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/int/ 38547691: I can't believe so many people unironically support...

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I can't believe so many people unironically supported this guy

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There was no other choice. My parents even voted for him.

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glorious choice

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His electional procedure was illegal

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I can't believe so many people unironically supported this guy

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By the time of yeltsindancing and other memes he had approval rating near zero.

But back in the late 80s - early 90s he was a charismatic anti-establishment figure, similar to Trump.

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even if he cheated the second time, he won fair and square before

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Russians often glad to transfer their responsibility to someone.

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He wasn't demogratig, no one needed to support him but NKVD

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He had good looks.

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>But back in the late 80s - early 90s he was a charismatic anti-establishment figure, similar to Trump.
That's the era I'm talking about

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I have no idea who he is but based on this gif I'd vote for him

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This guy is currently probably more popular than Yeltsin. Pidorashka, not even once.

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There are kcmods who still support him and glorify him as some sort of symbol of freedums.

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Americans hacked their elections

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So what? People can support chief even without elections.

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>My parents even voted for him.
It's funny because here I talked with many people from previous generations and no one admitted that their voted for Yeltsin but everyone like to yell how he and Gorbachev single handed ruined everything.

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He'd really stand no chance if the Soviet political system was open and democretic.

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But you can't measure it you dumb hohol, making it pointless speculation

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It's a fake photo.

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15 years later Putler supporters will also all deny it

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He had a noticable Georgian accent and wasn't very good at delivering speeches. The only time he tried to travel across the country with a public campaign he got ridiculed by goddamn farmers.

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>The only time he tried to travel across the country with a public campaign he got ridiculed by goddamn farmers.
That explains the holodomor

lel, sounds interesting pls tell me moar/gibe link

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Of course. I always surprised how short memory people around me have. Now many people really struggle to remember events from middle 2000's.

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Banter aside, I've seen the same pattern everywhere. People rationalise their shitty decisions and lie to themselves all the time.

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Regions where most people live voted for commies. Yeltsin was voted for in Moscow (liberals) and depopulated regions like Chukotka where it was easier to fake votes because too few people to properly oversee the process.

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he was supported in short time frame actually

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t. voted for Trump

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>I can't believe so many people unironically supported this guy
it's well-known that he lost the 1996 elections to Zyuganov, you know
it's just that Zyuganov was too afraid to push for his win

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Even if he cheated, he must have had like 30-40% at least. That's 29-39% more than he should have

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Yeltsin had bought off the military, if he'd pushed his victory it'd be a civil war he'd lose.

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My father told me that he had voted for Yeltsin, and then regretted it

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He also probably thought it's going to get shittier anyway and next time he'll win with 70% and Eltsin won't be able to cheat but great Putin came and fixed Russia with high oil prices

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Learning from your mistakers > DIN DU NUFFIN I SWER ON ME MUM

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May be but Russians are masters of this thing.
I mean when you said >15 years later Putler supporters will also all deny it
I almost giggled, 2-3 years at max.
This happened only 3 years after Stalin's death
and Putin are nowhere near Stalin at that moment.

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>Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros, along with Russian oligarchs such as Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Anatoly Chubais, and others feared a Communist resurgence in Russia while witnessing Zyuganov present himself as a kinder, gentler Communist while attending the World Economic Forum at Davos in 1996. Chubais recalled, stating "I saw many of my good friends, presidents of major American companies, European companies, who were simply dancing around Zyuganov, trying to catch his eye, peering at him. These were the world's most powerful businessmen, with world famous names, who with their entire appearance demonstrated that they were seeking support of the future president of Russia, because it was clear to everyone that Zyuganov was going to be the future president of Russia, and now they needed to build a relationship with him. So, this shook me up!" The oligarchs set aside their differences and held several private meetings in Davos hotel rooms, where they strategized over how to defeat the perceived Zyuganov threat. The result was the "Davos pact", an agreement between Chubais and the oligarchs that he would lead an anti-Communist campaign against Zuyganov, that they agreed to fund. The subsequent months saw a massive media offensive as "money poured into advertising campaigns, into regional tours, into bribing journalists", all supported by the oligarchs whom owned the major media. Yeltsin's subsequent victory in that election can be traced back to the events that took place in Davos between Chubais and those Russian oligarchs.

