazy garbage tier game design. I can't believe anyone but the most OCD type with nothing else to do would finish such a game.

funwatercat Avatar

Bit of a problem these days is overspecialisation. On one hand, corridor shooters that go for the feeling of a movie (with the appropriate "freedom" of one), on the other hand sandboxes where everything looks and plays the same. No middle ground.

cat_audi Avatar

Never got this maymay. Piece of cake mission, just like the race in original Mafia.

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bnquoctoan Avatar

I never beat the final mission

When I reinstall it I usually install a savegame from where you can take over Balla and spic territory and I ride out on them otha niggas hoods with some homeys and some AR-15s