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Can someone please explain to an 89iqer what's happening in German politics and why this guy is so significant

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baby's first rogue poll?

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some commie fuck to the left of mutti merkel. Expect changes as significant as bush changing to obama

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germans want to get fucked harder

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top fucking kek

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We are so tired of Merkel that we want an even worse politician - a full blown eurocrat.

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>Schulz is against NSA espionage, for giving asylum to Snowden, for Transaction Tax, Solidarity in Europe, for tough Brexit negotiations and for investments into education, poor and old people and Europe to stabilize german society and it's exporting position in the common european market.


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Merkel and the CDU have been in power for over a decade and are now experiencing the political lethargy that comes with that. It doesn't even have to be real it just means the voters now equate the SPD with a change from the old guard and the emergence of new ideas.

Its something common to all proper liberal democracies. Of course the SPD aren't radically different but that is an advantage in itself as the CDU can't argue on grounds of stability.

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Germans are outraged that Merkel didn't import enough refugees so they're going even harder left.

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Make Europe Germany again?

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Interesting nothing is said about the fugees.

You can see something is wrong in Germany when Merkel is still alowed to be a political force after the debacle she created.

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Germans are the dumbest people in existence, they always do what the media tells them to do, be it killing jews, letting their wives be fucked by shitskins or voting for Merkel or Schulz.

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Merkel didnt start anything.
She was the only one who took responsibility after all the other EU countries ran away.

I remember Merkel being the first western president ever saying that Mutli Kulti did not work.
I also remember her telling a refugee kid that she had to go back during a photo op.

Back then all the germs hailed her as right wing.What happened she suddenly became a leftist hippie now?

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She invited them. She didn't have to do that. If she had said, "we don't negotiate with people smugglers", "we don't reward crime with citizenship", we wouldn't have such a problem and thousands of migrant lives would have been saved.

At least a third of Europe dances to her tune. She has great influence and she used it for evil.

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I wonder how many muslims lenin would take in, probably the same number with forced conversions and mandatory work in a labour colony

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The West:
>The current political party is ruining my country! I will vote against them!

>The current political party isn't ruining my country with the optimum level of efficiency! I will vote against them!

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Germany is IQ89

Really, people have been bombarded by the media that the AfD is nazi, they realised the CDU is fucked, and Greens/left are for morons only. So I guess the average German Michl is just happy there is some other person he can vote now who is neither nazi nor retarded (or so Michl thinks)

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He will do fuck all except
a) Suck pensioner's shrivelly old cocks because they're the most significant demographic force
b) Import more brown people

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Same country that voted in communist and nazis because the great depression was too mild

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She did.
If she didnt take them in legally they would come in illegally.
Europe has a continent wide border with africa and the middle east.You cant stop it.
If every country would have taken its share instead of 1 million in one place you would have a few thousand scattered around.

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Convert them to what? Communism?

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> they would come in illegally.
They did came in illegally, she did still choose to take them. They should have been forcefully interned in refugee camps until syria is not a warzone.

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Is there more stigma for being an AfD supporter than there was for an American to be a Trump supporter? What I mean is will AfD likely be higher than what it polls at?

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Of course, this is beyond retarded just letting in millions of slum fuel and future domestic jihadist. Just imagine communist letting in millions of religious capitalist. I can only imagine this is some new school of left wing thought to destroy government and capital to bring about the classless commune

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American polls were correct though
Clinton got more votes than Drumpf
System elected Drumpf, however.

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AFD is anti EU.
you guys can forget about it winning in Germany.
Germans are not so dumb to be anti-their own empire.

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This. In 1981 Valéry Giscard d'Estaing lost to Mitterrand despite having high popularity ratings, because people wanted change.

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They came in illegally and then she offered to take even more. To redistribute 160,000 as a EU program and untold more for Germany alone. She put globalist ideology before enforcing the laws of the statute books, thus undermining the rule of law in Europe.

The EU quota system is now effect but not everywhere. Criminal aliens from the EU area have been moved to Poland, Finland, Belgium, etc.

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€urosceptic not anti-EU.

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that's MSM damage control, state polling was fucking trash

She only won the popular because California is a third world colony.

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Germans are tired of Merkel and want some change.

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Because illegals were allowed to vote.

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>Criminal aliens from the EU area have been moved to Poland, Finland, Belgium, etc.


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Basically, when there's ID laws, poor people (read: spics and niggers) won't bother because they don't really care. They'll lose their cards, register late or forget.

Even when their so-called civil rights were a topical issue, they had to be literally bused by (((helpers))) to get them to exploit their civic duties. Hillary Clinton claimed in a campaign ad that she was once one such volunteer with Hispanics in Texas.

So the laws must be weak to compensate for their disinterest.

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> Warsaw has since agreed to accept 2,000 refugees predominantly from Syria and Eritrea, 1,600 fewer than under the proposed plan, starting from next year, but only on a voluntary basis.