Somehow I've managed to dislike Soros even more

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it was 1996, the military wouldn't be the main factor since Army was half-dead, Yeltsin wasn't even sure about his closest entourage, like Korjakov (and he was right)
according to researches that were conducted (much later) among those who were close to Yeltsin in 1995-1996, he was paranoid about his "inevitable lose"

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>it was 1996, the military wouldn't be the main factor since Army was half-dead,
He did get them to illegally shell the Supreme Soviet 3 years ago. You don't need an army to be super-competent to shoot at civilians.

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Except Kruschov's speech about Stalin being evil was a closed session and it was kind of like half-secret. Kruschov obvsly did it for his own gain, he was himself part of the NVKD's troika, he just blamed everything on Stalin to deflect attention from himself.

There were riots in Georgia who were proud of having a Georgian in the govt and being upset that his legacy is dismantled:

So it's not like people change opinions every 3 years, it's more subtle than that.

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He is good, because he kicked Ukraine out and that allowed us to develop.

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>it's well-known that he lost the 1996 elections to Zyuganov
It's a meme.
Yeltsin's campaign was pretty effective during 2nd tour and motivated many people who didn't participated in 1st tour..

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We did not capitalism, but a fight against communism.
Each sold plant, (expensively, cheap, for free, with surcharge) is a nail in a coffin of communism.
We did it for formation of oligarchs, which will not allow the Communists to win.
And the election of 1996 is our victory

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So essentially Yeltsin won because Western investors were drooling from a possibility to buy up USSR's natural reserves and Zyuganov would not allow it to happen.

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Do westerners really think he was all for freedom & liberalism or they just unironically enjoy our suffering?

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Everyone knew the "secret speech" tho

Moshe Dayan said USSR would collapse in 50 years when he heard it and he was right. If you shit on what Stalin built, then your successor will do the same with you.

Deng Xiaoping was very careful not to denounce Mao like that, said shit like he was 5 parts good 1 part bad and whatnot

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It was 1928, he went on a campaign to promote bread tax on large farming households. Farmers were expected to donate a part of their harvest to the government in support of industrialization. So he went to Siberia, which was a stronghold of independent farming since like forever, especially since the 1900s reforms. At one point Stalin's delegation visited a village near Omsk, trying to convince the people how important it was to donate harvest to the state. And then a guy from the crowd shouts from to Stalin "Okay, how about you dance lezginka to us and then we think about giving you our bread". The crowd goes crazy. Ayy, lmao, look at him, a churka is begging us for bread, hilarious. Stalin's butt never recovered. During the next few years millions of households were robbed by the Communist party activists and forced into joining state-owned collective farms, the wealthiest farmers ended up in the Gulag camps.

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The single greatest thing the drunkard did was put Putin in charge.

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What would have happened if Zyuganov won? I'm curious about it, after reading the threda.

t. completely clueless about russian politics Russia is evul, don't forget

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>And then a guy from the crowd shouts from to Stalin "Okay, how about you dance lezginka to us and then we think about giving you our bread". The crowd goes crazy.

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He couldnt win

Even shit rushka of 90s is better than commie rushka of 80s

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oligarch genocide

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>I can't believe

No one can. Expectly in Russia.

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He was a good guy, he led Russia in the right direction

Too bad that faggot Putin ruined it all

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Kill yourself!

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The Russian Richard Simmons...

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Decades of overspending on defense, economic mismanagement, antagonizing the rest of the world, and keeping the populace in poverty ruined everything. (Guess who's doing precisely the same thing now?) Gorbachov just happened to be there when the bottom fell out. Yeltsin took up the torch as best he could.

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I can't believe that someone unironically oppose this guy,

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There seriously were no other, more reasonable candidates?

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Dunno I believe there was zyuganov and zhirinovski. Zyuganov was commie and therefore no one voted for him and zhirinovski was already crazy back then.