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/int/ 38550852: >The media shouldn't report crimes committed by ...

otozk Avatar

>The media shouldn't report crimes committed by people of colour because it'll just promote more hatred towards them

orkuncaylar Avatar

>watch program where bolice asks citizens for help with identifying criminals
>90% is non-Dutch

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

>i'm canadian and a colossal faggot

bluesix Avatar

D*g forbid the media gibs a true depiction of what we have to deal with erry damn day.

katiemdaly Avatar

And then they're discriminated against, pushed to the edge of society, and thus go on to commit more crimes continuing the cycle.

kreativosweb Avatar

>If the only evidence of the murderer is dna, the police shouldn't determine his ethnicity or skin colour because that would be racist

yehudab Avatar

That's not the game they play. They want to give special rights to minorities because the minorities are too fucking dumb to get themselves to be civil and don't you dare question how dubious that is because in the end you're a privileged person due to the colour of your skin and they're just poor people who had everything stolen from them by the evil whitey :(

millinet Avatar

It's not like we can plug in DNA to a program and receive a hypothetical face on a computer screen yet.

oanacr Avatar

>I want to marginalise a marginalised group even further because that has worked so well in the past
>let's be the mouthpiece of right-wing populists, it's what hitler would've wanted!