You are filling your EU quota of third world criminal aliens. Every country except Hungary, I think, broke down eventually. There may be one or two other exceptions however.

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I think it's a ploy to force bernds to vote CDU.

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Proud of Dictator Merkel.
Now if only she had a good cause to force others to accept.

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>You are filling your EU quota of third world criminal aliens
Nobody was talking about quotes as they cashed in that EU money.
You take eu funds you do your share.

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Most Germans don't really know who he is, but he has a charismatic smile.
People prefer a guy they don't know over Merkel.
Internet children barely old enough to vote make memes about this guy they barely know because he has a charismatic smile.

Situation right now in a nutshell.
Smart move by the SPD.

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Yeah, 2000 is piss, especially that we specifically told about taking Christians (which btw still hop the border to Germany if they can because life here is hell, unsuitable completely for non-slavs)

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>Germans are not so dumb to be anti-their own empire.
Because they are so dumb to think it's their own empire.

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People used to say before Hitler came to power

Wer hat uns verraten - die Sozialdemokraten. Wer macht uns frei - Die Hitlerpartei

Who betrayed us - Social Democrats (SPD). Who frees us - The Hitler Party.

The "Who betrayed us - Social Democrats" part is still true today, it's a party that changes it's goals and opinions faster as you can vote.

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Tbh I prefer him over Merkel too.
At the very least I hope it forces Merkel to become properly conservative again, or make her drop from CDU. This shit has been going on for too long.

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Not having a national ID is Somalia tier, it's fucking anarchism.
I can't stop being amazed at how Burgerstan doesn't only devolve to chaos but manages to be the strongest country in the world.

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It's actually a great balance. If you don't have some internal troubles you degenerate into modern Europe.
People constantly rail on about the stupid religious right but they keep USA sane in the end.

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it is their empire...

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He is also for importing a trillion muslims and niggers into Europe and defending jews at all costs which is hilarious since muslims will fuck the kikes the hardest.

As you can see he is a retard doublethink leftist.

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It's the principle. Europeans have no spine. They will go quietly into the night only to never return.

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We don't have voter ID and it causes no problems whatsoever

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Ticket officers can request ID whereas in New York and California they cannot.

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I don't care tbh

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So we do have ID requirements.

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>Tbh I prefer him over Merkel too.

I am hin und hergerissen.
People can talk bad about Merkel as much as they want, she's a smart and realistic woman but with the problem that whatever she does someone sees it as wrong.
She and the CDU can't manage that but the SPD would probably be even worse.

So, what's the options? Linke or Grüne? rather not, but it happens anyway if the SPD comes to power.
AfD? No, thanks, they can't even manage themselves properly, how do they want to manage a country?

In the end there aren't many realistic options.

CDU really fucked up by putting Merkel on top again.

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I've never heard of this

Source? Not that it matters since it never happens in practise

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>but the SPD would probably be even worse

SPD is way worse: Afghanistan, Bosnia, Serbia, H4 and the pest of contract-work is all their fault.

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>Hans, Merkel has been ruining your country for a good 15 years, don't you think it's time to change?

>don't worry fam, I'm on it

>*proceeds to vote for the socialist mega jew shilling hard for Israel and even worse on immigration

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You can't talk about politics on /int/ and expect to get the opinion of average people.

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>voters ID

Why passport or ID is not enough?

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>AfD? No, thanks, they can't even manage themselves properly, how do they want to manage a country?
It's unrealistic they will ever be the leading party, even a coalition is unlikely for a while. That's why I vote for them.
I want them to be a decently strong force so a more nationalist voice is present in politics and that they raise question and talk about topics that would otherwise be disregarded. For the same reason I also like that Grüne and Linke are present(though I wouldn't vote for them).
I don't want either Schulz or Merkel to be Chancellor but I want Merkel gone and the CDU to shift more right again. Maybe a future coalition CDU/AfD/FDP would be nice.

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t. about to elect Macron

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>Can someone please explain to an 89iqer what's happening in German politics and why this guy is so significant
Obvious Lügenpresse.

But German elections are rigged anyway. They just want a plausible storyline for it.

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>There is a big campaign to push Schulz
>They present you a fight between Schulz and Merkel
>SPD and CDU have a coalition right now
>SPD and CDU will have a coalition after the election

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it would be funny if it weren't so sad
and germs eat the propaganda right up

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That the fat coalition has been going on for so long is really despicable.
It's fine for a while but not as institution.

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That coalition never made sense to me. Anyway if Schulz wins does he 'lead' the coalition ?

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Because almost nothing you hear about us is nationwide.
t. has to show photo id to vote trump

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SPD has been in power since 1998 with a small break of 4 years in between. Their current slogan "Time for more (family|justice|education)" is just retarded, they had all the time to do this before.
The sole purpose of Schulz is to catch voters that will abandon Merkel and keep to the AfD out of discussion.