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/int/ 38840089: >ask gf if she wants food from place >says no ...

justinrhee Avatar

>ask gf if she wants food from place
>says no that sounds gross
>gets mad when I drive home after and she doesn't get food


andrewgurylev Avatar

>gf dieting
>gets mad when i don't buy her burgers

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jqueryalmeida Avatar

It was a shit test, she wanted you to drive somewhere else just for her. You passed.

She's only mad temporarily but in the long term she will gain respect.

marcusgorillius Avatar


You brought this on yourself.

turkutuuli Avatar

>I suffer with comfortable human interactions skills

aio___ Avatar


3d is shit

i do not recommend it

polarity Avatar

offer her some of your semen

gmourier Avatar

lel @ people who even entertain the notion that shit-tests are a healthy normal part of a relationship.

Sure. You passed a shit-test. Then it will be another one down the line, and another.

Wow, what a great relationship.

ultragex Avatar

All women do them. If you think yours doesn't it's because you don't notice and are probably failing them.

xravil Avatar

she just wanted to choose the food m8

woodydotmx Avatar

>shit test

If anybody does a shittest on me i quickly remove them from my comopany.
No shit will be tolerated.

artcalvin Avatar

For the most part I agree... most women definitely do them.

Maybe all of them, but I think that's a bold generalization to claim if your evidence is anecdotal or solely gleaned from red-pill internet cult chambers.

I have no GF now (big surprise I know) but I also know the mere act of a shit-test is grounds for breaking up. I'm not kowtowing to anybody's stupid games and I'll probably die alone because of it.

More power to you though brother.

yigitpinarbasi Avatar

ugh that's like soooooooo gross lol
t. average western girl about anything not jewishmedia-approved

cbracco Avatar

what the fuck is even a shit test, it seems everything can be one and correct reaction is largely arbitrary.

crhysdave Avatar

It what redpillers use to make themselves feel alpha and justify dating cantankerous whores.

surajitkayal Avatar

its when a women tries to call the shots.correct reaction is to put her in her place. if you fail she'll start doing it more and more until you're her bitch and then she wont be attracted to you anymore because you're weak.

husamyousf Avatar

it's on a sliding scale. some women will only ever give you easy shit tests, some will make you want to slash your wrists

alessandroribe Avatar

sounds reasonable nod really :DDD

dpg Avatar

Take me to the wonderland of sensible women

markmushiva Avatar

Yea I haven't found them either but meh.
Still would rather die alone.

judzhin_miles Avatar

It's real but it usually happens over the course of years

artheft_ua Avatar

but what qualifies as calling the shots?
>hey honey can you take out the trash?
>wowowow, what is this shit test? who do you take me for? of course i won't, and that's best for our relationship.

joki4 Avatar

Nah more like

Imagine you crack a joke at a girl, some mild banter (this might be a bad example for slavlands) and she goes "you're such an asshole"

It's basically a shit test

A decent response
>yeah i guess i am

Bad response
>[apologize for whatever you said when it was clearly just a joke]

dpg Avatar

Bring home a woman who can cook, ese !